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(New York)
You were a wonderful person and with your kind and loving heart showed us all that we should just love each other and accept each other for who we are.
(Fort Worth, Texas)
Tammy, I know you are with God now and without pain or illness. I hope there was a hamburger with fries and lots of ketchup waiting for you when you arrived in Heaven. God Bess you and your family.
Barbara Curran
(Montgomery Creek Ca 96065)
I will see you in heaven. we will rejoice together and give praise to Jesus our Lord. Hole and with new spiritual body's that will never die or get sick or old. What a time we will have worshoping our Lord together. see you Tammy soon, your sister in Christ always

(Barbara with a smile).
Sharon "D"
(La Grange, Illinois)
RUN TO THE ROAR. . . . . . . . . . .
You are entertaining angels and the heavens have embraced a truly special and unique human being. You were loved and are missed.
The "death penalty" is something we all have and will have to face one day. Your final testimony was an example of strength and trust and love, and you stood up to the reality of mortality here as strong as I've ever seen anyone.
Braxton Pierce
(Wilmington North Carolina)
I just wanted to write and say how Tammy Faye really inspired my entire life, I first met her in the 80's at PTL and later while being the manager of the Marshalls Department Store in Matthews North Carolina. She was a wonderful down to earth person. She never not once when someone approached her would not stop and give them full attention and respect. She trully was a very down to earth person. I over the years have been so inspired by her so full of joy and unspeakable grace she showed to all. She will truly be missed. I now reside in Wilmington North Carolina with Marshalls and I know how she loved to come in and shop for hours with us and I am forever grateful for her time spent with us.
(Nashville TN)
My sincerest wishes for strength and comfort I send on the wings of prayers for Tammy Faye's family and friends. How difficult it must have been to say goodbye to such a sweet and beautiful creature. May the Lord bless and keep you near. It's glorious how God is continuing to use Tammy's testimony as a witness to His lovingkindness and good will toward us.
Lakeitha Rosemain
(Baton Rouge, LA)
Dear Tammy,

When I heard of your passing it was def defying. I was shocked--speechless I didn't know what to do. I didn't believe what the magazines said about you passing, but I know that God wanted you to be closer to him. I love you Tammy and always will.

