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Queensley Felix
(Houston tx)
HI Angel just checking on yea...I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS!
(Amite, La.)
Your such a gracious lady, as I watched Larry King this week with you and your husband there, I couldn't help but admire your grace and dignity, and courage. Of course I had to pray then and there for you. Keep up that witness. God bless and strengthen you daily and your family.
Calvin Willbanks
(Whitehouse, TX)
Would like to say I feel the interview is especially important for me because I, too, am surrounded by many keeners (by certain definition: ones who deeply wail for another), including probably my closest friend by the last name of Keener! I don't think I've hoped more that my thankfulness and faith would as easily, obviously show as that of what I observe in the eyes, facial expressions, gestures that communicate very much more than the words. "In other words," indeed one loves another so very much.
Tracy Guller
(San Antonio Texas)
You are a beautiful person, I am praying for you =). I want you to get to eat your hamburger =). I am so sorry you are going through this, God Bless you =)
johnny hardeman
(houston, texas)
hi mrs. tammy faye!!! i just wanted to let you know that i have been following you for years. i thank GOD for your story, because it encourages me in my walk with the LORD. i also just want to let you know that your favorite scripture romans 8:28 is now my favorite one. my family and i send our love truly. keep your head up and know that we are praying for you.
(Mobile, Alabama)
Tammy I watched you on Larry King last night. What courage! What a testimony! I think you helped millions last night! You are without a doubt the strongest woman I have ever known. You have helped strengthen my faith. Keep on living Tammy!
(Kansas City MO)
Bless your dear heart for your bravery and witness on Larry King. As sick and in pain as you are you still "dolled up" and I love that. We'll know your spirit in heaven by those eyelashes. You have inspired so many, Tammy. Rest in the Lord, beautiful lady.
Heidi N.
(Sioux Falls, SD)
TF - you are an inspiration to so many. When I saw you on the Sureal Life at the book signing and you "preached" it was so inspiring and I was truly awed and impressed with the person that you are. You are REAL. God does have His arms wrapped around you...and his angels are close by supporting you. You have shown that life isn't fair but with FAITH all things are possible!! Prayers and strength to you!!
Tammy Faye You are an inspiration to everyone and your bravery in doing the Larry King interview is remarkable. But then you are a remarkable woman and a courageous soul. God couldn't have a better spokesperson and my prayer is that you will be here for many years , still telling us all about God and teaching us the true meaning of love. God bless and keep you.
Andrea Lewis
(Morganton, NC)
God bless you, Tammy. You are such an inspiration to me. Through everything you've been through, your faith has carried you and I love that. You are beautiful! An angel here on earth and beyond. I send you my prayers and I thank you for yours. In Christ Alone!
My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are beautiful in mind, body, spirit and soul!
(New York City)
Good thoughts and prayers for you always.
Debbie McDonald
(Anchorage, Alaska)
Tammy, you Jim and Oklahoma made such a difference in my life. I do wish we could have had the heaven on earth like you both had planned. I can really understand falling under the pressure, unfortunately. I'm sorry life gave you so, so much heartache. I know initially your heart was in the right place. As you helped bring my heart to the right place initially. I love you Tammy. I do not think you are perfect and me either. I don't think you really went out of your way to hurt anyone and I think God knows that too.

Seriously what I hope that happens is Jesus runs up and hugs you with his whole heart and instantly reveals a release to you from the feelings of being responsible for everybody on earth/every aspect/decision to accept God.

I hope he say's: "Tammy you are released from having to try to explain/justify/show/live every minute of every day faith and strength regardless of how truly awful things can get, I love you".

