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(Toronto, Ontario)
Rest in Peace, my dear...
(SLC, Utah)
Dear Tammy:

I know you are with the Lord now... Thank you for the life that you lived here on earth. Thank you so much for the role model that you were. Even though you had so much adversity in your life, you never strayed from your beliefs..

To be honest, there are times that I believe so-called people who love the Lord are complete fakes... Your actions in life proved that you were steadfast and honest and because of that, you served the Lord better than anyone.

Thank you for your decision to be on the reality series "Surreal Life"! Doing that let the world know exactly who you were... Through acceptance of others and yet holding strong to who you are and were, I know you made people think, and make God proud!!!

I think you may have brought some people to Jesus by doing that show...

Even though I have never met you, you touch my soul and always will.. I hope to met you in heaven some day. Please try and find me there..

God bless your family. Know that the Lord is with you
G'ma's Grandson ...
(Waikiki, Hawai'i)
Aloha oe' Tammy - (farewell),
Now that you are in GOD's arms, without pain, smiling and "oh so happy," in His heaven, may I ask you please say hello to G'ma & G'pa Pritchard, It's been many years they have been with GOD yet they like many could still use a hug and *Laugh* from someone as beautiful as you. Rest in GOD's land now and forever shine your light on us who continue to pray for you in your new home with Jesus !!!

Aloha emalamapono !!!
Rest in peace
Cliff Turpin
(West Dover, Vermont)
Tammy neveer asked for all the lemons she got in life, but she sure made a lot of lemonaid. Heaven is now so much richer having this fnatastic lady as a guest. Her courage on this small planet of ours was an inspiration to me. Thank you Tammy, I will miss your smiling face. Sing in heaven for me and make the sun shine everyday.
Joey V.
(Houston, Tx)
Me being an atheist, would like to take this time to tell you how I will regret not getting to ever meet you. And to tell you that you made me a better person. You have such a great spirit that we all felt in our hearts and souls. Your efforts were not in vain as we all will continue to love one another in spite of our differences because that's what you taught us. And through your Son you will continue to live on and beleive and spread that same message to others. You are one brave woman and you are an inspiration to us all. I will miss that little smile of yours and of course those eye lashes. xoxo.
Randy & Mark
(Panama, Ok)
Rest in peace and may God grant us all the grace and love you gave to so many without asking anything in return. You will be sorely missed. May God bless and comfort your family at this time and pour out his love to all who loved you and who you loved.
Phil G.
(Minneapolis, MN)
Rest in peace, Tammy Faye.
(Tatum, Tx)
Just every once in awhile God sends his special angels to grace this earth. To bring HIs messages, to show us how faith works and to let us know He is ALWAYS there for us. At our lowest hour. when we stand on our highest mountain, and all those days in between. Tammy was one of these special angels. God Speed Tammy!You will be dearly missed. We love you so.
(Canyon Lake, California)
Just watched your final Larry King interview tonight. No one can deny your bravery or your faith. Tonight you know for certain what the rest of us can only guess. I hope Heaven is all that you dreamed it would be.
Randy & Mark
(Panama, Ok)
Rest in peace and may God grant us all the grace and love you gave to so many without asking anything in return. You will be sorely missed. May God bless and comfort your family at this time and pour out his love to all who loved you and who you loved.
(Norfolk, Virginia)
I just wanted to thank Tammys children for sharing their beautiful mother with the world for so many years. To me she will always be remembered as a true champion of faith. Our prayers are with you all.
(absecon,new jersey)
(San Jose, CA)
Truly, you have been a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You will be greatly missed.

Thank you, Jesus, for Tammy's witness of Your love and grace here on earth.

Now rejoice, Tammmy, rejoice in heaven!
For great reward from Jesus awaits you.
Gregory Butler
(Hampton, Virginia)
So brave and so strong. Sing on with the angels.

Patti Harris
Dear Tammy,
Shortly after I wrote this poem called "Time" I emailed it to you. I do hope you got to read it and some of my other emails during your illness this past year. You are one courageous lady and one to be greatly admired for being the witness you were for the Lord. You are home now and all is well.
This is an original poem written by me,
Patti Harris, Dated Febuary 2,2007

Time is not just a minute or another day,
Itís a lifetime of memories stashed away.

So many of those memories that we hold dear,
Far too many shed many a tear.

Our Faith and belief will see us through,
God walks with us daily-with me and you.

The path we choose is ours for the taking,
The joys God gave us were HIS in the making.

Hold onto those treasured gifts HE so willingly gave,
Assuring us of eternity and wanting us all to be saved.

One day together in heaven weíll be,
The promise of life forever for you and me.

Hold onto the memories forever to cherish,
Those we hold dear never really did perish.

Time goes on beyond with abundant treasure,
Forever with you what blissful pleasure.

Time waits for no one, it goes by so fast,
What we encounter in loving one another is what will last.

Take hold and feel the warmth of the sun and wind blowing,
Together what waits for us is knowing.

Lifes treasures are beyond what life holds in store,
Heaven has to offer ever so much more.

Our precious ones God has in his care,
Giving each back to HIM was so hard to bare.

Hold onto this time, if God wants it to be so,
Time doesnít stand still and HE wants you to know.

Time isnít just to be here for another minute or a day,
Itís a lifetime in Eternity FOREVER WITH HIM TO STAY.

Thank you Lord for allowing this to be,
For sending your Son Jesus, for each of us, you and me.

God now holds you in HIS arms, all your family and friends will forever hold you in their hearts.
Patti Harris

Debbie Demke
(Alhambra, California)
Dearest Tammy you touched our hearts so much. You are full of such beauty, hope and so much love for each one of us. I truly will miss you, I know that we have a sweet assurance that we will see you and our love ones in Heaven. Please know WE LOVED YOU TOO!
Tim Hensley
(Hebron, Ky (Northern KY))
Tammy Faye ... It is 5:30 am Sunday morning 7-22-07. I just go the news that you have gone home to be with the Lord. I was initially saddened and troubled by the news but within a short period of time I have a peace about it now. I dont know what to write except to offer my condolences to your family and to Thank You for your life. You are a beautiful woman so full of life and laughter. I admire you and how courageous you are/ and were, to the end of life on earth as we know it. May God Bless You and Hold You In His Arms as he welcomes you home! May God Bless Your Family! I Truly Love You Tammy Faye. Thank You For All That You Gave!
Kim LaHood
(Escondido, CA)
I just found out tonight of Tammy's passing and was deeply saddened. Tammy was such a great inspiration to many people and I will continue to be a fan of hers always. It is a comfort to know that she IS in Heaven and is healthy and well again. May God bless her husband, children, and grandchildren.
(Los Angeles)
RIP Tammy....your message and testament of strength and life with God was truly a blessing to have in our times. You will be missed.
Dawn Hiuser
(Kitchener, Ontario,Canada)
Tammy is now with the people she wanted to meet!! We will all see her in heaven as born again washed in the blood of Jesus Christ!
(Dalton, Ga)
You are truly an inspiration. Your faith so inspiring. Home at last.
(Phoenix, Arizona)
May God Bless you, be with you, and watch over you always.
Eric S.
(Baldwin Park,California)
When I was growing up I could remember watching PTL. And seeing Jim And Tammy on tv preaching the love of Jesus. Just wanted to say that Tammy is in a better place now. She is rejoiceing with her savior. Praise God!!! Rest In Peace!! Tammy!! Enjoy being with Jesus!! You'll be surely missed.
Hans R. Rickli
What a wonderful person!
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