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Lynette Yisrael
(Tacoma, WA)

God shines in you as His love pours through you. Your ability to love people who are society's rejects mirrors the love Jesus manifested when He walked on earth. Your ministry and life have been an inspiration to me and many others. Please consider putting some of your older cassette tape messages on CDs. In particular, I remember an old tape of you ministering in a jail that would be nice to have on a CD. God bless you always.
Linda Roberts
(Hannibal, MO)
My Dearest Tammy,
You are such an inspiration to me. When I saw you on Larry King you made me laugh and you made me cry.
I am in chronic pain and I am so ashamed of myself for not handling it better. Sometimes I get mad at God and get so discouraged. From now on, I am going to think of you and your unshakable faith when I in in a lot of pain. I will pray for you and your family and then end of each prayer I'll say, "God, please make me more like Tammy Faye." I cannot say how very much I admire you!
Welcome to Missouri! It's a beautiful place to be. Get well, my friend.
Linda Roberts
Dearest Tammy:
Thank you for being an example of how to handle difficult situation - especially those that relate to the Christian world. You pulled yourself out of darkness by grabbing hold of the hand of Jesus! Your love relationship with the Lord is so touching to the heart of God! Did you know that you are the darling of HIS heart! You have a special place in the hearts of those who have had similiar experiences with churches. We are bless by your example of the scripture that "He will never leave nor forsake us". Hang on tight to the hem of HIS garment! We'll meet on the other side! IN HIS GRIP!
Kat;hy K
While you were on Larry King Show in July of 2007, you have inspired me as well as millions of other people with your true faith in the Lord and you concern for other people to have peace, love, and for them to want to continue to follow the Lord each and every day, for he is our Divine Master, in Jesus name, Father Of Us All. May God continue to bless you and your family, for you have blest me in many ways Tammy. In His Love Kathy K
(Davie, Florida)
You are the amazing power and strength of our dear Lord. You are fully his instrument and my heart goes out to you and loved ones. God Bless You!
Pat Gutches
(Beach Haven Park, NJ)
Hi Tammy,

Saw you on Larry King Show the other night. All I want to say is:

Your wonderful smile showed me the beauty of your soul and God within. Bless you.
Lynda Herrera
(La Mirada, Ca.)
Dearest Tammy,

It was wonderful to see how strong you are. Your strenght and beauty should not be hidden from the world becasue of an illness. My own beautiful mother had ovarian cancer and remained strong an beautiful to the end. You reminded me so much of my beautiful sweet mother when I saw you on Larry King. I will pray for you daily, and remember to keep smiling. You are a ray of sunshine and an inspiration for others!

Love you,

Lynda Herrera
nancy thomas
(detroit mich)
hi tammy, we call you healed in jesus name & love never fails!!!the sun shall shine again & i know it"s never gone out in your heart.your life is special & you have made a difference just being here!!!we trust you will be here much, much longer!!also there is a place in kansas city where there is a prayer & praise service 24/7 you can websream it!!ihop(international house of prayer)this has gone on for 8 years nonstop,i know this will help you if you can just listen!!you have sung & prayed for us all these years let others do that for you now!!! we love you!!! & you are blessed!!
your sister in christ nancy
lori vitale
(pitsburgh pa)
Your message is so pure and simple as I read your last letter (july 16th) It has given me hope and inspiration. God bless you and your family and friends, you are all in my prayers. Love, lori
Hi Tammy,
I had no clue you were this sick. I know the same God and Jesus you know. I believe in complete healing too. I know that your faith has moved mountain. I wish I could see more christian walk the walk and talk the talk. I pray in the name of Jesus for complete healing what ever you want Jesus and what you call complete Lord Let it be. I rebuke the spirit of fear on anyone that may come around her. May God have his way in all of our lives. Help us to surrender to his perfect will. I love you and when I saw you and your statement of faith, finally a true believer. thank you, do not forget the small beginning they are like seed that will bring the rain. love you so much virginia.
( Canada)
I am a prayer volunteer for Guideposts.
I received a request for prayer for you.
I know prayer can accomplish miracles.
God Bless, every step of your journey, with sttength, courage, and the support of millions who love you.
desta blasius
(sandusky ohio)
tammy, my prayers are with you, you our such a strong women and i know god is going to bless you now and keep his angels around you.
Anna R
(Los Angeles, CA)

I have been going through some hard times where I feel so alone as if I am the only one suffering. I pray constantly for the strength to ensure. Just when it seems too much I see you on Larry King and feel such encouragement. You are such inspiration more than you could even know. I will stay strong to try to be an example for others too. You are much loved by so many because you are honest and true. That is so rare these days and such a treasure. Your smile radiates God's spirit is so strong in you.

Much love and prayers, Anna R
(Houston, Texas)
You are a beautiful, divine soul. Being selfish, I wish you would never leave this earth. It will be a much darker and sadder place without you.

I watched you on Surreal Life and fell in love. You are the epitomy of what a christian should be: full of love and without judgement.

I still believe in miracles and divine intervention... WE need you and WE deserve you but I hope you don't suffer needlessly in pain.

Take care of yourself Tammy Faye!!!

