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(lake orion,michigan)
i,personally,never followed you on tv, but i want to wish you all the best.
God will take care of you.Satan will not get the victory
Dear Tammy Faye,
I watched your interview and heard you say you are always in pain. Please, please, please know that it should be possible to treat your pain aggressively. Of course, I don't know how your pain is being treated or your personal beliefs about pain. I'm a pharmacist in a hospital and I know that people often are afraid of taking too much pain medicine or feel some stigma with it.

God made morphine and the places for it to work in our brains for a reason. I think of morphine as one of God's greatest gifts to humanity.

Pain is often not treated the way it can be for many reasons. I realized that talking to the TV doesn't work so felt the need to write to you.

I've been touched by your life journey-
Have a peaceful and happy transition to the next stage of life.
Tammy, I saw you on the Surreal life. You were such a sweet woman on that show. You seem so genuinely kind and caring, and that's hard to come by. I wish you the best, and hope your thoughts remain positive. You'll always be remembered for how good of a person you are.
Mrs. Scarlett Rucker-Misikir
(Duncanville, Texas)
Dear Tammy, I saw your interview with Larry King the other day. As far as the hamburger, fries with ketchup, have your doctor prescribe you some Megase also called Megastrol. It will have you eating everyone out of house and home, no really! A lady with a brain tumor recommended it to me when my throat closed up due to the chemo regiment I was on. I lost a bunch of weight too and I tell you she was right! So tell you doctor TODAY to order you some and you will be able to eat that hamburger, fries with lots of ketchup! Listen, those who called into the Larry King show and asked when are you going to die are ghouls, how dare they! Do they not know? Have they not heard? GOD IS IN CONTROL! I had stage three ovarian cancer and died twice, but by the grace of God, St. Gabriel's intervention and the prayers of the saints, I am well today. I was mad as a wet hen when people tried to kill me off with their stupid comments so they could have the drama of a funeral. Pah and pah again I say! I understand what you mean by not being able to get comfortable, it is hard I know, everyday is a challenge to just find that comfortable place where you can just say….Ah. Just know Tammy, you have the victory, you are special and share in the glory of our Lord and risen Savior Jesus Christ. God the Father and the Holy Spirit carry you and keep you always. I love you and encourage you and lift prayers up on your behalf. All the best, Mrs. Scarlett Rucker-Misikir
(Norman, OK)
Tammy Faye,
I grew up seeing you on television, and listening to my grandmother and mother talk about you with such love and admiration. I have loved seeing you through the years pop up on television, with the spark and life you bring to everything you do. Your life is truly an inspiration. You have touched more lives, even still, then there are stars in the sky. What a blessing you are. Watching your strength even as you battle cancer has given me a renewal of faith. Your heart and your spirit are so genuine and true. Our dearest Tammy Faye, you have been and continue to be an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. I am praying for you, your family...and that you will get to eat that much longed for hamburger with fries and ketchup. With best wishes, peace and love,
Carol R
(Carrollton TX)
Tammy, When I became a Christian twenty some years ago, I lived in an area of the country that had very little christian programming. Your show on PTL was ALL I could get. I was craving understanding God's nature. Your show and Proverb's was the only thing that meant any sense in those days. I have grown alot since then but I always have loved seeing you and have even read a couple of your books. I know God is pleased that you have done your job well. You have been a faithfull servant throughout it all. May God bless you and your family forever.
I watched you on Larry King, and although you have always been an inspiration to me because of your truely unyielding faith,Your message of faith and love was received by millions. Thank you
You are an awesome witness - thank you
(elkton va)
You are an inspiration to everone. Your faith shows. I pray for you to have a total healing. God Bless You!!
Peggy G
Dear Tammy,

I love you, Tammy. You are a blessing. Who could help but not love you. You are caring and nonjudgemental. You give hope to the hurting. You have truly walked as the Lord would have you walk. Now you are hurting. May God ease your pain and give you comfort.

Don't lose that twinkle in your eyes. It's what makes you Tammy.