Love Always and Forever,

Jelene Blanchard
(Mobile Alabama)
Icried tonight when I saw a rerun of your season on Surreal Life. I was a teenager when the whole Jim Baker thing went on. I couldn't help but to associate you with him and all of his lies. However, getting to see the real you on Surreal Life was all it took for me to know in my heart that you had NOTHING to do with that ptl and Jim Baker stuff. You are a jewel, and such a sweet, lovely person. I saw you on Larry King and I was touched how in all your pain, just 2 days before you passed on that you were positive, smiling, and such a wonderful inspiration for all of those that watched. Your are the bravest woman I have ever known. My husband and I talked about you alot tonight and laughed with you during that episode of Surreal Life. I cried a little more when I thought of your children and how much they are gonna miss their wonderful mom. Your the best Tammy. Rest in Peace sweet lady. I will remember your courage and messages for the rest of my life. I doubt you ever got to have that hamburger, fries, and extra ketchup you craved so badily. So the next time I get a burger and fries. Im gonna tie the bag to a bunch of helium baloons and set it off high in the air. Hopefully it will make it to heaven. I'll even send extra ketchup. Love you Tammy. I hope to see you in the big sky one day
Jelene Blanchard
Thank you for pointing out the reality that one did not have to attend church every sunday in order to have faith and be christian. God Bless You~
To be honest I hardly got to see you televison but when I did I always remember being an upbeat person. It broke my heart to see you on CNN with Larry looking so ill. I just hope you know I prayed for you last night. I hope your in heaven. Much love from me and the rest of the world.
Martyn Smith
(Dallas, Texas)
What an example Tammy Faye was! What an inspiration she will always be! The world has truly lost a shining star!
When I saw your last appearance on Larry King I felt like saying out loud: "I knew you were real all along." We'll never know how hard it was for you
to get "cleaned up" once a day, but you said it was
important to you. You were the same funny and believing person with cancer or without cancer so it made me realize HOW sincere you were in your belliefs. Despite the very sad times you endured, you had a good life and I think that quiet last husband you had was like a good, quiet angel for
you. Roe, I know you are heartbroken. Don't
feel guilty if and when you return to the life of
the living. Surely you can believe that you were
an excellent husband and you will meet Tammy
David Dean Phillips
(Antioch, Ca)
Thank you for showing us all how to walk in Christ, Jesus took you home now an I know you are so happy God bless for you were a living example of how we should treat one another.
Linda H.
I will miss you Tammy, but know you are at peace and pain free. Love You
(Encino, Calif.)
Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are such a great example of love and courage, that I will hold dear. I love you Tammy Faye.
(Orlando, Fl)
I grew up as a kid with my parents watching PTL. She encouraged & always loved to minister to everyone including those who were not always favored by the church. I believe Tammy was one of those people God sent to the earth to show us what real love looked like. I was on I-Drive one Sunday in the Olive Garden talking with a friend when all of a sudden through the bushes behind me I heard Tammy's laugh. She had a very distint laugh to her. When I heard it I immediately got up & ran over to hug her. She was just like your neighbor whom you have not seen in awhile. She will be missed but maybe, just maybe someone will pick up where she left off. Ministering the Gospel with love to those who desprately want to hear it. Without predudice, without name calling, without hate. Just the simple message Jesus spoke of...His love & undying mercy to us all. The Lord must have hugged you especially tight Tammy when you entered heaven. Your love never failed for Him & now your job is over.
You are no longer in our present Tammy but you are now in our future. Go rest with Jesus now....
Abbey Mackenzie
(Washington, DC)
Tammy, I was a PTL partner & donated the $1,000. My family & I visited Heritage once & had a great time. We saw Tammy Sue in concert & waved at you in your limo. We even volunteered to answer the phones. I was heart broken when it all closed down.
Tammy, you were a person easy to make fun of, but easier to love. I saw you on The Surreal Life...they fell in love with you & you were never judgemental or critical of others. What a precious woman you were!
I know you have found your peace with God. You have left behind wonderful memories.

Terry Birkes
(Tulsa, Ok)
I know now that she is truly able to spread her wings and bring her love to all of this is earth.
A Angel has gotten its wings and flies!
pat basom
(camp hill pa)
hi sweetheart, you have received your reward now the coolest w/Jesus. i miss u the kids grew up w/u and the puppets u inspired me to do puppets at our church in the 70's. your beautiful smile will be passed on by me when i get the chances. His light shined through u every minit. u were such a funball! i saw u on larry king thank u for the beautiful message. now i ask u to help me, especially to carry on your smile the one who loved JESUS soooooo much. JESUS BE W/ U ROE JESUS LUV PAT
Brenda Sutcliffe
(Belmont, N.C.)
To Mr. Messner,
You are in our thoughts and prayers as you mourn the loss of your sole mate. It is so evident that the love you have for Tammy is and was so special. God bless you and your entire family.
tammy you are the reason im doing a projrct on you .... i love you and i charish the bits and peices of you....
<3 xoxoooxooxooxo i love you you are beautiful xoxoxo
(Austin, Tx)
What a treasure you were. What a loving example of Christ you set. My prayers to Roe, Tammy Sue and Jamie. God is in the midst of it all.
What a powerful lady! I most likely would have not got into the mininstry if it had not be by the effect this power gal had on me and my life. Glad to say I knew her! richard boggs . com
(North Port, FL)
My prayers are with the family in their loss. We visited PTL several times and our children, when they were small stayed there with their grandparents. They have wonderful memories of PTL. In memory of Tammy Faye I made her recipe for creamed tuna with peas last night and I am also going to make her recipe for peanut butter ice cream pie this week. These were 2 recipes I got from her on TV many years ago and were always big hits with my family, especially the peanut buter ice cream pie. My prayers go out to Jamie Charles and Tammy Sue.
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