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(Detroit, Michigan)
Although I do not share Tammy's religion and thought only negative things about her during the PTL days, I have come to love and respect her for her strength of character. I was so sorry to see her suffering, and inspired by her courage and faith. Her acceptance of the people on the reality show, all "losers" of sorts in their own world, showed me that the way to true peace is through love.
r munroe
Tammy Faye you worked hard for what you achieved
Our dearest delight, you ARE the TRUE DEFINITION of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Celebrate with the angels!
(Miami, FL )
God bless you, Tammy Faye.
HJ Clair
(Flagler Beach, Florida)
To the family of Tammy Faye---I'am so saddened by her passing and for your loss. I too am facing a terminal illness, but I want you to know that her strength and words of wisdom have given me so much hope and faith that if she could be as strong as she was in her battle that I can to.
Good Bless and keep you--and May she now rest in peace.
(New York, NY)
my condolences go out to the family. her episodes on the surreal life were just repeating on the tv guide channel. all i could think about was what a geniunely wholesome person she is. my what a blessing that the good lord above and heaven has gained and the earth has lost.
Kim Meunier
(Three Rivers, MA)
Stay strong in the lord. We have lost a very special person, an angel of God's army. I will miss you so much Tammy. I hope you knew how much we all loved you and I am glad you are no longer in pain but enveloped in God's love. Rest in Peace. To Tammy's family God Bless you.
Brad Conteen
(Chesterland, Ohio)
You are truly an inspiration. I hope that when it is my time, I have HALF the strength, courage, and dignity you did...
Chrispy Divine
(Clinton, Mass)
Thank you for being you. You will be greatly missed. I am listening to all your albums today and I hope the family knows she will always be here with us...Forever
(Rancho Mirage, Ca)
Oh Tammy...I know you are feeling splendid now. You will be missed.

Love Mark
Anne W
may you find eternal happiness now that you live in God's house and bless your family and keep them close
(Chicago, Illinois)
"In the morning, JOY will come....." May God and the Son smile upon your family, as we know that you have taken your place, next to the Throne......

Praise his name forever!!
Alan & Mihai
(Long Beach, CA)
The soul can only go where the heart leads it, and your heart was so filled with God's love and with love for others. May you find peace in the arms of God's warm embrace, and may your family find comfort in knowing that your soul is with the Lord.
(Brunswick, Maine)
Tammy, I know that you are up in Heaven now, with God but I can't help knowing that you will see these messages somehow, I too have dealt with Cancer, not in myself, but in my son Alex, he passed away at 12 years old in 2005 and being a Christian I know he is there with you, check in on him for me and just tell him his mama says hello, you can recognize him, he is the handsome one! I know the pain you went through and I am truly sorry, no life should end in that way! I am comforted today knowing that you are in Heaven with God and my Baby Alex, God Bless You!
J. P.
(Charleston, SC)
I send sincere sympathy to those who loved and lost the presence of this remarkable woman on this most unperfect earth. What a celebration they're having as our heavenly father accepts her into his loving kingdom where she'll suffer no more.
God Speed Tammy!

You are with our Lord and Savior now.
....And now, Brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his Grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an Inheritance among all them which are sanctified..AC 20:32.......
Straight away to a precious soul!
(Southern California)
I never told anyone this story, but I fled a very abusive marriage with my 4 children because of Jim & Tammy Baker and PTL. One afternoon I was watching PTL in '83 and they told me that God loved me and he didn't want me to suffer another day at the hands of my very abusive husband. I was a battered wife. It was as though the program was just for me, they begged me to leave and not suffer another day. They told me they loved me, I cried and cried. I fled in the middle of the night (while he was at work) and never looked back. I owe my life and my children's lives to Jim & Tammy Baker. I found out months later that my husband had returned later that night to kill me. They gave me the strength and the knowledge to get out of a really bad situation. I will always love you, we are very happy people and wonderful wonderful human beings. You would be proud of us, I am. I love you Tammy and thank you so very much.
(Birmingham MI)
Tammy, your courage through all of this is remarkable. It was God's strength that gave you this. I hope I can get to the level of comfort he has given you!
John Wood
(Lantana, FL)
Roe, Jay and Tammy Sue,

My deepest condolences to each of you on the loss of Tammy Faye. She was a wonderful, loving woman. I understand what you all went through, as I cared for my mother who had Leukemia. But Tammy Faye said it best on a previous Larry King appearance, when asked why some people were healed and others weren't. She replied "Either way, you win." Tammy Faye has won her battle and is with Jesus. What a celebration that must be. My mother always loved her and I am sure she is among the many to welcome her home.

Each of you will remain in my prayers as you deal with the many emotions that you feel in dealing with this.

May God Bless each of you.
*smile* God has always Known you.. be well at his side, I can see your smile now.. simply amazing.
(Atl, GA)
You are in heaven now with Jesus, may you have that hamburger now. your sweet spirit will truly be missed here on earth but always remembered.
Melody Adams
(Washington, Utah)
Tammy- I know that you made it home to Heaven where you were so excited to go and once again see they family and friends you have lost here on earth. I have no doubt that our Heavenly Father and Jesus were there to meet you at the gate. To her family still here on earth. I am so sorry for your loss but remember she is at peace and pain free now and you will see her again. She was a beautiful person and had a beautiful spirit. I wish I could have known her personally. I loved her laugh and her smile. God Bless Tammy and her family.
B. K.
(Bronx, NY)
As you crossed my mind a little more than a week ago, I came here to see if I could get an update on how you were doing. Two days later, Larry King announced that you would be on his show. This was the 2nd time that had happened. For reasons beyond my knowing, I felt connected to you ... Didn't want to say it outloud, after seeing you on Larry for the last time, but I had a feeling; in a day or two you'd be gone. You were truly an inspiration ... Rest in Peace, Tammy Faye ... You will be missed.
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