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(Chicago, IL)
My prayers are with you. I have admired your courage for years, and have admired your wonderful way of dealing with what life doles out. May God bless you.
(Tampa, Florida)
Tammy = Faith; I admire you. I watched you on Larry King. Your strength and faith - I admire you. My Dad died of colon cancer 25 years ago. I miss him so much. Tammy, he was a chef - the best food I've ever tasted. You mentioned that hamburger - and I thought of him. It was weird - but I know in my heart, Tammy, if you don't get that hamburger here, he's got one for you there. His name is Charley - tell him that Babe sent you. You are an angel here and you will be an angel for God there. I'm here in Florida if you need anything - a hand or a meal or just sitting on our porch. Please let me know. Thanks, Babe
Ed Bronson
(Roanoke, VA)
What amazing strength can be found in your faith and in your work over the years. I'm so sorry for you to suffer with cancer. I have seen many friends suffer from AIDS, and I have always respected you for embracing AIDS patients so early on, and bringing positive energy to their lives.
You reap what you sow, and you must know that there is nothing but love and compassion coming your way from so many people whose lives you've touched. There certainly is a crown waiting for you in Heaven. God Bless your wonderful soul. You can make it, dear sweet one.
(Plano, Texas)
My Dear. Dear Tammy Faye: I can never describe what you have meant to me, You always give me hope & faith, even now during your most trying time on earth, you are my inspiration & my joy, Having been born in the south, you remind me of each of my relations. All I can do now is hope & pray you go ever sooooo peaceful, you deserve nothing less, GOD SPEED YOU TO YOUR JOURNEY!!!!!!!!Much love my dear wonder of a WOMAN!!!!!
(Pickens, S. c.)
Dearest Tammy, you have always been a special person in my life, I have watched you for many years, and you are such a wonderful christian lady, Ipray that God will touch and heal your boddy

Dearest Tammy, you have always been a lady that I admired so much, I have watched you on tv for many years, I don't understand why bad things happen to good people, I am praying that you will soon get to eat your hamburger and french fries, you are such a pretty lady,and have such a beautiful voice.Just keep your faith in are in my prayers. Betty

SBH Childers
(Northern California)
God Bless You for your encouraging words throughout the years and your work. Its now time for you to have words of encouragement. Stay Strong, you already know God loves you and remember what you have learned here helps you in your ongoing journey.
(Detroit, MI)
God Bless Ya, Tammy! Stay strong...
Peter Cannella
(Chicago, Illinois)
Tammy- Thanks for always just being the unique YOU and thanks for accepting me and my gay brothers and sisters. I know that God is with you and I pray that you find comfort in knowing how much you mean to me personally and to so many others. You have lived your life as an example of love and acceptance and you are so very special. God Bless you Tammy
(Hollywood Fla)
Dear Tammy:

