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May you rest in peace Tammy. You were an inspiration to us all. Love, Jennie
(Germantown, Maryland)
You are with our Father now. Rest in peace and look over us all.
Jake Ronson
(Sonoma, CA)
Hi Tammy - this is Jake's Father, Arlin. Jake has autism and cannot type very well and has asked that I tell his story.

Jake misses Tammy very much - her illnes is a sign that shows us that anything aan happen at any time in this world. we need to live our lives to the fullest.

You lived a full life Tammy - we will muss you.
(Fayetteville, Nc)
May the peace of GOD be with all the family and friends of Tammy Faye. While those of us who remain feel the sting of death we need to always remember that for Tammy Faye it held no sting. What wonderful days she is now having in Heaven! May GOD bless and keep us all.
Larry Mohr
(Hutchinson Kansas)
May Your beauty shine upon us Tammy Faye
As You go to be with the Lord this Day
May You know that inner peace that We all seek.
For You will see Jesus and Hear Him Speak.
No more sorrow no more heartache
Fruits of Your faith You will Partake
Prepare the Mansion for Your people
As they worship under God's steeple.
Tammy Faye Your life here is ended
May the grieveing hearts be mended.
Rest in Peace Tammy Faye
You are with the Lord today.

Larry Mohr
Candace Hazzard
No more pain. I am sure you're more than comfortable now. God is good and merciful. I am sure he has hamburgers, too. :o)
We loved the light you brought to the world Tammy Faye. Thank you for showing the way for other Christian Ministers. We smile knowning you are singing and rejoicing in Heavan!
(Melbourne, Australia)
Rest In Peace Tammy. Thank You for your support and love for the gay community. You were a true treasure. Sweet Dreams, little lady. xxx
(Phoenix, Arizona)
Peace be with you.
I was touched by your Inner and Outer Beauty, Spirit and Resilience. May God Bless you and please say hello to my relatives when you arrive in Heaven. Hopefully, I will be Blessed and go to Heaven soon too. Halleluiah!
Paul Halsall
(Manchester England)
A saint in Heaven. I saw you once on stage talking to a group of Gay men in a New York. You were a means of grace to so many. Thanks you.
Sherry Point
(Baconton, Georgia)
Dear Mr. Messner, Tammy Sue and Jay,

You are in my prayers. There are no words to any individual that will make it better or easier. Only God can heal our pain...I am so thankful that both of you children serve the Mighty God as you were taught and came to know Him personally yourselves. I draw my comfort in knowing that your mother is with Jesus and I know you both draw comfort in that also. She is a great lady and I will always remember her and the things she instilled in me. God Bless you both and God Bless Mr. Messner. I will be praying for all of you and also the rest of the family members. I Love you ALL,
Sherry Point
(London, ON)
May your soul rest in pest and may God offer solace and consolation to your family and loved ones. Amen
When I first saw you, I judged you. I was wrong. When I really watched you, I saw a sweet person who really believed in other people and loved the Three. At times you must have felt like you lived in a tempest. Well, you live in peace now. Bless you and your family. May light perpetual shine on you.
We Thank the Lord for sharing you with us. Now enjoy your cheeseburger (with ketchup and fries) IN PARADISE!!!
What an amazing soul, an incredible spirit! Your inspiration, your remarkable grace, your inimitable example: courage, joy, love. May they all rejoice at your arrival. Say 'Hi!' to my mom, please. Dance, Tammy Faye--dance!
Don Woolman
(Fresno, CA)
Tammy, you will and always will be loved and remembered as a gem of a person. You were one of the greatest teachers that god loves us all no matter what, warts and all. You will be missed and you will stay in our hearts forever. Rest in peace and long live your memory.
(Nesbit, MS.)
Tammy, you were beautiful inside and out. You are an inspiration to all of us who suffer from illness. Through it all you kept smiling and your spirits high! What strength! I love you Miss Tammy, and I will miss you.
Preston Bates
(Baton Rouge, La.)
Rest in Peace Tammy! You were such a great example of forgiveness and TRUE love of people. In a world full of judgement, you stayed open and loving in the way God instructed. Enjoy your hamburger and sing your song of victory because you truly deserve it!
may you rest in peace,say hello to princess diana up there in heaven
Lynn Caniglia
(Deltona, Florida)
How my heart aches with Tammy's passing. Heaven will be so much brighter now. Tammy knows now how she touched all our lives. God Bless!
Linda and Sammy Cotto
Dear Tammy:
I am sad for your family and friends but happy for you. No longer will you suffer and now you are able to help people again in the way you so loved to do. Your bravery and stamina will not be forgotten. Thank you for your inspiration.
Tom Stafford
(Cookeville, TN)
Tammy, I just want you to know that I thought you were a special person. Your constant good attitude toward everything despite the circumstances was unbelievable. You truly are an inspiration to millions. I saw your last interview on Larry King on 7/19/07 and I want you to know that your positive attitude less than one day before your death was very touching. May God bless you and thank you.
(Augusta, ME)
God bless you Tammy Faye, and thank you for your kindness.
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