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(new england)
i have never, ever written to a website before..but i want to say, though i am nto a christian, i have truly admired you over the last 5 years,as i see in you a woman of grace and humility, who learned from her mistakes and stayed true to her self...i admire your strong faith, and your courage , and have told my children that you are an example of my idea of a warrior..a person who faces adversity and holds steadfast to your belief in God's love and mercy...I wish you peace, and as you travel on to your journey, may God remain with you and comfort you, as you have done for so many here on earth..God bless you, and thank you , for enlightening so many of us..
Jeannie Greenwald
(Atlantic Beach, FL)
Dear Tammy, I really didn't follow you until I started seeing you on Larry King discussing your lung cancer. Since then, you have become a real inspiration to me. You truly love God and even in your darkest hour, your hope and love and belief shines through. I believe you've brought many souls to God through your own sweet and brave spirit. I really admire you. I only knew the caricature of you; I never knew you through your PTL years or all of that. But seeing you these past few years...all I can say is that I really love and admire you. I do believe, as you said, you will go straight to Heaven and when you get there, please say hello to my mom and tell her I love her and miss her. Much love to you, Jeannie
(Toronto, Ontario)
Tammy, I have never envied or admired any woman in my whole life...but I do admire you. I can feel your spirituality and kindness. I will pray for you
(Rockford, IL)
Tammy: You can't leave this Earth now because you are one of God's greatest warriors and this planet needs ALL it's Christian warriors!!!

There is no way for you to ever know the millions of people you've helped, taught, inspired, and led to Christ. I realize God must be anxious to have one of his greatest creations and most beautiful daughters return to Him, but surely God knows we need you more.

I'm praying, believing, and expecting your complete healing because that's what you taught me to do . . . expect a miracle!!!!

Your greatest days are ahead!!!!!!!

Much love & respect,
(Smyrna, Georgia)
Dear Tammy Faye,
You are powerful and mighty beyond words. Your love shines like the sun. How blessed earth is to have you and may we all strive to emulate your example of Christian love and devotion to the faith. I love you.
Ginna Greggo
(Daytona Beach, Florida)
Dear Tammy,

I really enjoyed watching you on the Sureal Life. I wish you didn't have to go through this pain. I will pray for you.

(Pittsburgh PA)
Dear Tammy:
I lost my mom to cancer also. She was the best. I hope that your children and you remeber the good times of your life. I pray for you everyday. God Bless you.
God bless you. Your faith is an inspiration to me. I am sorry you are suffering. I will pray for you.
(Broken Arrow, Okla)
I have always admired you for everything that you do and for your great faith in the Lord. You have brought so many blessings through your singing and testimonies, your life.
I found out awhile ago that I have cancer. You are such an inspiration.
I constantly talk to God and he gives me strength. I will continue to pray for you. I know I will see you some day in heaven. Thank you for the many blessings. God has touched me through you, your songs, and your love.
Love you Tammy
(grand haven, mi)
Dear Tammy, hi i just want to say i watched you many years ago on ptl and i love you than and i still love you. may god wrap you in his arms and give you peace as you go through this hard time i was healed of cancer and i hope and pray that god does the same for you. i was so shocked when i saw you like that on larry king live. im sorry your going through this but hopefully you will be a testamonie to so many others for god because you are soo well known. the last time i saw you was on praise the lord singning i was please to see you. well god bless you and please keep the faith come back and do greater things for the lord. god bless you tammy faye. love kathy
Lacy Moore
(Richmond, Virginia)
Tammy Faye-You are undoubtedly one of the sweetest people that God ever created. Watching you on Larry King, I found myself crying quite a bit remembering past interviews as well as your show with Jm. J. Bullock and the documentaries about you. I'm not the kind of person who prays, but I am making an exception for you. Thank you for taking a stance for the gay people of the world. We all love you very much and wish you the very best always. I was happy to see you laugh during your interview with Larry. Keep laughing, Tammy Faye. Love always...Lacy
Rebecca Peterson
(Houston, TX)
Tammy Faye, I watched your interview on Larry King, and wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to all of us...I know that your interview will touch so many lives, and plant lots of seeds...I will keep you in my prayers, God bless you, Tammy, and thank you for spreading your faith, and love, with the world, about our Lord and Savior, and what he has done for you, and what he and can do for others (if they just let him). In His Love, Rebecca
Holly Austin
(Pickerington, Ohio)
Dear Tammy,
I am a breast cancer survivor with four years clean. Struck with the affliction at age 34, I was fortunate to have a very early stage, no lymph node involvement and an excellent prognosis. Unfortunately, my Mother Marie, age 56 was dying from Mantle Cell Lymphoma, a very rare form of Non-Hodgkins that left her in a near vegetative state the night before her death. At the exact same time, My Grandmother, Elizabeth also had bone cancer. I was the only one that survived the cancer that struck my beloved family as I lost my mother and grandmother in succession and I lived to tell the story. I feel it is now God's will that I survived this horrible loss and fate so I could go on to touch other people's lives. I am a disc jockey at a radio station in Columbus, Ohio and I am doing commercials for the Wellness Community, have been asked to talk to other families and patients struggling with cancer, whether it be metastatic cancer or early stage and I feel that God has blessed me so richly that I am allowed to not only survive but touch other through my own experience.

