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(Quebec, Canada)
May your soul rest in peace Tammy. You became an angel now ... OUR ANGEL !!! Deepest sympathies to Tammy Faye's family and friends. God bless you Tammy. You will be missed terribly !!!
(St. Petersburg, Fl)
You are Love, You are Joy, You are Peace. You are Free.
(Atlanta Georgia)
Tammy - I attended the same college you did (NCBC) and remember one of the first things I did when I arrived at college was look up your picture in the old yearbooks which were in the basement of the library. You had always been such an inspiration to me! I am a pastor's daughter and ministers wife and I know the pain that comes with being in the ministry. Pain brought on by the enemies fight to stop the word from being spread. I watched you on Surreal World and was so proud of how you held fast to your faith.

The Blessings of God never fail and you have received your reward. I know you are singing and dancing before the Lord and I cannot wait to join you there!!
(Southlake, TX)
Such sad news to hear this earth has lost such a strong and kind spirit. Hope you finally got that burger with ketchup on your way to meet the Lord Tammy!
God Bless Tamye. You were a very strong woman. Rest in peace!
(norwalk ,ca.)
It is very sad that you will never get to read this from here ( earth ),However it is joyous that you can or will read this from heaven....There have been times in the past that I felt like giving up on god, but then from time to time I would see you on t.v. still praising jesus and god , and that would make me think about it..I would say to myself " Look at all tammy has gone through and I have not been through anything close to that" And just like that I would knock myself back on my feet and say..tammy hasen't lost faith , so why should I ?? All that you have been through,and yet you have faith in god ,Wonderful indeed.."I believe to and today I believe even more in god" thank you tammy for showing us here on earth just how a truly faithful person "lives" and "passes to meet jesus".."( Always praising the lord till the end.)Till we all meet in heaven ............AMEN
(Signal Mountain, TN)
God bless you Tammy. Rest in piece.
(Osceola, Indiana)

Although I really didn't watch you and your former husband Jim, my parents were big fans!

After watching you recently on Larry King, I found my own respect for you. I totally agree with you, that we should love everyone and let God be the final judge. My son has a tattoo that says: "Only God Can Judge Me." Although I'm not a big fan of tattoos, I had to approve this one! I think if everyone lived by the rule that only God can judge us, this world would be a much better place, as we would look beyond our differences and let God do the judging.

May you rest in peace. Also, my deepest sympathy to your children. I watched as your son was on Larry King, and he seems to be a very well rounded, good individual. I know you had your "challenges" with him, but then again, what parent doesn't go through those tough times. But in the end, children never forget what their parents teach them. I could tell that he truly loves you and that's one of the most important things in life. To raise good, decent children. I'm sure your daugther is grieving for you since she helped you so much during your illness. I want her to know that I'm sure you appreciated everything she has done for you. Again, this shows that you were in deed a wonderful human being..

Enjoy those burgers and fries now Tammy. God bless.
(Quebec, Canada)
Tammy, I didn't know you alot but I wish I did. I know you suffered alot in your life and I know that you went through alot of pain. None of this exist anymore because you are free now, you became an angel. Even though I didn't know you that well, there is something I saw in your eyes every time I was seeing you on tv ... I was seeing a wonderful and sincere woman. Your eyes said it all to me. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May your soul rest in peace Tammy. God bless you and your loved one. Love you very much !
D. Swanson
(Tampa, FL)
God has a place for you in heaven Tammy. Even though your not with us anymore on this earth the angels are happy you are with them. God bless your family and may they find peace.
Lucille Josey
(Dallas, Texas)
To The Family, God did heal Tammy Faye..Now she is in no more pain. and she has a new mansion and it is fixed up just like she likes it..My love to you all. God will see you through.
Chantelle and Mo
I began watching Tammy when I was in my 20's. She changed my life by helping me to make correct and better choices in my life. She guided me to be able to have the courage to choose wisely when it wasn't popular to do so. Me and my husband were luckt to meet Tammy and Roe 6 years ago and get to know them both a little bit. She was a TRUE christian, nothing phony about her. She reached out to people who others would forget. She was a true believer and left us all with so many great lessons. I'm glad she is finally out of pain, but I already miss her. We had a big lightening storm last night and I said to my husbang " There goes TammyFaye, already shaking things up in Heaven!!" God bless James and Tammy Sue and Roe and all the family.
blaire fanning
(tampa, fl )
Hi - she leaves behind wonderfil things and touched many- Jaye-- I hope to se your work in the future-- do you have a website- ?
(Saint Joesph ILL)
I sat and watched you the other night on Larry King, and knew it would be the last time we would hear that voice of yours. You telling the world just what the Lord meant to you and how he was going to get you through to the end. Just like the Tammy Faye we all knew and loved. You are now were the Lord wants you to be, you did your work for him here on this earth, and he now has much bigger plans for you. We well all miss you , but will someday see you again. Your memory will live on.May the pavement you walk now be full of the gold you so deserve.God Bless you and your family.
Ian and Gord
(Toronto Canada)
Tammy, your pain is over and you are with God. Your faith is an lasting inspiration to us all and we trust that your family is able to celebrate your life.
May the light of Christ surround Tammy Faye, her family and friends at this time and always. Her courageous battle with cancer shows the love that she had for life and death. I saw a little of her last intervies and I hope and pray that she is eating that hamburger and fries that she craved. God bless you Tammy Faye, your courage is an inspiration to us all.
Rev. Laouida Majors Dunn
(Raleigh, Mississippi)
I want to Share my Condolences and Heartfelt Memories to The Messner,Bakker&LaValley Family. I have always Loved Mrs Tammy Faye she has been through it all more than any Lady Like Tammy Faye she needs a Standing Applause. I have always been amazed by her Trademark Eyelashes that was her own Patent and no one can even have those Fabulous Lashes and no one can copy them either. I want to also extended Prayers out the cast of The Surreal Life they all loved Mrs Tammy Faye she was the Momma of the Cast. ""Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for rightousness, for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6" My Love goes to Mrs Tammy Faye.

Love and Sincere,
Rev. Laouida Majors Dunn
Sunday July 23, 2007
Tammy Faye will be sorely missed. She was a source of laughter and light. We never met, but I consider her a friend. My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.
Norma Lewis
After seeing you on Larry King, I prayed your pain would be taken away. My prayers were answered. You are now pain free!! We will all miss you but we shall never forget you. You have been an inspiration to us all, through all your pain. Your faith in God has kept you strong. As I said in my last note to you...your reward awaits. By far, this is your greatest reward. Being with the Lord Jesus! May you rest in peace......until we meet
(Woburn, MA)
I love you too. You are a gem and one in a million. May God keep your beautiful family close to Him until they meet up with you again.
crystal lynn
(newton alabama)
you have found your way to the angels in heavens gates you shall be in mo more pain and singing so greatly you are inspretion to all women say hi to my grandmother she fought the good fight with cancer she died in 1998 she was a fan of yours to i hope she gets to meet you, be well fare angel love and light
David Joe
(Brampton, Ontario Canada)
The world has lost a great LADY and Heaven has gained an angel with a marvelous voice. A voice not only for singing but for mankind. We will, I will, miss you Ms Tammy! RIP
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