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Joshua Sykes
(Rock Hill, S.C.)
Tammy- When my sister had cancer in 1984 she wrote a letter to you and Jim at PTL. Robin Lynn Reilly is her name and when you read it on the air and you started to cry all of my family in Haverhill, Massachusettes were so moved. I grew up on Susie Moppet and Ali the Alligator and I even remember all the fantastic christmas lights at PTL. My family moved here in 1984 after Robin died. It gives me comfort to know that your in Heaven with her and even though I am crying right now, I try to think about death as a transition. I am glad that you are not sick anymore, but I wish you were still here on this earth but I know your in a better place. I want to Thank God for creating a wonderful person named Tammy Faye. I love you Tammy and I know my whole family does too. We will miss you! My thoughts and prayers are with Jamie and Tammy Sue.
Patti Mahaney
(Brampton, Ont. Canada)
I will miss you Tammy! You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Godspeed. I hope you finally get to have that Hamburgers and Fries with lots of ketchup you were talking about on Larry's show Thursday. I am glad you are at peace and out of pain now- and in Heaven with our Lord.

Love always,
Patti Mahaney xoxo
Patricia Ault
(Hamilton Ohio)
Rest in peace Tammy Faye ... You will remain foreve in our hearts .
Kevinb Albert
(Los Angeles, Calif)
Dear Tammy Faye... EVERY Morning in my hometown of EDMONTON, Alberta (Canada) I watched you & Jim.. Loved your singing and the fact that you were YOU... special, a rare gift.. and the crying was cool made me feel I could feel my emotions..I have followed you all my life. I am sp proud of your two chikdren how they have built their lives.. I have had alot of 'stuff' to work through and I want to contact Jay if possible... and learn more and perhaps be more part of.. he is a cool dude. Tammy... I knew when you went on Larry Kin , you knew it was hours , and I thought.."She is doing this, GOD BLESS HER" To say goodbye and LOVE To allll your fans, and then she will pass on. Sure enough...YOU represent the love & forgiveness and strength of Christianity.. I will never forget all the hypocritical people that damed you, Jim, PTL etc.. and they had their own demons, defects...YOU went on in life to do and be so much... THANK YOU FOR BEING A REAL GIFT AND A REAL 'PRESENCE' IN MY LIFE' - I LOVE YOU1 :) xoxoxo kevin albert
Steve Chalk
(Bel Air, Maryland)
Madam, now is the time for true peace in your life. Despite all of what life threw at you, you managed to handle it all with a sense of pride and dignity. Thanks for providing that example! i may not have liked some of the things that happened with you, but I will say that you handled better than I ever would!
Laurie R.
(Reno, NV)
God bless you Tammy. May you rest in peace.
(Bakersfield Ca)
I remember growing up Watching you on PTL every morning before school. Your voice was heaven . Now you're singing in heaven. You will be missed .
You are truly going to be missed Tammy Faye. You were and you are loved by many.
Say hello to Jesus.
Nancy Buckley
(Louisville, KY)
Dearest Tammy,
My heart goes out to your loved ones. You were an inspiration to all women who have stood by their husbands, even when every fiber of their being wanted to leave. Tammy, you showed grace and class, especially in your most daunting hour. May you Rest in the Arms of our Eternal Father.
(Okeechobee, FL)
I am not religious, I was never a fan until the Surreal Life. It was not until then that I saw what a gem of a person Tammy Faye was. I just heard the news and I am truly sad. She will be missed.
(Prairie View, Texas)
I remember watching PTL before I went to school in the morning... It was through your show on PTL I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. There alone sitting at the kitchen table... with BeBe and CeCe singing, Lord lift us up where we belong... I became SAVED! You explained salvation like no other... I GOT IT and WANTED IT! I loved you and understood you! I know that the Lord has finally lifted you up where you belong... HEAVEN! Say hello to my Mom and Dad when you meet them! God Bless you and your family. You will be missed alot here on earth.
Michael Reeves
(Las Vegas)
Rest in Peace
Acle J Gonyea
(Toronto Ontario Canada )
My condolences to the family, Tammy Faye was an icon to the body of christ and she will find peace and rest in heaven with our Lord and Savior.
Rest In Peace
(san diego, california)
You are in my Heart Tammy. I love you. I know you are at peace.

Joe B.
(Albany, NY)
I have always admired your "spunk"!! Such sweetness and humor always erupted from your soul. You would always find goodness in everyone, everything. My prayers are with you & your family. You are now singing with the angels in heaven! God Bless!
Tammy Faye, we have lost an icon...your smiles and enthusiasm will be missed.
Christy Hooper
(Chico CA)
Godspeed, Tammy Faye. You are blessed and at peace now. AMEN SISTER!
God Bless You Family
(Evans, GA)
Your strength will remain with us- Thank you! Wishing you many Cheese Burgers with French Fries.
Joey Turner
(Cleveland, OH)
Joey Turner
(Cleveland, OH)
May her memory be eternal!
(Raleigh, NC)
....oh Tammy how the angels are rejoicing to see you home! Thank you for your love, devotion, strength and courage. You truly will be deeply missed and honored. My heart and prayers for your family who loved you so. GOD bless.
Deb and Joe
(New Ipswich, N.H.)
God Bless You Tammy, and may you rest in peace.
Brian Wells
(White Lake, MI)
You were one of the BEST people ever! You were loved by MILLIONS... You will always be in our hearts! Bless you! Now you can have your Hamburger! You will be missed!
Mary Snider
God Bless You...Condolences to your family and all your many friends
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