I watched you on Larry King and my heart melted because you reminded me so much of my Mother and Grandmother just before their exits from this Earth and into the arms of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You were just like them, smiling, full of love, sheer love and so grateful for each breath, each bird that flew by, being able to see the sun each day and the grass getting green and hearing the sounds of our Earth that you have been walking on since 1942 upon your entrance into God's world.

I will tell you that upon my Mother's exit, it was sensational. I was with her at the time of her death and I will tell you that it was the most beautiful and incredible experience of my life to watch my Mother leave her body and go to eternal peace. Tears and mountains of tears were being shed by my husband Mike and my Aunt MaryAnn who were in the hospital room with her and me, but I talked to her as I put my hand on her heart and felt it slow to zero. I talked and talked to her until I knew she was with her Daddy and God. Although she was on life support, in a vegatative state, had no brain activity and her body was ravaged by sepsis K that took her life, when she heard my voice, her eyebrows raised and I know she knew it was me.

At her funeral, I quoted a line from the movie, "Steel Magnolia's" after Sally Field's Character Mylinn's daughter Shelby played by Julia Roberts dies in the film.

I said to all of our friends and family that quote which was "I realize as a woman how lucky I am. I was there when that magnificent creature walked into my life and I was there when she drifted out. It was the most precious moment of my life."

And it was. To share her death with her was like my birth being shared with her.

So Tammy, when you may have doubt or fear, Know that my heart, my prayers and my faith are with you and remember from me, Holly Austin, survivor, live-r, that you are Tammy, in your own write and will be remembered in my eyes as a Steel Magnolia.

In God's Love,

Holly Austin
(on Behalf of Marie Mascaro Dutchess
April 19,1947-August 24,2003
and Elizabeth Dutchess
October 12,1922-October 22,2005)
(Westminster CO)
Wishing you that one "feeling good" day.

