June 22, 2006

Hello my Friends,

I have been reading your e-mails and receiving such comfort from them daily. Thank you for your continued prayers on my behalf. You cannot know how much that means to me. I think about you often and try to picture your faces.

I want to say thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have sent me. Angels, shawls (which I love because I feel cold so much of the time having lost so much weight). Iím staying at a firm 95 lbs. But, that is not so bad considering Iím just 4í-11Ē tall. I just look kinda boney. Ha!Ha! I love all the butterflies youíve sent and all the good vitamins, the drinks, all the cancer information, the books. Everything brings a feeling of love with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am still on chemo. I take a chemo pill for a week then Iím off a week. Just about the time I start feeling better and my energy is coming back itís time to take that pill again. I start again tomorrow. However, I received a great report from the doctor two weeks ago. My cancer marker has gone from 48 to 40. I am grateful to God for good news. But, I KNOW I serve a 100% God and 40 isnít good enough for Him. I KNOW that one day I will be sitting here at my desk writing that God has done it again and Iím 100% free of cancer. Meanwhile, I keep taking my medicine and I keep praising God for total restoration of my health. I feel I have so much to do yet.

You ask if I am hurting. Yes, sometimes my back aches so bad that I can hardly breathe. But I get out and do and go anyway. I donít know if any of you have seen my new television show or not. Itís called "YOU CAN MAKE IT". Itís really funny. Itís a cooking show and I do it with my girlfriend of 30 years, Joanne Thompson. She and her husband Jimmy Thompson own a television station in Greenville, SC and also in Atlanta, GA. Weíve had on some wonderful guests and we tape once a month 3 one half hour shows a day. That is so good for me because for those two days I feel like I donít have cancer and that I am contributing something to the world again. Itís funny because in between shows youíll find me cuddled up in the green room wrapped up in my shawl with a heating pad on my back. But that is what faith is all about. Taking one day at a time. Defying the old devil and doing it anyway. Seeing things that are not as though they were! Thatís faith in a nutshell! That is what I try to do everyday. It works!

Please pray for my son Jay Bakker. He is moving his ministry ďRevolutionĒ to New York. Itís a big step of faith for him and his wife Amanda. She is studying to be a doctor at one of the colleges there. If you would like to HEAR Jayís ministry he has an online church for people who have given up on church. Listen at www.VivaLaRevolution.org. You will enjoy his look at life. Thank you again for everything. I love you so much!








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