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Maria Haynes
(Woburn, MA)
I love you too Tammy Faye. You are truly a gem and one in a million. God bless your beautiful family and keep them Close to Him until they meet up with you again ...and afterwards too <><
H.R.H Prince Harry
(London, ENGLAND U.K.)
Greeting's, I remember when my mother +Diana was taken from us, you (Tammy Faye) sent condolances to my brother William & I. At the time I wasn't aware that you had met my mother many years ago. My prayers for your family, but much like myself, you had a wonderful mother who was filled with Blessing's for all. God's Blessing to all who graced her company.

Prince Harry - LONDON

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(Attalla, Alabama)
Dearest family of Tammy: I have followed your loved one for as long as I can remember. From PTL, to the talk show with Jim J. Bullock to the Surreal Life. I wish that I had 1/10th the strength that Tammy Faye had. She was and still is truly an inspiration to all women. I believe that she is definitely singing praises with Jesus and the oher angels. May God bless your family in their time of grief. Tammy you will forever be in my heart and your family will be in my prayers. God Bless.
(Redding, Ca)
You were an inspiration! Although we will miss you, I'm happy that you don't have to suffer pain anymore.
Blessings Dear Sister, Godspeed.

(Hockession DE)
Tammy we will miss you so much!!!! I know that your watching over us!
Melissa It was providential that you chose to be on Larry King, to convey the love of our Lord one more time, the last time. Your faith touched me deeply, and your strength and courage inspired me to trust in God more completely. I can only hope I will have even one ounce of your courage, confidence & joy when I look death in the face one day. And I hope to meet you in Heaven and worship Him together!
(Nassau, The Bahamas)
Sleep on dear sister, take your well deserved rest. God has removed all pain, and tears. Be at peace in His Hand.
To the family: Know that she is in a better place, and safe in the arms of her Saviour.
(Jacksonville, NC)
Tammy, you are aready missed. You were a true christian ledgend, someone to look up to because you experienced the highs and lows of life and your faith made you strong thru it all. I praise God for your love and mercy you showed for others.
Chuck Cardwell
(Chattanooga, TN)
Thanks for all hat you did for the LGBT people all over the world.
(Atlanta, GA)
God Bless you Tammy Faye! May you rest in peace dear sweet lady.
sheri ruggieri
(daytona beach fla)
tammy rip u are at peace and god has another beautiful angel my sympathy to roe and all the family of tammy faye thank u for gracing me with your beauty and couragous battle with cancer... i love u and god bless
(Houston, Texas)
Your faith in the Lord is and was truly inspiring and remarkable even when you were facing huge obstacles. I am positive that you are now with the Lord. God Bless You and I know you are walking the streets of Heaven right now. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends you leave behind.
(St. Petersburg)
Tammy, I know you are in heaven eating a hamburger and fries with God and all the other angels. I learned from your strength, will, and spirit. Thank you for this gift.
Darla Tyler
(St. Paul, Mn)
It wasn't until I saw you on "SURREAL LIFE" I then realized what a SWEET CARING PERSON, MOTHERLY and SO LOVABLE you were. You are FREE of PAIN...
Dear Tammy, God Bless you, you sweet little thing. Rest easy in the arms of Jesus now. My parents met you and Jim and Jim's parents years ago. You gave my mom some of your makeup and your little singing doll, which we still have and will cherish.
You were a true inspiration to so many and I know you are now reaping the rewards, softly in God's arms.
You were beautiful inside and out. I'm so sorry we won't see your pretty face on earth any longer, but I will see you in my prayers. Say hello to my grandparents for me will you? And tell Jesus I love him too. Rest in Peace sweet girl.
(worcester, ma)
i cant believe this i just saw the news on e-news, i just saw her on larry king. life is soo precious and fragile. we need to appreciate it while we still have it. RIP TAMMY.
You ARE a true inspiration of FAITH. I admire you and I speak in the present because here on Earth you have left a sense of Faith so many of us crave for. Thank you for showing me a different light on how faith is all in each of us. Rest in Peace and may uou sinf with the angels.
(Asheboro, NC)
May you be in peace now. Enjoy your hamburger and fries with lots of ketchup
Tammy started out at WYAH-TV in my hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia.I remember being on her show, the Jim and Tammy show when I was a child.She came a long way since then and I am sorry to hear about her passing.May she rest in peace.
(Grayson, Georgia)
Tammy Faye was a beautiful person (inside and out) So loving to her fans and her family. Tammy had such an enduring strength no matter what adversity she was faced with. It was so hard to watch Tammy decline with her illness and at the same time she was an inspiration and a sweet reminder of how keeping your faith during the hard times is so important and can see you through till the end. I have no doubt that Tammy is in Heaven with Jesus. Smiling, with her trademark eye lashes and eating her hamburger, french fries and lots of ketchup that she so longed for. God bless you Tammy. You wont ever be forgotten.
(Kokomo, Indiana)
I want the family of Tammy to know that I have loved her since I was in 5th grade. I am now 42. The PTL club was on before I would have to be at school, and I would be home alone as my mother would have to be at work. Her smile and personality kept me from being alone in those times before school. I will remember all of her trials and tribulations through out the years as her positive spirit gave me inspiration. My prayers and thoughts go out to those she left behind, and she is now at peace with the Lord whom she loved and trusted so much.
(Clinton Twp.. Mi)
You have inspired me as I too suffer from a life threatening desease. Your dignity is remarkable. I first got saved watching you and always found you down to earth and encouraging. I feel like a family member has passed,the Lord is enjoying you now!
(Wakayama, Japan)
I thank you for you. Thank God He gave us you to learn from. I hope that hamburger tastes good.
michelle lowe
dear tammy,i use to watch you and jim on tv.i wanted to let you know i love and jim.i named a cat when i was growing up named tammy faye,she was beautiful like you.i'm soo sorry about you getting cancer,and pain you and family has been heart goes out to you ,family.i looved watching you on the surreal life too.god bless you family,my moms in heaven tell her when you get there i miss her.thanks hope someday get to make it to heaven,get to meet you,ox
(The Woodlands, TX)
You are in God's loving arms now. Rest in peace.
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