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Kim F.
(Jacksonville, FL)
I don't know you personally but, you seem like such a sweet person on tv. You are like a ray of sunshine. God's love shines through you. You have been a blessing to so many people. I just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry you are having to go through this horrible illness. I am thankful you have family and friends to help you, in your time of need. May God give you the strength you need to get through this difficult time. Hang in there girl. We are all praying for you.

God Bless You,
Kim F.
debra peron
dear tammy..i saw u on larry king...and wanted to say my heart and prayers r with u hun!i know u were an inspiration to me yrs ago when i was young..i had a hard childhood..but the music u sang lifted me up...i STILL have that U CAN MAKE IT LP! ...and since i saw u..i been singing it to u in the spirit u sang it to me in yur lp..u r still inspiring me today..and ..whatever may Gods will..i know i will see u in GLORY...with Jesus..suffering may endure for a night ..but joy comes in the morning..!love u sis in CHRIST!and u WILL MAKE IT!! sincerely,yur sis,debra person
We love you.
(Lacey, WA)
Miss Tammy Faye,

I pray for you daily and think of you often. You have been so brave and now I know that you are getting closer to heaven. My own dear friend is sick and I am trying to care for her. She is an unconquerable spirit, much like you, yourself are.
I have never trusted religious people. When I first saw you years ago, I thought that you were just another person that was paying more attention to the organization than to the reason why you organized. Religious people to me didn't seem very close to God.
I began to know more about you and I began to think that maybe you were different.
I believe that you are as good and honest as your commercial image. There are not many things left to which we can believe in. But I believe in you, Miss Tammy Faye! You are my role model of how an intelligent, curious, and energetic woman conducts herself. I love your curiosity and your willingness to meet others and learn about them. You are lovely and I wanted to tell you so.
If surrounding you with loving messages will cheer you, please add me to the long list of well wishers. Thank you for being an example that a strong woman can still be a lady. Strong women are not always popular, but they do tend to change the world.

God bless you!
Kierri Wilson
(Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK)
Dearest Tammy,

Living in England,I have not been able to follow you or your story. But perhaps 10 years ago, I remember watching an interview with you on television. I knew of your past troubles, & then this interview - nothing more & nothing since. In that one interview you brought me back to God. I wrote you a letter that I never sent. But I want you to know that you are God's ambassador to Earth & you touched my heart so deeply over 10 years ago, that I remember you well today & the lasting influence you have had. Thank you so much. I'm sure others have been blessed greatly & you are blessed & shall be blessed in return. I pray for your healing & for strength of mind & heart. I know you already have the Holy Spirit, but I pray it will blanket you in the love of God & comfort your soul. All my love, in friendship, love & prayer, Kierri xxxx :o)
Sharon L. Davis
(Louisville Kentucky)
Dear Tammy
I am blessing you from the top of your head to the bottom of your toe,s you are awsome I have watched your show so glad to seeyou on Larry King may God be at your side holding your hand all through this hard time. God Love,s you

My LOve to you

Sharon Davis
Denise Darnell
(Hamiltontownship n.j.)
I see the strong faith in god you have.You have inspired overs in your fight.My prayers are for you.God bless.
(Baltimore, MD)
God bless you. You have been so strong. Thanks for being a role-model for us all.
(South Carolina)

My thoughts and prayers are with you....stay strong in the faith!!! He can do anything but fail!!

My Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Oct. 2006. Positive attitude and faith is huge. You are in my prayers. God bless you and your family.
Mi Mi
(Ventura, Ca)
To you, a Star that is shinning so bright and is glowing on everyone, you
are such a witness for the Lord and their are some good works being done Thur you Sweetheart! God Bless You !!
You are in my prayers I pray you shine like the Star that you are for all to see. You are helping so many Thur the peace you have and are bring a multitude of people to GODS side, Bless You. I pray for peace and Strength for you in the days a head.
GOD BLESS YOU you are so wonderful.
Love Thur Christ who saved us all.
Barb and Madison
Dear Miss Tammy,

I'm a Catholic but I hope you don't mind that I have prayed for you.

I'm a 60 year young man and you've made me feel like a wimp with my minor ailments, and so I think I deserve it.

You have given me a lot of reasons for remembering your name and positive message. I won't ever forget you.

Please, please get well.

