July 1, 2005

Hello Friends,

Just a little note to update you. I am feeling really good! I just got back from San Francisco where the new documentary of my walk through cancer was shown at a film festival there. Roe and I had a wonderful four days. I did television shows and radio in connection to the film. I once again got to play the huge organ at the Castro Theater. Anyone can make that organ sound good! It’s very dramatic as it comes up out of the floor and when finished lowers back down under the floor. The gentleman that plays it everyday set it up “evangelistic style” for me. I don’t think “Power In The Blood” has ever been played on it before. It has now!

Many people ask me WHY did you allow cameras to film you going through the treatment of cancer? I think that for too long we have kept the treatment of cancer and other diseases a mystery. I feel that knowledge is power and we need to know all we can when someone we love, or we ourselves find treatment for cancer etc. is needed. It helps to take the fear out of the process. If you can actually SEE someone else going through it, talking about it and living it day by day I think that helps all of us to better understand. I hope it will give all those who see it courage to fight and determination to win the battle.

The film is called “TAMMY FAYE, DEATH DEFYING”. It will be shown on WE TV Network on July 25th. You can check your TV guide for the exact time in your locality. If you have a friend with cancer watch it together. It is a 90 minute show.

Many of you have seen “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”, a documentary filmed about five years ago. This documentary was filmed by the same company, WORLD OF WONDER.

My girlfriend, Deborah Keener sent me this from her daily devotional reading. I want to share it with you as it really encouraged me.

“We never have to worry about beating God to a situation in our lives. We will never be the first one to arrive on the scene. We will never have to dial a Heavenly 911 to inform God about what has happened. We don’t ever have to wait for Him to show up and bring help. HE IS ALWAYS AHEAD OF US…….HE ALWAYS GOES BEFORE US….HE ALWAYS PREPARES THE WAY.”











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