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Robyn Greco
(Myrtle Beach, SC )
Your presence here on earth will surely be missed but we are greatful that your long suffering is over and you are now with the Lord and Savior you loved so deeply and completely.
To Tammys children and husband, my deepest sympathies.I also lost my mom to cancer so I understand the pain you're going through. I know that Tammy is still with you but in a different way and I pray the Lord will send you peace in the coming days, months and years.
(Tahlequah, OK)
Goodbye Tammy Faye....
Susan B
(Clermont, Fl)
I am so sorry to hear of your passing. You were an inspiration to all. Your kindness and loving personality. Heaven did just get a lot brighter. See ya at the rapture.
Theresa Riordan
(Reno, NV)
My deepest sympathy to Tammy's family. Her life has ended on earth, but is now beginning in eternity.

God bless,

(ns canada)
When she was on the reality show and she left the party downstairs with all the porn stars and all the greatest temptaions and went to read the Bible in her room...That ministered to me and showed me that you can always make your own decision to seperate yourself and stay true to God. I know she's in heaven now, past the stars with angles and leaving a good example for us all.
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)
You were the soul in the PTA show, our PTA bible still loved and now much word. You at least were the real deal... rest in peace
(Lakeland, FL)
Rest In Peace!
Jo Murphree
I saw your talk with Larry.I was so very shocked at first because I had not seen you for a while. But as I watched you do your interview with him I realized how brave you are and that this would probably be thelast time any of us in TV land would ever be able to see you again. I applaud you for your bravery and for comming out to say good- bye. Good- Bye brave lady. You will be missed.Hopr to see you in heaven.
Alexa Diaz
(Atlanta, Georgia)
Roe, Tammy Sue and Jamie - My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sadness. I love you! Alexa
(East Moline, IL)
When I saw you on larry king last night you changed my life. I've never seen a woman who's so caring, funny, and loves the lord like you do! You are truely wonderful. You made me want to change my life for the better and follow God's word! I also want to meet in you in heaven someday and I think I will have a tremendous amount of joy in my life forever because of you and helping me find the lord!

I love you and I hope God's taking good care of you :]
(Paris, Tx)
you will surley be missed. You were and still are a bright light in all our lives. Rest in Peace, Tammy
JoAnn Johnson
(Thomasville, NC)
Rest in peace, Tammy. I hope as I write this you are enjoying your hamburger and fries in Heaven.
Tim T
( Tennessee)
Dear Tammy,I remember you from my Childhood with the puppets,my mom stills has a kids album,although we didn't meet here ,lets meet there,rest now
(wichita ks)
God is holding Tammy Faye in his loving arms. To Tammys children and family : Tammy was a strong force in the universe . I am sorry for your loss, Time will ease the pain of your loss(yet another gift god gives us for times like this). Blessings and Peace to you. Sincerely,Angela
Carla Watson
(Branson Missouri)
Dear Children of Tammy Faye and Mr. Messner,

God be with you. Mrs. Tammy Faye is and was an inspiration. She put Real, Genuine, and Sincerity back in Christianity before the public. Thank you so much for sharing her with us all. Please keep her memory alive her on this earth. Your whole family is in my prayers.
Joan Andersen
(Baltimore, MD)
Rest in Peace sister-- Give blessing, comfort and love Dear Lord, to those who mourn her passing.
(Mason City Iowa)
I hope that hambuger was the best you ever had. Rest in peace now beautiful lady. I will miss you bless you
(New York City)
I would like to extend my most sincere condolences to the family and close friends of our dear Tammy Faye. Words seem to fail me right now, my sadness is one with yours. Our Tammy Faye brought such light to this tired old world, and she summoned all of the little strength that she has left to speak with us one last time. She gave us many lessons on how to live and how to conduct ourselves with grace, strength and fortitude, and then, when she realized that her time left with us was short, she showed us how to die. Your deep religious convictions taught me to question my own lack of faith, and now I firmly believe that you are at God's right hand, with your spirit bright and happy, no longer wracked with any pain or sadness. The world will miss you, Tammy Faye, but you shall always remain with us in our good thoughts and prayers. My partner continues to fight his own cancer having lost his 2 brothers and his sister to that dreaded disease. We watched you in your last interview and you gave him renewed strength and understanding that should life here on earth ever end, that there is a much better place waiting for us in heaven. Blessings to you and to those that you loved so dearly. We will continue to celebrate you although you are physically gone from us. You will remain in our wounded hearts always. God Bless You and Keep You.

We shall never forget you!

Richard and Wayne
New York City
My thoughts and prayers are with Tammy's family. Rest well, dear and faithful servant.
(Fairmont, NC)
Dear Tammy,
I knew when I saw you on Larry King that you probably would be going home to heaven soon. I think you must have felt that way and that was your goodbye to us. I do feel sad that you went through what you did as well as your family. I bet you are in heaven right now with a smile on your face rejoicing with the Lord and the people that you looked forward to seeing in heaven. There is no more pain for you, only peace and happiness! You knew heaven was going to be grand, but I bet it is far beyond in beauty what you or any of us could imagine! I hope to meet you one day in heaven! I ask the Lord to be with your family now.
Scott Barron
(Springfield, MO)
I feel like an Angel of Love, Pure Love & Beauty has left us. As sad as that makes me, I now know you are free of pain, with the Lord in Heaven, and knowing that makes me happy. You have given us 100% of your soul to us over the many years, now it's your turn to reap your heavenly reward.

Sasha J.
Rest in Peace, Tammy Faye. Thank you for blessing us with your awesome presence on this earth for the 65 years that you were here. Your bravery and caring and giving personality will never be forgotten. You maintained dignity within the hard times you went through in life and it is much respected. God Bless you, Tammy Faye, I hope you are singing with the angels. Peace.
(Seattle, WA)
I was hanging out at a bar tonight, a bar owned and mostly run by gay people.

A girlfriend of mine walked in and told the (gay) bartender that Tammy was dead. He was sad the rest of the night, and told many of the rest of the (gay) patrons as well. They were all sad to have lost her.

Tammy was not just a gay icon because of her makeup. She was willing to talk about AIDS when no-one else would. She co-hosted a talk show with a HIV+ gay man. Heck, she hung out with Ron Jeremy. She may not have approved of how they lived their lives, and may have felt that they were sinning, but she reached out to them in a strong and loving way.

Tammy took 11 years to die of cancer. That takes guts and grace.

I'm pretty much a Deist (I believe the Lord is pretty hands-off) but I hope that Tammy Faye (and her fabulous makeup)is enjoying a huge cheesburger with extra French fries in a (halfway gay) disco in Heaven, where she gets to talk to lots of people. And dance. I've never seen her dance, but I bet she could get down with the best of them. She loved her Lord and enjoyed her life.
(Hamilton, Ohio)
Your letter said the day you get that burger and fries with lots of ketchup will be the day of victory, I'm believing you got that on Friday. I'm thankful that you shared your faith just a day or so before going home. Love you girl!
Matthew T. Bridge
(Bellevue, WA)
I'm going to miss seeing your beautiful smile and your strong spirit. You were a wonderful woman who managed to smile even during hard times. The world is going to miss you but I know that you are in a better place now and your spirit will last forever. Love, Matt
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