I love you and the world LOVES you!

You have such a pure, beautiful soul.
sharon warren
(irving texas)
hi tammy, just wanted to say hope you are feeling a bit better. i wanted to watch you on larry king but it was too sad for me. it brought tears to my eyes to see how much weight you have lost. i know i have lost so much weight in such a short time, i weighted 150 a year ago now i am down to 93lbs. i have no appetiate to eat. but any way i want to say how beautiful you are and so brave. all things are possiable with god. please let me know if ther is anything i can do to help. i don't have money, but maybe some other way. i would love to be able to email you sometimes if you would let me. tell me where i can send them and do you get a chance to read the emails. i know how tiring it is to try and read alot when you are sick. but remember you are loved very much and have a lot of friends. get well soon i will keep you in my prayers, god bless you love sharon.
The Walker Family
Dear Tammy,
I just want to send LOTS of hugs & kisses your way and let you know our family is thinking about you and pray that you feel better. You are a VERY courageous woman that handles with grace everything that comes your way. I don't ever remember a time seeing you on shows or the news where that big smile doesn't shine through. You really give people the courage that no matter what they are facing in life, to live it to the fullest no matter what and to always put your faith in the Lord. We love you Tammy and God Bless.
Tyler Freeny
(Edmond, Ok)
I pray God's mighty hand would be on you now. That the healing power would flow through and all around you, giving you peace and comfort. I plead the blood of Jesus over your home and loved ones at this time. Many are praying for a miracle for you, not only for healing, but to show God's mighty saving grace and His power to the world. You are a faithful servant and one I look up to. I hope I have the strength, one day, that you have shown and had through this trying time. Bless you, precious one. Rest easy and give it to Him daily.
(Cupertino, CA )
Dear Tammy:
God Bless you! You are such an inspiration. I have been thinking of you
so much lately - and then I saw you on Larry King Live and thought about when Pope John Paul died and they said that he taught us not only how to live - but how to die. This came back to me while watching you. Your walk with God brought
tears to my heart - tears of sadness yet
such a feeling of awe at the depth of your faith. How proud God must be of you - you are such a testimony for Him. As has also been said - the greatest sermons are never spoken. How true! You live what you believe - and that is what touches so many hearts and souls.I also related to what you said about leaving your childern - for
I have been a single parent for years and that has always been a deep
concern - yet hopefully by your example and the faith that you have blessed them with will give your childrfen strength and comfort - until you all meet again in heaven.
I do have to say - in ending this - that I would not be at all surrpised if God performed a miracle with you..... and you continued to live a healthy, happpy life for many years to come.

God Bless You, Tammy and thank you for being such an inspiration.

May we meet in heaven someday.
(Evansville IN)
I saw you on tv the other night. You remind me so much of my mother. She had ovarion cancer. She could not eat either. I know having your daughter there is a blessing. I tried to help my mother all I could. I am a only daughter and losing her was so very hard for me. I see the same faith in you. God has some very special people. We are praying for you and when you get that hamburger we would love to share it with you. You inspire many people god bless you and your family
I wish you the very best in your fight. My prayers are with you.
Rhonda Lorelle
(San Diego)
You are still beautiful inside and out.
Lisa Kaiser
(Scottsdale Arizona)
Dear Tammy,
I hope this finds you with much determination still within you. You are an inspiration to many. My reason for writing is to perhaps offer you more hope. I have never been one to accept a doctor's diagnosis of "I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do." If you will allow me, I would like to put you in touch with some ND's and the best doctors in the world who are also a part of the Knights of the Hospitaller. They have documented studies and cases of where they are killing cancer off many people. I do not believe cancer needs to take one's life. Cancer, as any illness is a result of other things. I truly believe you will want to be in contact with these doctors.. again, they practice natural healing. No surgery, no chemo, nothing that will give side affect, but merely kill the cancer cells through simple methods. There is a clinic and hospital being built in AZ that will be filled with doctors who believe in this theory and who are willing to integrate this with conventional medicine. Please contact me as soon as you can. Give them the opportunity to try to help you and get your hamburger you so want to be able to have!
(San Diego, California)
You are a brave and beautiful woman. My prayers are with you. May God Bless you in your hour of need. Be strong Tammy...we love you!!!
(Columbus Ohio)
Tammy: Thank you SO MUCH for doing the interview with Larry King. I can't explain how that touched, just the fact that you were REAL! Your faith Is REAL! And you are sharing your faith with everyone. . .and letting us know that it's not always easy! Too many times, "we" (the general public) only see the peaches and cream of faith and feel like we can't even measure up to that. You are showing us REAL FAITH and living it out in front of us! THANK YOU! May God continue to use you in such powerful ways that you will never understand until you see it from Heaven!
Gwen Browers
(Decatur, Arkansas)
Dear Tammy,
Just a note to say that I am praying for you and your family. I know that times are really hard for you with the pain and nausea and just the activities of daily living, but through it all, your faith is what keeps you going, and I totally understand that. When you appeared on the Larry King show, your appearance was a witness to God and your testimony is a very powerful one. Keep your faith strong and as you said, "God is in control." Hope you get the burgers and fries soon.
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