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(Charlotte, N.C.)
You Will Be Missed!!
you'll be missed so much tammy faye. goodbye sweet lady.
(Lakeland , Florida)
God Bless you Tammy !! I know haeaven has welcomed home a Soldier for God!! I think God Blessed us with your last interview on thursday befor he called you home. I some how know you have had that burger & fries no dought with EXTRA ketchup! Thanks for allways keeping it real, it is not an easy life to dedicate yourself to the lord without being watched/persacuted but you did it like a LADY & nver wavered from God or his SON. On Larry King the other night you were aked what you want to be known for & you said for Loving the Lord Well Miss Tammy Mission Accomplished Good & Faithfull servant !! Your Family is in my prayers I too Lost my mother at age 58 to Lung cancer and no all too well the Pain. God bless your Family!! you are in my thoughts & prayers!! She has been made new agian CANCER FREE !! Thank you Jesus!!

With Love in Christ - Sherri S.
(Pensacola, FL)
My sincere condolences to Tammy Faye's family for their loss. May God comfort and bless you during this difficult time. Tammy Faye is now free of all pain and suffering. May she rest peacefully until Jesus comes again for all of us.
(Donalsonville, Ga.)
Well done good and faithful friend!
Denise LaFrance
Dear Tammy Faye,

I'm sorry you died so soon.

You are in heaven by now and your friends, Family and admirers all love you.
I hope you feel our love.

May your friends and Family feel our love too.

You will always be remembered as a woman who truly walked in God's path of love; never casting value-judgment and always setting such a good example for others to do the same.

Our mutual friend, Ron Jeremy told me he was truly moved that you and he had become genuine friends--that you did not cast value judgment but, rather, reached inside your big heart of gold to see and acknowledge the bountiful good in Ron. God bless you for that and also for being such a good, fun, modern woman who thinks for herself and makes her own decisions to find and see the good in this life and thepeople around us. You always had such encouraging words to say and a smile to share. Your singing was phenomenal and - like a rubber ball of goodness--you just kept bouncing back into the light of goodness whenever life got difficult.

I wanted to meet you. Perhaps I will meet you in heaven and, when I do, I'm gonna give you a big hug.

Love to you and rest in peace dear Tammy.

You will always be remembered and your life here will forever be celebrated.

People did hear your message of how to be good and we will do our best to carry on God's work here while you're in heaven.


You did good.
Thank you.

Sincerely,and with love and gratitude~

Denise LaFrance the painter-
Toronto, Canada.

(Kansas City, Ks.)
What an inspiration!!! I was a teenager when I learned of "PTL" and loved the program. May God give family and friends strength and peace during this very difficult time. There was just "something" about Tammy Faye that would draw you in. Many tears flow for missing her but also in Joy for she has stepped into the presence of Jesus and received a new body. I only wish I would have known that she had moved here. I CERTAINLY would have been there to help. I love and miss her.
(Toronto, Canada)
You were an awesome and inspiring LADY. I'm glad you are not suffering anymore. We loved you as much as you loved us!!
(McDermott, Oh)
Tammy, May you rest in the arms of Jesus. My prayers are with your family. You have been an inspiration to so many including myself.
You will always be remembered as a Saint and a God fearing woman. God Bless your family.
praise the lord i shout with you as you dance around the throne
Bee Harris
(Detroit, MI)
Tammy thank you for being a truly caring person.. you are an inspiration to me & when things get really hard for me I think of you & all the stuff youve been through & i think about how strong youve always been & I keep movin.. I get up & get out & I thank Jesus that there are beautiful people like you for me to look up to.. you will always hold a special place in my heart & Im glad to know your angel eyes are now always watching over me in heaven.. thank you so much
(Arlington, Texas)

“Many are called, few are chosen”. Your faith and never ending exhortation towards others moves me with such great emotion.

Although we may never understand change in this world. One of the 1st words out of my mouth as I make it to heaven will be... WHY!?

May the spirit of peace and the fruit of his many blessings embrace your family.

A Sister In Christ ~ Elizabeth
(Cocoa, Florida)
well lady you can have all those cheeseburgers and fries now that you wanted to so much enjoy! Thanks for the memories
Darren Wells
Rest In Peace Tammy
Armida Pedrin
(Palm Springs, CA.)
I know now you are in the loving arms od God,thank you for all your love and kindness you gave to me when my Mum passed in 1987.You are a true image of love and friendship.You will always have a very special place in my heart.
My love to you,
George When I watched you on the Surreal Life I found out you were a very lovely person. Where ever you are I hope you are happy. God Bless
Sara Touchette
(Missoula MT)
Godspeed. Enjoy heaven sweet angel.
Frank N
(Plainfield, NJ)
So happy you are out of pain & at peace with your Lord. So sad we no longer have you here with us anymore in the physical world. Thank you for showing compassion to all people, & for me specifically the gay community. Your genuine kindness, compassion & charity moved & comforted me. I wish more Christians shared your kindness & compassion. I'm sure you're somewhere thorough;y enjoying that burger & fries now...please pass the ketchup.
Rest in Peace pretty lady.
Steven Robertson
(Milwaukee, WI)
Absent from the body present with the Lord. I so appreciate Tammy, PTL and the effect it had on me knowing the Lord. Thanks you so much, i am glad you are Praising the Lord, there with the Lord.
(Broken Arrow, Ok)
I pray that God will give your family the peace that passes all understanding. I too watched your last interview on Larry King as always you have shown true genuineness and love for all. I thank God for you and what you had the opportunity of sharing with the world " unconiditional love". You will be deeply missed by many.
Amy chilcote
(Fort Wayne, IN)
Tammy may you now be in peace. You are now free of your pain and with your Savior in Heaven. I hope your legacy lives on and you are enjoying the biggest hamburger and the best fries (with lots of ketchup)!R.I.P. Tammy
(Mt. holly, NJ.)
Tammy, you will be missed. rest in peace. my thoughts and prayers are with you. hugs.
(New Mexico)
Now you have true peace and no suffering, Tammy Faye. Now you can draw a full breath without struggle and you can sing with the angels. You brought the world the love of Christ -- no judgement, no fear, just the sweet love of Christ radiated from you. Rest in heavenly peace.
Mrs.Faye as I laid here feeling sorry for myself and being depressed I read your journal and realized how pathetic it was that I felt sorry for myself. Here you were facing severe pain and you kept going until the end. I never knew much about you and just stumbled upon your site through the news of your passing. But your words made me realize how I needed to get up and suck it up. I thought it was easier to give up on life but I know it's not true. All that you went though you still smiled and never complained. God bless you Tammy
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