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Janet Welch
(Broken Arrow, Okla)
Tammy Faye will truly be missed from this world and will always be remembered by her loving and compassion and living her life for Christ. I'm so glad that her family, husband, and son and daughter were there for her. Tammy Sue, I heard that
you were by your mother's side for a long time caring for her. What a wonderful daughter, I'm sure that meant so much to her. I heard her say many times in her interviews how much she loved her children. God bless you.
Tammy's family will be in my prayers.
Thank you Tammy for blessing many of us through your songs, teaching, your testimonies, and by your compassion.
I will see you in heaven.
Love you Tammy Faye.
Eric S.
(Baldwin Park,California)
When I was growing up I could remember watching PTL. And seeing Jim And Tammy on tv preaching the love of Jesus. Just wanted to say that Tammy is in a better place now. She is rejoiceing with her savior. Praise God!!! Rest In Peace!! Tammy!! Enjoy being with Jesus!! You'll be surely missed.
Linda M,
(Newport, RI.)
Tammy, You beautiful woman. You lived all your life w/ an for the lord, Now he has taken you from us to go back home w/ him. I know he is holding you ever so tightly in his arm`s now an you are at peace there. No more pain, no more suffering. My God Bless you for all you have done in your life for other`s that needed you so.
God Bless you Tammy.
I know he has.
Linda Moreira,,,
Patsy Robertson
(Atlanta, GA)
Thank you Tammy Faye for sharing your journey with me. I really appreciate Jay & Tammy Sue. I'm a pastor's daughter & I've walked a few steps in their shoes. There are good people, Christian people who will go to a homeless shelter to comfort a gay person down on their luck - but would never want to be seen setting in a church pew next to someone who is openly gay. The goes with the very poor & sick - they will travel across the sea to help strangers but pass their own neighbors in need of a earthly & heavenly comforter. Tammy's legacy is "heaven" as much as she didn't want to leave her loved ones down here on earth she talked about heaven all her life.
(Los Angeles, CA)
Tammy, your bravery in face of your your illness was and is inspiring. My grandmother was a longtime fan, and I was turned on to back in the PTL days. I don't really know what else to say other than, I am really sad that you are gone. You were a lively sole and there aren't many of your type around these days... I will always remember you and hold you in high regard.
Donna Acosta
(Las Vegas, NV)
Dear Lord, Please hold Tammy tight in your arms for she is so sweet and loving as you know. I pray for her family to be strong as I know they will. To the family, I want you to know I have followed Tammy for many years and I love and admire her. I am so sorry she died. Even though she did not know me personally I love her and I know she is in Heaven and I know she heard my prayer. Thank you Tammy for letting us in your life. Donna
Josie Carrillo
(Litchfield Park,Az)
Tammy Faye you will be missed dearly may the Angels of Heaven take care of you now.You were a wonderful person in life and one in heaven now god bless you forever.My prayer and condolences go out to your friends and family.You are so beautiful.
What a unique individual you were. My sympathy goes out to your entire family. Do me a favor Tammy. Give my brother and Grandmother a big hug up there in heaven for me :)
(Houston, TX)
Will miss you, Tammy!! Thank you for teaching us not to fear death.
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Sweet Tammy...You Will Be Truly Missed!!! I Love You!!!
Roger Wilhoite
(Bellingham Wa)
May the choir of angels rejoice and welcome you with your favorite hymn. The pain and suffering have ceased. I know that I will personally miss you. I thank god for all that you have done and being who you are. out of the hundreds of people who we hear and see on tv and in film, you are TRULY A STAR. full of grace, compassion acceptance love and respect. words alone cannot express the heartfelt sympthay for the loss of your mother, wife grandmother and friend May the knowledge of knowing that her pain is now gone and she is comforted by our lord and knowing that SHE KNOWS now, how much her words, voice, love touched millions of lives we are all truly grateful for her presence in our lives. Thank you tammy for everything. I will miss you and I will never forget those eyes the eyes of Tammy Faye, our angel has gone home but she will forever remain in our hearts and the hearts of those to come. God bless you and your family. much love and strength at this time of loss I know she is watching over us.
Who could not have a heart for you and love you? You have blessed many. Now for your reward. Sweet, sweet Christian lady.
(Honolulu, Hawai'i )
If I could ...

I'd write for you a rainbow
and splash it
with all the colors f GOD
and hang it
in the window of your being
So that each new GOD's morn
Your eyes would open first
to hope and Promise ...

If I could,
I'd wipe away your tears
And hold you close
forever in my heart
But GOD never promised
I could write a rainbow,
Never promised
I could suffer for you.

GOD only promised
I could love you,
and that I did...that I do.

Peace out.
(Brooklyn, NY)
I love you and miss you. Your spirit soars on the wind. Dear God, if there is one, take care of this dear sweet woman.
Janet Moore
(Unionville, Missouri)
I remember watching the PTL Club with my gave her great joy...My Mother passed away to meet her Lord in 1998 with colon and lung cancer...My special thoughts are with your family and all the people that loved you so...
Please embrace my Mother...she will be there to meet you...:)
Rest in Peace My Friend...Angl101021
Mark Bohannon
(Searcy, Arkansas)
The world has lost a truly remarkable lady. It's true I'm not a Christian or a believer in deities, but I still watched Jim and Tammy when they were on TV together and I was flipping channels. In fact, I came to love Tammy Faye and have followed her career ever since. For her singing, her wit, her strength, and her caring for others, she will always be my dearest diva.
I will miss Tammy Faye, and I will always think of her with a smile. My deepest sympathy to Sissy and Jay.
You're heaven's newest angel. Rest in peace.
lynda benson-beghdadi
I was shocked today to hear the news that Tammy faye baker ( as i know her growing up) had passed away. I remeber watching her on tv as a child and in her i found that it is ok to be you. I have always been overweight and she made me feel ok about it. I send all my love to the family and my deepest condolences. May God be with you and know that she is watching down on us from heaven.
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Dear Tammy Faye, The world will never forget you. We all think of you and pray that you are with God now. Much love from The Netherlands, Gert-Jan
(Las Vegas, NV)
I just heard the news and my condolences go out to Tammy's family and loved ones. I had so much respect and admiration for her. Rest in Peace.
Sheryl Greathouse
(Arlington, TX)
I used to watch you on TV years ago, and then I chose a self-destructive path, I became an alcoholic and addict, and I suffered the pain of several divorces. Every time I'd see you on a TV show, your eyes lit up with serene and pure joy, I wanted that, too. There were times in your interviews you made me laugh, you made me cry, and most of all, you made me hope. For something better, for me and for my children. I know you are safely resting in God's arms tonight, and you are going to light up heaven. You go girl!
Jeri Richards
(West Palm Beach)
The Lord got to smile when He welcomed you into Heaven. And yes, He let you wear your false eyelashes when He saw you. Our Lord loves us ALL of the time . . . and I would like to thank you for reminding me of grace.
Minnesota will always remember you as a strong inspirational women. Rest in Peace your job here is done and now you are needed in Heaven.
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