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Kevin Ullery
(Chicago, Illinois)
Thank you for your kindness, Tammy Faye.
Noemi Guzman
(Alhambra, CA)
Tammy you are now resting and experiencing true peace the kind that only God can give. We are all just pilgrims passing through this life. May God bless and comfort your family. Rest in peace.
Mary Tucker-Marsh
(Queen Creek, AZ)
May your reward be great in Heaven today! Regardless of what the evil one meant for harm, God turned it all into good for Himself! You have inspired me since my teenage years, and you and the PTL show have helped mold me into the Christian I am today, and for that I will be eternally grateful! God bless you Tammy Faye, and may the Lord's face be shining upon you now!
Laura Henricks
(Greenwood, IN)
Keith Sigmon
(Charlotte, nc)
Tammy, you were the type of person that showed gods love. You held no judgements towards anyone or anything and kept your head strong through all of your battles. You are a beautiful woman and I strive to have the kind of love you have. I loved hearing about you and watching your shows. You are so charismatic and always smiled. Tammy, I can't wait to meet you in heaven! I know you will be as much fun and thanks again for being such an inspiration. Much Love, Keith
Steven Wilder
(Yakima ,Wa)
The greatest Evangelist message Ive seen in years!!! I;ve watched Larry King's interview 5 times.The media has completly got the story wrong.Tammy is(was) a real women of God!!! In fact so is Jim Bakker...WOW!!! I know shes in heaven routing us on saints. Now is the time....let's win as many as possable before Christs soon return!!"worty is the lamb!!!!!!
I prayed that you'd get to eat that hamburger and fries (with lots of Ketchup)!

Tonight, I know that God has given you a banquet!

Sleep well. my friend, and know that you were loved...

Help us all to remember how important we are AND how small we are at the same time.

Thanks for loving unconditionally, and for lvoing in life and in death.

I will miss your smile, your grace, your humor, and, yes, even that massive amount of mascara.

Most of all, I will miss your gentle way of reminding us all that we are LOVED by the HIGHEST of beings--Even when we aren't quite worthy of love.

May God smile upon you, and may you continue to smile upon those of us still struggling.

Thanks, Tammy.

as i sit here wipeing my tears.. i love you.. i know now your with jesus i will see you in heaven to one day ok.. say hi to jesus and my grandmom and my uncle denny please. hugs and kisses forever.. claudia
Tammy Faye you were such a true spirit! You were an inspiration to so many and you will always be remembered. The world was a better place to have you in it for the time it did. I hope you are at peace.
The Lord forgives you, and loves you.
Rhonda Conley
(Mentor, OH)

Your are such an inspiration. I am glad that you are no longer in pain, and are with the Lord.
Heather Maxon
(Casablanca, Morocco)
Tammy Faye has lead a wild life but she has been an inspiration to so many as well. Tammy rest in Peace and I look forward to meeting you someday in Heaven with our Father God!
(Carson City,NV)
Tammy you will be missed by soo many people! You were such a beautiful person outside as well as in... I hope that you get to eat your hamburger and fries soon baby girl! I hope one day like you said that we will meet...
Much love and kisses
(Torrington CT.)
My sympathy goes out to Tammys Family & All who Loved & Enjoyed Tammy Faye.
I must say that I am glad that Tammy is no longer suffering,for Me it was hard to watch her suffer so much from the Bubbly Woman from The Surreal Life show,to a frail woman who could hardly eat & ever so thin,it was sad to see.
Thank You Tammy for being You....
(Anaheim, CA)
Your finally home you sweet, sweet angel. May you rest in peace and enjoy eternity with the Lord.. May he bless your children.
(Regina, Saskatchewan)
I am also not religious, and wasn't a fan until she was on the Surreal life. Tammy was a credit to her cause. I am sorry to hear that she is gone.
Jan Mooney
(Eagle Point, OR)
Tammy I hope I have your faith and courage when my time comes. You are one classy lady. I will call out for you so you can help me across. I will miss you presence in this world.
(San Francisco, CA)
Tammy Faye radiated such pure joy and love to the world. She was a rarity. While others condemned and hated other, Tammy Faye looked only at the good. As a gay man, I found Tammy's pure ability to love without judgment, a refreshing attitude. She was a true original and the world is worse for her absence.
Linda Fife
(Cheyenne, Wyoming)
Thank you Tammy for all the years of sharing your love for the Lord. Thank you for the prayers, the laughter and the tears. Thank you for showing us that God love us and there is hope in Him for all eternity. Thank you for showing that we Christian ladies can wear make-up and still show our inner beauty too. You are so loved Tammy, you are now home forever with God.
Stephanie Lynn
(Studio City, CA)
What a beautiful woman and a beautiful life! My heart broke when I heard the friend and I were just thinking about Tammy yesterday and saying how much we both loved and respected her. Her unwaivering faith was such an inspiration to so many and I send my prayers and thoughts to her family. Tammy, you lived an amazing life and you will be sorely missed!
I was at Church when I heard the news. I was so sad to see you on Larry King, but inspired by the fact that through it all you were still smiling! Your love for all of us will never be forgotten. Say Hi to my grandparents and to Jesus!
Larry Whittington
(Charleston, SC)
Tammy, You kept the faith till the end. I admire you for never being ashamed of the Gospel of God. May God be with your family during this time.
J. Paolucci
(Midlothian, Va)
Watching Tammy on a WB reality TV show was amazing to me. Her love and dedication to the Lord was easily seen by the way she moved in and out of her environment with those she was cast with. She took a show that was meant to be a mix of people living together with little limitations on their behavior and turned it into a touching and healing time for all those on the cast. Everyone who encountered her she impacted them with the love of God and I was able to witness this. I believe this show wasn’t to turn out the way it did, but the God she loved showed himself to be strong through her and changed the shows events for the better. I could see her love for the Lord. I feel a sense of great loss at this time.
Chrisitan Barnes
(Woodbury, New Jersey)
Words alone cannot express the Joy that I have knowing that Tammy is resting in the arms of the Almighty Healer. She is in no more pain and suffering. To the family and friends: If you live the life that Tammy will see her again. If your not living the life that she lived..GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER! It is appointed once unto man..death and then the judgement. Be forever Blessed.
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