With my arms around you,
Peggy G.
Bonnie Cribben
(Plymouth, MA)
Dear Tammy, you have a heart as Big as Heaven, and you are a Blessing to the Whole world! You are in my family's hearts and prayers and smiles. sincerely, Bonnie
Tammy You are and continue to be an Inspiration to all......May God take you in his arms and bless you.... When you arrive at his right hand, there will be no more pain, and That Hamburger with Ketchup and Fries will be waiting........Just know that you left us better off for knowing you. We love you and still pray for a miracle.........
I love you Tammy Faye. Once upon a time I credit you for saving my life with a prayer and a song. You helped me find the strength to go on and to raise a son and know that God loves me no matter what. Now I wish I could help you - so my love and prayers are coming to you. God bless you and keep you in His loving care. I thank Him for you.
Sandy Templin
(McKinney Texas)
May God allow you to eat that hamburger and keep it down Tammy, and continue to be able to eat as many hamburgers as you desire. Thanks for your beautiful spirit. I am amazed at your continual positive spirit. Thanks for being the teacher; comforter; non-judgemental individual you are.


(Columbus, Ohio)
WOW!!! That is all I can say about you. I really don't know much about you. I have just followed your story since your Cancer(CURE) fight started. From one woman to another I thank God for you. From your LASHES to your SMILE I can see the lord using you in every area. For the many people you have helped along the way, your reward is so much greater in Heaven. I am praying for Gods will to be done in your life, and for a smooth Transition for us, to HOME.
(Brownstown, Mi)
Dear Tammy Faye, I watched Larry King the other night and saw your interview. I want to say I have always liked you and your funny ways and truthfulness. I admire your faith in the Lord and know he has a place in your honor awaiting you. I want to say I think you have great dignity and a desire to spread joy and kindness to all people and remind them the Lord is always with you even when your life is not all perfect and happy. The strength to go on comes from the Lord in your trying times, as well as when times are good. I cried when I saw you on TV. It is sad but I feel your faith is so strong you know there is a better place awaiting you. I hope to see and meet you one day there. Keeping you in my prayers. Linda
My prayers are going out to you right this very moment. May God wrap his arms around you and give you all the comfort you need.
Tina Piatt
(East Liverpool, Oh)
God has Blessed us with such a Godly example of what a Woman of faith and power lives like. You have remained steadfast and my mom and I are praying for HIS healing power to work mightily in your body to affect a healing and a cure! Can't wait to hear when you have that burger and fries!!!
hi i watched you on larry king, and you are amazing. i believe you are fighting this maybe not medically but you have such inner strength , i would have gave up a long time ago, but you are a tough lady you may not feel like it sometimes. but i want you to know that you are a wonderful lady . i always wonder why god lets bad stuff happen to good people and the bad people keep on going with nothing like this happening to them. god bless you .
Delilah Raymond
(Birmingham, Al)
You brought me great joy with your TV program in a time that I was very low.
Thank you.
One of my favorite gospel songs is
'Through the Fire" by The Crabb Family. The lyrics speak so eloquently..."He never promised, that the cross would not get heavy, or the hill would not be hard to climb. He never offered our victories without fighting, but He said help would always come in time. Just remember when your standing in the valley of decision and the advesary says give in, just hold on our Lord will show up, and take He will take you through the fire again." He WILL take you through the fire Tammy,"For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." Romans 8:18
I pray for your peace and healing, your spirit has remained eternally strong it humbles me...Jackie
(Bloomfield, CT)
Bless you, Tammy. I am not a religious person, but am deeply spiritual. I have always admired your faith and acceptance of all of God's children. You truly embody Christian values, and I wish that others could follow your example of love and tolerance.

My best friend died of AIDS in March 2006. When I saw you on TV visiting people living with AIDS even while you yourslef were dealing with your own illness, I was so touched.

Bless you, Tammy. I will be sending you healing energy and loving thoughts.
(Chicago, IL)
Stay strong with your spirit, Tammy. We are all praying for your pain to go away. Your faith will take you straight to heaven. Lean on your family, friends, and fans love to get you through this.

God bless and comfort you.
TammyFaye.. I have watched you be strong in the Lord for so many years.. Nothing is impossible with the I will watch for the good report of your healing.. God bless you sister!
God is waiting, when you areready his strength is within you. God bless you for being human, showing us all how to have dignity and touching us all in one way or another. I'm sure Ron Jermey is having a difficult time with this. Go be the angel you are destined to be.
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