March 3, 2005

Dear Friend,

Here is my cancer information. Now I am told that the treatment for all cancer is different. But here is what the doctor used in my case and what I did. Be sure to consult your doctor for advice in your specific case.

The cancer I had was colon cancer that took 8 years to spread to my left lung. It was inoperable; there was a 2Ē tumor & spots on my lung.

I had treatments for 5 days in a row then I had 11 days off. I did this for 4 months. My doctorís name is Dr. Steven Limotanie. He is here in Charlotte, NC.

I also took vitamins A B C D E, one aspirin a day, I took 4 Barley Green tablets a day (called Green Supreme) they have a 900 number: 1-800-358-0777. You can take up to 10 of these a day. Simply put, itís just Godís green grass! I ate anything GREEN I could get my hands on, lots of vegetables and fruit. I feel that this kept my immune system working well and my blood cell count up.

I would suggest getting a book on nutrients and taking what you feel will work for you. It sure canít hurt, even so let your doctor know what you are taking. I drank Slim Fast everyday as it too is filled with vitamins and gives you energy.

Listen to your body! If you feel you are receiving TOO MUCH Chemo or radiation, tell your doctor! Donít be afraid to get a second or third opinion! I have had 3 girlfriends die as a result of too much chemotherapy. So it is crucial that you receive the correct amount and the correct mixture for YOUR body. Get regular CAT scans and PET scans! I have them every 3 months.

The last month I decided that I was going to stop chemo early. I felt it was doing my body more harm than good. I did that! I stopped and took a months rest from it. And I was right! I did the CAT scan and PET scan before Iíd take any more treatments and found out I didnít NEED any more chemo! Had I not taken that upon myself, listened to my body, I would have had a month of chemo that I did not need. I did this with my doctorís cautious blessing! Ha! Ha! But with or without it I would still have done the same thing. BE A PART OF THE DECISIONS MADE ON YOUR BEHALF! Donít be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS! WHY was my constant question.

My doctor said something to me that I felt was very informative. Many times chemo and the amount you need is trial and error. That is why they call medicine a ďPRACTICEĒ! I started my chemo in California. When I got to Charlotte, my doctor cut the dose they were giving me by 25%. If you feel like you are getting too much, if the chemo is making you too sick, you might be. Ask your doctor to try a smaller dose and see if it compromises anything. BE A PART OF YOUR CANCER CURE.

I believe that one of the most important parts of cancer treatment is your determination to get well! A good attitude! I tried to live and do as much as I possibly could, a NORMAL schedule. I walked every day, even if I was tired. I went out to eat, even though I could not taste a thing. It was good for my morale. I shopped; it was good for my morale! Ha-ha! I even traveled and did church services even though I could hardly talk. The cancer had partially paralyzed my left vocal chord.

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My faith in God played the most important part in my recovery, I feel. I read many healing scriptures! And I BELIEVED what they said! You can purchase little books with all healing scriptures at your local Christian book store. I truly trusted God with me!

I refused to live in fear! I lived in FAITH! Everyday I claimed ďI AM GETTING WELLĒ! And I BELIEVED that with all my heart!

Please know that every one of you that write me and asks me to remember you or your loved on in my prayers, I DO THAT!

REMEMBER Ė as long as there is life there is HOPE! Donít give up!!

  Much love and prayers,

P.S. I will not use the word remission! Itís a doubt word! That, in my opinion, says the cancer could come back.

I say the cancer is GONE! I have NO MORE cancer. I refuse to give it permission to come back!

















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