Thank you for the role model you are to all of us. Your brave example reforces our faith and knowledge that there is a great plan and you are important to that Plan..
Love and prayers , Ann
Jeff McNabb
(Paradise Valley, AZ)
Dearest Servant Tammy,
God knows your secret longing,
He knows your silent tears,
And even within the shadows his hand is on your fears.
When your head is on your pillow in the wee hours past midnight. Just trust that God is with you somewhere within your room this night.
Watching never sleeping he tends your fragile care and in the quite hours a vigal keeping he breaths for you a prayer. Just trust him for the answers that a questioning heart can't give, for God hold your every tomorrow knowing your each today is his.
Thank you for bring others to our Savior Jesus Christ.
There's An Old Old Path....I'll see you there.
(brooklyn ny)
Dear Tammy You are amazingly strong! And an inspiration to all! Hopefully I'll see you in heaven. Keep up your positive attitude! God bless you!
Tom Zeller
(Falls Church, Va.)
Keep your STRONG FAITH because you have helped so many others and you will be rewardwd.
Hi Tammy! I saw you and your husband on Larry King. You still looked beautiful, because as you know the beauty comes from within and you have alot of it. If I could even take away your sickness just for one day, so you could have that burger and fries, I would. I believe when it is finally your time to go home to the Lord, he will make your throat and stomach feel well enough, for a time to have that burger and fry. Be as well as you can and embrace your family and friends. As always our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. Love ya
Rebecca Chalfin
(Sheridan, IN)
Dear Tammy, I have no words to express that could help you, I wish I could help you. I wish I could reach in and take all that nasty cancer out but I can't. I wished the same for my father who passed away 11 months ago to esophageal cancer, it also took away his ability to eat. I cannot imagine what you or he have gone through. I only wish you a miracle. Your interview on Larry King was awe inspiring to me, you are one strong woman Tammy. You have no idea how much I hate cancer and what it does to people and yes I do mean hate, I know it is a very strong word but I hate it, I hate it I hate it, I hate it. I hate what it is doing to you, what it did to my father and so many other people.
Love to you,
Rebecca Chalfin
(Mansfield, Texas)

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I look forward to meeting you in Heaven one day. Maybe we can share a hamburger and fries?

Best Wishes.
(Charleston SC)
My prayers are all for you today. Keep the faith and may God give you rest and comfort.
(Hyde Park, N.Y.)
Tammy, I saw your interview on Larry King and was so very sadened, and yet inspired by how WONDERFUL your attitude and spirits are.I was a young child back in the days of the PTL and those issues, so I don't remember any of that. I do remember you from VH1 Surreal Life, and I just absolutely ADORED(and still do) your kind spirit. It is my prayer that you continue to gain weight, that you get to eat that hamburger and fries and you spend nothing but the best of times with your family and friends. As someone said earlier, please make sure that your physicians treat your pain aggressively- there isn't any need to suffer any more than you have to. The more pain free you are, the more capability you'll have to enjoy these finer things in life. Don't be afraid- talk to your Dr.. I also believe the Lord provided us with everything we need to treat pain, and like you I have faith that the Lord even put the cure for cancer on this earth. We just need to find it ;-)
Tammy, God Bless you and your family. Please know how many of us are praying for you, and wishing you nothing but the very best. Be well friend...

(san diego, CA)
Hi Tammy!
I'm one of the many that discovered you via the Surreal Life. You impressed me so much with your grace, humor, class, your faith, your kindness, your loyalty to your friends. Your tact, your dignity. Your compassion.Your honesty. I could go on and on. I had a totally different idea of who you were after that.

Seeing you these days has been a little hard to watch because it's hard to see you suffer.
And yet you are such a source of inspiration and faith to others. This is what it looks like to see someone's soul
coming to the surface. You shine, radiate with light and love for others.
You are beautiful!
Thanks for letting us get to know you and for being so honest. My love and prayers for you :) xoxo

Hi Tammy
My name is Margaret Latter. I have followed you for many years. Many many years. I loved you then and Jim as you were married to him at that time but I love you even more today. You are beautiful, graceful, elegant,humorous, and loving. I pray for you and wish you well. I look forward to hearing you ate that hamburger and fries with lots of ketchup. One of my favorite meals too.When you do eat one make it a huge one ok ? And enjoy !!!
GOD bless you Tammy and I am thinking of you and praying for you daily.
Hugs & Kisses
Sara Lee
(Montrose, Pa)
Dear Tammy, I pray for you daily.. God prepares Heaven for his angels on earth. You are an angel, and don't EVER let go of that and GOD loves you. You are his child, to protect and look after in his way and in the hereafter. Love, Sara Lee
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