God Bless,


Sarah Watt
(Guelph, Ontario)
Tammy, you inspired me so much the other night on Larry King. Your faith in God is so genuine even in the wake of the most difficult struggle anyone can face. I wish you all the best. To you and your family. Most of all continue to be in peace and embrace your faith in God. He will carry you through this and will take your hand to be with him when he knows the time is right. God Bless You.
Sheri Kutsmeda
Include me as a sister who with so many others around the world are holding you up in prayer that you shall get and enjoy that burger!!!! Love,Sheri
(grand rapids Michigan)
Tammy, my mother had cancer 2 years ago...she is now in heaven with my dad. Remain dignified, you inspire me!! be calm, God will help you no matter WHAT lies ahead. Such peace in that!!!
Kam Kilar
(Greensboro, NC)
God Bless you Tammy,
I have only been a saved Christian for 4 years now but these years have changed my life. Knowing the lord is the best thing that can happen to anyone. I have followed your life for years and years and always enjoyed everything about you. You are a great couragious woman filled with the lord and are Heaven Bound. I wish all good things for you and I will pray for you. I hope you get that hamburger and enjoy every bite you are able to eat. God Bless you and your family and may you receive all of the rewards you deserve.
Love and Prayers,
Kam Kilar
(NY, NY)
I saw you on LK and I know you were saying good-bye to us. I want to say good-bye back at you along with many hugs and kisses. Dont be afraid to let go because God wants you in His arms Tammy. I cant wait to meet you one day soon.
Woody Dudley
(Greenville, SC)
I saw you on Entertainment Tonight and even though you are sick and in pain, you still have that spunk that you are known for. You are an encouragement to those who are going through cancer. I'll be praying for you and your family during this time. I'll eat a hamburger and fries with lots of ketchup in your honor.
(Valdosta, GA)
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are such a beautiful picture of Christian love and charity. Your personal faith and loving concern for others through this trial is a great testimony of who you truly are. My own faith has been made stronger through your example. I do love you and wish you and your family all the best. Thank you for your faith, your love, and your constant care and prayers for all those around you.
shirley kelly
(baltimore maryland)
tammy God bless you ,as you pray your desires, I remeber when you got a word of knowledge, on ptl and i was healed of a throat problem that same day, i am praying that it will happen for you
(El Paso, TX)
You are an angel. You've always come across as genuine and sincere, a really lovely lady who has lived quite a remarkable life. Many people from all walks of life hold you in their prayers. love you tammy faye
(Richmond, VA)
You have changed many lives and renewed my faith. May peace be with you and thank you for the lessons you have taught us all. You have shown us that all that really matters in life, is love.
(Southington, Connecticut)
God's Peace and Love to you Tammy.....

I have watched you since I was in high school and you were preaching with Jim. Back then, as a teenager, I didn't fully understand the 'where' you were getting your faith I only 'half listened'. But once adulthood set in, and my own faith in our Lord Jesus Christ took it's very deep roots into my soul, I had the opportunity to catch something or other that talked about 'Preachers of the 80's and 90's'......There was Billy Graham, of course, and the others....but what really caught my eye, and heart, was you and your true understanding of faith and oneness with our shared God.

I've followed you and your career, not as devoutly as some, but I've always stopped whenever your perfectly 'one of a kind' eyelashes flashed by........and I've always said a 'thank you' to Jesus for shining his light through your kind and generous and loving heart.

This 'illness' is unfortunate and unfair to someone as vibrant and caring as you......but I believe that the Lord God MUST work his message of salvation and belief through only those who are true of heart, mind and soul.......and you, Tammy Faye, are most definately one of God's angels brought here to earth to spread his word.

I pray for you every day, I ask the Lord Jesus to find it in his heart to come and wrap his arms of love and protection around you, and hold you close.........
Know that whatever you outcome may be, YOU, Tammy Faye, have shown the world that GOD DOES EXIST!

Continued love and prayers for you, angel of the Lord......

God Bless (+),
(El Paso, TX)
You are an angel. You've always come across as genuine and sincere, a really lovely lady who has lived quite a remarkable life. Many people from all walks of life hold you in their prayers. love you tammy faye
(albuquerque NM)
tammy, i am in awe of you. you are such a beautiful stong woman. your big smile and faith in god during such a devastating illness gives me strength to deal with my life issues. you will have a beautiful homecoming in heaven.
bless you!!! love, a forever fan of tammy faye.
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