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God has blessed you, Tammy Faye, reaching --- touching ---- inspiring so many through your faith. That is your rich and powerful legacy. Peace be with you.
Jeanette Johnson "JJ"
(Long Beach, CA)
Tammy has been given the greatest gift of all...she has now seen Jesus. She is dancing the streets of heaven singing a new song! I was blessed to meet Tammy when she came to our church her in Long Beach CA Glory Tabernacle Christian Center and spoke at our evening Harvest Glory Conference. Our church is an inclusive church and Tammy understood the true love of God and that God loved every child he created. Tammy you will be greatly missed and I can't wait to dance in heaven with you. May your family have peace knowing you are well now. God Bless You All!
Samantha Kinman
(Louisville, KY)
to the family of Tammy Faye:

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of your loss. She truly was a good, loving, strong woman with a strong faith in God that made her a hero. Though I never met her, to read of her passing brings tears to my eyes. However, knowing that she did not fear death and was eager to meet her creator, I rejoice for her having been set free from her painful fight. Still, I know that it is hard to lose someone that you love and so I offer my condolences.
(Sarasota, FL.)
Matt Hogue
(Pittsburgh, pa)
You are in a better place!
I knew in my heart when I caught you on Larry KIng Thursday night that would be your last time to reach out to your viewers. I knew GOd was letting you display your faith in those last hours and your love of Christ. I don't know many Christians who would be so full of love for Christ as to come on national TV the way you looked. It was so obvious that the cancer has eaten away at your body yet it didn't touch your spirit. We all wanted to see you recover, but yet God had a different idea and God's ideas are always much better, for only he knows why he ued you in this way to reachthe people that needed your message so badly on that last day.

May God bless you and now keep you safe and let his light shine upon your face forever in his holy grace.

Good Bye Tammy,
May you live in Joy and never shed a tear again! Your are now complete
(San Francisco, CA)
I know you are looking down on us at this moment and know that alot of people care about you and will miss you. But there are those, like me, who did not know much about you aside of your fabulous lashes and outrageous makeup! You are an angel Tammy and I know you are in a much better place right now. You always seemed like a very strong woman that always came out on top of the worst situations. I have no doubt that you are sitting just to the right of God right now making sure that he is in his place! :) We all miss you and are sad that you are no longer with us. But as you said, we will see you in Heaven someday. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones now.
God bless you and your family. You will be forever missed.
Linda Benedict
(Lonodn Obtario Canada)
RIP Tammy. We love you and will never forget you. Prayers go out to Roe, and the all her children. We will MISS you bit know we will meet in heaven
C Fernandez
(Gresham, Or)
What a women****See you on the other side.
(Los Angeles, CA)
Rest in peace, sweet woman.
Melanie Davis
(Monroe, Michigan)
I wanted to take every bit of your pain from you when I saw you on Larry King, I truly did. If there was a way for me to do that...I most definately would have! I am just so sorry that such a beautiful woman, both inside and out, had to endure such pain for so long. You are with Our Lord now, just as we knew you would be, and no more pain...This is God's will. My prayers are with your lovely family. I could only hope to take away their pain now...I will pray for that! I love you Tammy Faye! I am truly moved by what an inspiration you are! God bless you sweetheart!
Sarah Grimes
(Fort Hood, Texas)
Tammy Faye,
you were always an inspiration - a guiding light - to keep going no matter what obsticles were in your way. I believe you are resting with the angels now, no longer suffering in pain and watching down on us with all the love in your heart. God Bless your memory and your family who feels your loss tonight and everyday to come. Love you!!!
Dale D
(Peoria, Illinois)
Hello. Tammy. You have been such an inspiration to me. I can only pray to God that I have the courage to battle my illness the way that you have battled yours. It was a tough fight. But you WON... God has taken you home. I'll see you when I get there. God bless your husband. He was a good man and good for you. See ya in the PROMISED land. Dale
You will be missed. You are in a better place now. We lost a really special person today. You are gone, but will forever be remembered by so many.
(Astoria, NY)
Dear Tammy,
You really seemed to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Thank you for your kind words on CNN. I, too, genuinely hope you have found peace.
Susan H.
(Anchorage, Alaska)
Praise the Lord! We should all learn from this beautiful woman, her love for the Lord, her love for her family, and her love for total strangers should inspire all of us who proclaim Christ Jesus and Lord and Savior. She truly was a light in this dark world, she made us laugh, cry, and fall deeper in love with Jesus. Now all of us need to lift her loved ones up in prayer that the comforter will come and give them peace as we grieve with them. Rest In Peace Tammy Faye....
(Longmont, Colorado)
TammyFaye - God bless you. Now that you are in Heaven you will know the impact that you had in my life. We will miss you here on Earth, but I look forward to seeing you when I pass on. Teach all those angels to make lemonade!!!!!
(Boston, Ma)
May your memory be eternal!
Rev. Thomas McDonald
(Oklahoma City, OK)
The world has lost a true lover of God. Tammy Faye will always be rememberd as one who loved everyone, be they gay, straight, black, white, whatever. She truly loved God and everyone.
Judy Phelps
(Ellensburg, WA)
I am so jealous . . . you, with a crown on your head, finally with Jesus. Save a place for me.
(Jackson Heights, NY)
Rest In Peace!
Ed P
(Oak Brook IL)
You are an inspiration! You will be sorely missed. During your illness, you have been strength, compassion and love. You have touched my heart. May God bless you and your family. I am happy that you are finally at peace. No more back or "tummy" pain ;(. Sleep well.
(Crestwood, IL)
rest in peace tammy i did know u but i seen u on tv once and i just want u to rest in
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