Thank you for showing me God Tammy, I know you are not perfect - an neither am I. You certainly did show me the path to peace. And I wish you nothing but God's hugs and peace now. I love you Tammy, thank you for standing up and being such a strong woman in the midst of what I consider a hell on earth. You are one of my shining stars, you touched my heart for my entire existence. God bless you for that.
(Willits, CA)
Abide in love. Your eyes inspire me
(North Carolina)
God bless you Tammy Faye. You are an inspiration to me.
Tammy, you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you always.
(Leesburg Fl)
I am so sorry that you have to suffer with this terrible disease. I know that the Lord has a plan for you and whatever it is we know it will be a good plan. You are such an inspiation to others you have such strength and the Love of the Lord shines all over you. Your a beautiful person inside and out. I am praying for you.
God Bless You

If I ever have to face anything like this I pray that I can do it with the grace and strength that you have shown.
Diana Jacques
(Dover, N.H.)
Dearest Tammy Faye-You are loved and I am thinking about you and praying for you. You are an inspiration to all as you continue to hold fast to your faith and trust your life into the hands of the almighty Lord. You have always been a blessing to me in my life and I always loved listening to you sing on PTL-your songs touched my heart-don't give up on the brink of a miracle-God's not through blessing you! May God hold you in the palm of His hand-thank you for your dedication and committment and for caring for others-I know you have peace and joy in the Lord and that is your wish for others-I can't tahnk you enough-sending much love and prayers to you from your sister-All my love and God's blessings for health.
(Tyler, Texas)
Tammy, for many years, I've considered myself a friend to you. Every time I've seen you on tv over the years, you've made me smile and feel good. I know you've been through so much, are going through so much, and I ask God to reach out and comfort you by holding you close in His arms.

You are a dear, and I pray for you and love you as a friend loves another friend. Please know that you stay in my thoughts and prayers always.

May God help you to hold on to your special peace amid your pain; and no matter what your future on this earth holds, may you always know you do have genuine friends who care and wish you only the very best days ahead.
(Los Angeles)
Tammy you have been a true inspiration for many, many people. You have changed many lives for the better. You're a true angel here on earth. God has seen all the wonderful ways in which you have loved people, and will reward you tenfold. The day you arrive at our kingdom, it's going to be a day of rejoice, because you will have your wings!!! God Bless you always.
Paula Baker
(Anniston, Alabama)
Tammy, It just want to let you know that years ago the Lord used you to save my life. I used to watch PTL and one day my husband said he wanted a divorce. I had decided to kill myself and all three of my kids but PTL came on and you said "God loves you just the way you are". I clung to your music and your show and made it through. I have told so many people this but I didnt want to miss the opportunity to tell you. God is good and his mercy endures forever. I will never see you here on earth but I am looking forward to seeing you in heaven. There is a crown waiting for you. May God bless you. Paula Baker
(Sacramento, CA)
Dearest Tammy FAye,
I cannot tell you what an inspiration you ahve been to me and how you have increased my faith over the years. Your love is truly a divine love. Each time I see you, whether on the Surreal Life or on Larry King, you are the living example of the unconditional love and joy of Jesus Christ. You and your example in so many situations, has brought me closer to the Lord. What else is there, Tammy, but Jesus's Love. I just thank you so much for being the living embodiment of Jesus's love, acceptance and forgiveness. You have made Him real for me through the beauty of how you live your life, in sickness and in health. I love you, Tammy Faye.
Tammy, I watched your interview w/ Larry King and you are the most inspirational person in the world!! I pray for you and your family . One day one prayer at a time !!
martha Couch
(Lily, Kentucky)
Tammy, I've always loved and admired you. Sometimes we don't understand what is going on, but as you said, We're in Gods hands anyway. I don't have cancer, but I do have Lupus. And sometimes just getting out of bed is a challange. My prayers are with you. My dad preached the gospel for 25 years. But he died a young man at the age of 57 with a heart attack. When you get to Heaven, look him up. His name is Herbert Gibson. Tell him I love and miss him daily. Just as I do you. And I will see you both in Heaven someday.
With Love and Prayers,
Martha Couch
Lily, ky.
C ory H.
(San Diego)
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