I am humbled by your courage and dignity in the face of such suffering.My mother died of overian cancer and handled it with the same
humor, fortitude and lust for life as you have shown us.
I have never met you, nor really followed your life adventure very closely. I saw you on Larry KInd and I was so touched. I can sincerely say that I will remember this interview for the rest of my life.
I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will continue gaining weight.
Please know that you have an extended family that wishes you the best.
(Fort Worth, Texas)
Tammy - I have never been a fan of your, but you have shown more grace and strength than I could ever hope to. I rejoice in your faith and hope enternity is everything you know it is. God Bless You, Tammy.
LuzElena Howard
(Tucson, AZ)
Hi Tammy,
I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for you. You are a great inspiration to all of us. My dad went to heaven three years ago; he had lung cancer. He had the chance to tell us how much he loved us and his passing was very peaceful. He was ready to go to Jesus. when you do go to heaven, don't forget to say hi to my dad Francisco Parra.
Love, Luzelena
I love you Tammy Faye, and God love you. I grew up watching you on PTL and you've always been a blessing and encouragement to all that have known you. This life is only temporal for all of us, and we none know what is right around the corner, but no matter, by the grace and love of God we can make it. Tammy Faye, you can make it! Love Always, Steve
Even though we have different views on religion,politics,etc. there is nothing more that I wish you than health and happiness.You are truly an icon of many boundaries.I will be praying for all,ALWAYS!Cancer is a very debilitating situation and hopefully one day we will be able to cure it,even if it's in stage 4.We all love you and wish you well here in Southern Cali.God Bless!!!
Sherry Mowday
(Coatesville Pa)
You never knew it but you are my best friend. I watched PTL and was so blessed by your ministry. I also came to PTL with My Mom and friends from my church and saw your show in person. Having God in my life has truly changed me and given me strength to face whatever it is I have to face. My prayers are with you and your family thru this time in your life. Your faith is beyond words. The song that you sang "I'm blessed" makes me realize that I am truly blessed. Keep your faith. Your friend forever. Sherry
(bangor maine)
i saw you on larry king and i want to say you are so brave and courageous...bless you on this last journey. i applaud you for sharing your story with us... blessings for a sweet and loving summer.
(new britain, ct)
god bless you and may you find peace within all of this. I wish for all of your pain to go away, you are a sweet sweet woman.
Wayne Dalton
(Dallas, TX)
Tammy- I was shocked and saddened to see your interview with Larry King. You are in my daily prayers
(Temecula, CA)
Dear Tammy, I saw part of your interview with Larry King. That was how I heard about your sickness. I want to tell you that while I had heard of you, I never knew much about you until I saw you on some reality show. I loved you instantly. I was a new believer in our Lord and only watched to see how bad of an impression a Christian would make on TV. I was so glad to be wrong. You behaved with such dignity and humility. You were an inspiration. Sadly, you were exposed to such ugly things there and I prayed for you. I prayed you wouldn't cave and you didn't. Our Lord's love shown through you and I could tell that some people there had never experienced our Lord's love before meeting you.
I sometimes think of the impact I might have for the Kingdom during my brief time here. I like to think when I get to Heaven I will see some people for the first time that have a glowing name tag that says "Friend of Darlene". I think Heaven will be lit up with friends you've never met, wearing your name tag. God bless you, Tammy Faye. Your beauty is God's love shining through you. I pray for a healing for you. And if I don't see you here, I'll see you in Heaven. And then maybe you can tell me how to get that much mascara on. I've tried, and sister, it just don't work!
In Him and with love for you,
(Chatsworth, CA)
I often have pity parties on small non-life threatening things. Saw you on Larry King the other day, and I was ashamed of myself. You are such an inspiration!!! I had 'grown up' with you practically for years and years. You will always be remembered...
Tammy Mitchell
(Washington, DC)
Dearest Tammy Faye,
You are such a true inspiration and an Ambassador for Christ! I am standing in agreement for your complete healing and wholeness. If you have not already done so, please consider getting medical help at The Cancer Treatment Center. May God continue to richly bless you and your family. I am praying for you.
I saw you on Larry King and my heart was so touched with your smile. How blessed you are to having a caring loving husband by your side. God has blessed me with His love and salvation and a wonderful husband. Please know that you are in my prayers. Miracles still happen today -- not just back in the bilical days. But just think, when it is your time to cross over the air will be fresh, no pain or worries Jesus will be there!
(milford, ma)
I have to be honest with you. I did not watch your show when you used to be on tv and I'm not an overtly religious person, however, your illness deeply saddens me and I want to wish you the best. I hope you find peace and I hope all the messages people are sending you fill you with love and hope. You are a brave woman!
Darlene Moore
(Cartersville, Ga.)
May you rest soon !
we love ya, and your inspiration overwelms you and your inner beauty shines through..
(South Burlington, VT)
Tammy Faye, you are such a beautiful and graceful woman of God. It was so wonderful to see and hear you on Larry King last week.

Your humility and love inspire everyone. Be assured, God is continuing to use you for His glory!! Keep your hand in His hand.

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