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johnny B
(Washington DC)
There is no finer have made it home to be with the so deserve to be at peace! Love Johnny B.
(Fresno, Ca)
God Bless you. Now your at peace with the Lord you love so much.
May you rest in peace, my mom passed away in march from lung cancer. i know how hard it was for her. please tell her i love her and i'll see her and you when i get to heaven. love you all
(las vegas,nevada)
tammy you are home now! rest in peace. i have loved you for a long time. you are such a very kind person. now its your time to rest.
Marcia Leibold
(Kansas City, Missouri)
You seem to have lived your whole life for this moment in time......I am sure your angles were glad to escort you into eternity. No doubt you are making people smile there too. Thanks for showing us, that no matter how difficult things get, when you keep the faith, everything will be alright.
(Miami, Florida)
May you rest in peace
Michael Hoffman
Our Deepest Sympathies to The Bakker and Messner Families..
Michael and Trish Hoffman
Mark Dawson
(Charleston WV)
To the famley Lots of Love we all LOVE YOU AND MEAN IT and thatis ALWAYS AND FOREVER Mark
Thomas Van Etten
(Palm Springs, California)
May you rest in peace dear Angel of God. You were such a powerful witness of God's love for all humanity. I'll see you in Heaven!
"May time be your friend and give you support. During this time may sweet memories fill your heart and soul.And if a laugh creeps in give yourself that gift." You are in God's hands now Tammy Faye. You are and will always be one of God's children. Your love of life was unconditional and although your life has come to a close on this earth you will remain in our hearts forever. Remember that you were special and unique. So,go with the angels and may God grace you with his presence. Heaven can use people like you(: Mt deepest sympathies to your family and loved ones.You will be sorely missed. In this journey we call life you were a inspiration to many...I am sure you will not be forgotten. I will celebrate your life and death. God bless you Tammy Faye, I'll be seeing you (:
(vancouver bc)
my thoughts are with tammy faye's family. she was a wonderful lady who greatly inspired me like the thousands of others.
i hope you are enjoying your hamburgers and fries with lots of ketchup!
(norwalk, ohio)
you were a sweet lady and you will be
missed. my prayers go out to your were a very strong hearted person
Shirley God has another angel.
Trudy LaFleur
(Lafayette, Louisiana)
I always loved the song Tammy sang, "Don't give up; you are on the brink of a miracle." She has her miracle now. Free from pain and in the Lord's arms forevermore. No one is perfect but Jesus Christ. He died for our sins and Tammy was repentant, I'm sure because she never gave up on God and understood He loved her and she trusted Him with her life. Now she is made whole in body, mind and spirit. Forgiveness is God's love showing through a person. Let us not cast the first stone. We all need the grace of God in our lives because we are all sinners saved by grace, nothing we can do to earn our love and forgivesness from the Lord but to acknowledge Him as Son of God and forgiver of men's sins. Tammy knew her Lord!
Richard Burks
(Kettering, Ohio)
I am devasted at the loss of my dear friend Tammy Faye. I sent a letter to Tammy back in 1996 when I heard of her bout with Colon Cancer, telling her that I had gone through the same thing back in 1984.I hoped to give her hope that there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I sent the letter # The Jim and Tammy Show and she responed with a card and a beautiful note and some of her cassettes. WE corresponded back and forth and she sent me her videos on not giving up. She was one of the very few individuals that gave me the reason to go on after 5 heart attacks and colon cancer and so much more. When down and depressed, all I would have to do is pick up one of her books which I keep near my bed and listen to one of her tapes and I would start feeling more hopeful and have the will to go on to another day. My dear Tammy the journey that I started with you back in the 80's when I purchased one of your albums does not end now but will continue in my memories and hopes that you gave all of us up to the very end. I know that heaven now has its brightest songbird yet and the place is alive with your smile and laughter. Please know my dear friend, I will keep making lemonade out of those lemons that life keeps throwing me. If it wasn't for you I know that I would have never seen my son graduate from high school, then college and to a happy married life and my grandchild Elliot. I will always be thankful my dear , dear friend. You will be missed by so many...... goodbye for now.
(Bessemer, Al.)
No matter what anyone says about PTL,it served it's purpose as a great witness vessel to those who's greatest desire was to change and turn their lives around and to develop a more intimate relationship with God. I witnessed this first hand with my Father who for years was an alcoholic, while watching The PTL Club one night, he was so overcome with the spirit and began to pray and ask GOD to forgive and to release from from alcohol.
He was a great witness and example of the image of Christ from that night forth.

Tammy Fate was such a courageous, smart, funny, exciting, happy,caring,
loving person who exuded the very essence of who God is.
She just happened to know who she was in Christ.
Tammy Faye is to be admired, she loved and embraced people from all walks of life. Did not mater who you were, You were something of worth to her.
Just as God sees us as whole, worthy,
Tammy Faye saw also.

We seriously need to follow her example of forgivesness and love.
Tammy faye you are in the great amphitheatre singing with the saints!!!!
How marvelous, how wonderful.
(Winter Haven, FL)
You gained a new fan base when you appeared on the Surreal Life. Thru that show I learned what an inspirational person you were and you touched my life. God bless you, Tammy Faye and your family.
(st. paul, mn)
god bless u. I'm so happy you're not in pain anymore but I'm sad you're gone. I hope Jamie will be ok. He had the best mom ever.
(Charlotte, NC)
I grew up watching Tammy on TV because my grandmother and my mom both were faithful viewers of PTL. One of my first jobs was at Heritage USA in the mid eighties. I was raised in church but was really a rebellious young person in those days and Heritage USA was just a job. Actually Tammy or Jim or any of the Bakkers were not high on my "respected" list at that point. I saw so much opulence, decadence and falsehoods being portrayed. I do think it all had to crumble for them all to rebuild and come back down to earth.

However in the years since I have really come to respect Tammy because she was always true to herself, to others and to God. Tammy was a true and faithful Christian and was blessed with a wonderful outlook on life even though hers was filled with so much chaos at times. I used to think Tammy was phony in the eighties but there was nothing phony about Tammy!! I see that now. I will miss her terribly but KNOW that she is in heaven as she predicted. God will find her very useful I have no doubt!!

I also want to express my condolenses to Roe Messner and to Tammy Sue and Jay who I literally watched grow up on TV. I know that you all were truly there for her!! May God be with you all in this time of loss and as Christians you all know that you will see her again! Love & prayers, Dan

You were a great person Tammy Faye.Rest In Peace.

May God Bless You And Your Family.
Gary & Viktoria Affron
(Starke, Florida)
Our Hearts and Prayers are with your family, may God Bless you and Comfort you in your loss- May Tammy rest in peace and may we never forget her smile, her laugh and her positive attitudes- we could all learn a thing or two from Tammy and how she lived in faith and abundant love- she was strong,brave and unafraid- In God's love- Gary & Viktoria Affron-Starke, Florida
You did good little girl, enter into thy rest.
Tammy Faye's life was the living example of getting back up and keep going-She did something few do-She smiled while she did it. I imagine that was not always easy but her effervescent enthusiasm will be the calling card she left behind.
(Nassau, The Bahamas )
Rest in Peace - The race is over
You were an example for all. May God bless your family and shine on your memory forever.
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