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Richie Lamb
(Midland, Michigan)
Tammy Faye you are a wonderful person and I'm sure you are looking down on us right now from Heaven. I love you and you will always be in my thoughts. You are an inspiration for many of us all over the world. God Bless You and may you Rest in Peace.
Shannon Morsi and Family
When I heard Tammy Faye died it broke my heart. I am sad But I know the Angels are crying tears of joy! One of their own is home. Rest in Peace Tammy Faye. I will never forget you. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, and fans. God Bless them.
Clinton English
(San Francisco, Ca)
In this life, you were a perfect example of the expression of Christ like Love and Forgiveness. You accepted everyone unconditionally, which most in this world never learn. When those around you forsook you, those who were forsaken by this world embraced you. You taught us that there was no one sin greater than another. You also completed the commission assigned to you by your Father by showing his eternal grace and love for his sinful creatures. May your memory never fade and your candle never cease to be a guiding light for those who are lost. Rest in Peace.
Eugene M.
(Westchester, IL)
Tammy I want to thank you! As A gay man in the closet, you made my life easier! I have forgiven Jim Bakker, and I know you are in heaven with my golden retriever! Love Gene M.
Thank you for being a true insparation to us all!You kept the Faith and the light shinning even through all the tough times.
Linda (Brown) Mesher
(Akron, Ohio)
To Tammy Sue and Jamie and Family, I ask the Lord to comfort yu with His peace and strength. I Praise the Lord that your Mother is with Jesus and singing with her beautiful voice with the Angels.
I watched Tammy and Jim back in the seventies. It was thier ministry that helped me have faith in a healing for my daughter, who would have been mentally retarded. The Ministry blessed me then and Tammy has always been a BIG Blessing to me.
I'll keep you all in my prayers.
She's singing Praises to her JESUS now!

In Jesus Love, Linda M., Ohio
Garrett B
(St Paul, MN)
May you rest in peace and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
God Bless and be with your family during this time of your loss. Ahuihou
(Holly, MI )
Heaven just became a much more interesting place....Rest in peace Tammy Faye.
(York, SC)
I saw you first as a child at a live airing of PTL at the old studio in Charlotte. Then later in life as a delivery driver when I made stops at Heritage USA. You were the same warm caring person as you were the day you went home. You have received your ULTIMATE HEALING! Now, go get that hamburger and fries (don't forget lots of ketchup)! May you rest in eternal peace.
Jacquie Wilson
(Fullerton, CA)
Bless your soul Tammy. You're a brave angel that inspires us all. Thank you for your love and kindness.
(Seattle, Washington )
God bless you Tammy Faye. You made this world a better place, and you will be missed by many. May the strong and loving arms of Jesus take away the pain you have suffered these past years. I regret never meeting you in this life, but I pray that I will meet you in heaven someday.
Tammy. Your loving heart, was a rare unique gift to your family and friends in this world. May God Bless your kind loving soul, rest in peace. Amen
(Berlin, Germany)
Dear Miss Tammy,

Although I never met you, I love you. And I know you are in Heaven now, smiling down on us all. I am sorry you suffered illness and gossip in your life, but you bore it with grace, dignity, strength and humor. You did God proud while you were here, that's for sure. In life you were beautiful inside and out and I can only imagine how beautiful you are now as an Angel. Your spirit will always live on strong here on earth. You have left a legacy of love and kindness that will never end. We can all be happy that God shared you with us for as long as he did. Through the sadness at losing you on earth, I hope we will all remember you with the happiness and positivity that shone like a light from you. My sincere condolences to your family. I pray for them to find peace and comfort in knowing that you are healthy and strong in Heaven now and feel no pain. And I am so sorry for their loss. It's hard to make sense of losing someone as wonderful as you at such a young age. They must have really missed you in Heaven to call you back so soon. Please watch over all of us here on earth. We still need you, too. Rest in peace.
(los angeles)
tammy....god bless you and your family....pls. look down on us from time to time
Cat and Lena
(Pacifica, CA)
Your joyful spirit and sincere love for so many people, has deeply touched our hearts. Thank you for helping us to believe in the power of a smile that comes from such a true love of GOD. We shed tears of joy and happiness that you have bee released from your pain, and that you will now join your loved ones, and with Jesus. - Thank you Tammy Faye! -
Tammy. Your loving heart, was a rare unique gift to your family and friends in this world. May God Bless your kind loving soul, rest in peace. Amen
Roy A Bazylewicz Jr
(Elizaville, NY)
Welcome to heaven, Tammy. I will be up there with you some day.
Jeremy C. Triggs
(Los Angeles, CA)
Rest in peace Tammy Faye, we'll never forget you.
Clarke Dehler
(Aurora Minnesota)
I am Tammy's cousin, and only knew her as a little girl. My dad, mom,sister and I would visit Ida LaValley in International Falls. I seem to recall a Carl and Jerry Lavalley, who were older, they must be in Heaven by now. I feel sad that I was never able to make contact with Tammy, and let her know she had family left in Minnesota. May God take care of her and give comfort to her family and friends.
(Port Clinton, Ohio)

I'm sure you have arrived in HEAVEN and
with JESUS.

To your family, DEEPEST SYMPATHY...
(Topeka, KS)
I have cried all night. I grew up watching PTL and watching how much it meant to my mom. You were a comfort to her. I will always feel your presence of spirit around me with the gentle memories you leave behind. You have seen the face of Jesus! How awesome, you couldn't ask for more. God Bless your family.
(absecon,new jersey)
Rest in peace Tammy Faye. You are now with the King of King and Lord of Lords. May God hold your family in his loving arms until you meet again.
(monroe nc)
Rest in peace, Tammy.
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