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Carolyn Mason
(N Versailles, PA)
I believe you are already healed. Tammy, you are a true reflection of beauty and dont ever change
JR Saldivar
(Houston, TX)
God Bless you Sweetie and I hope to have a place in Heaven where I can catch a glimpse of you once in a while.

Love you soooo much, JR Saldivar and Family in Houston
(South Carolina)
Beams and healing thoughts out to you, Tammy Faye.
Domenic Gerry
(Vancouver B.C)
Tammy your the greatest hun! i'm a 20 year old man from Canada you have touched my life and everyone else's.. I got to know and love you watching the Surreal Life.. I was watching my Marilyn Manson dvd the other day and i saw you and him in a photo shoot you really are and were a super down to earth woman! any ways my dear keep smiling you are absolutly georgous and i would be more than happy to come over and bbq up a few hamburgers! I love you to death

- DOm
(Indianapolis, IN)
Dear Sweet Tammy
I have grown up with your name in the tabloids and news. As someone who was gay and had a bad opinion of organized religion, I just saw you as a "joke". Then I saw you on "The Surreal Life" and saw someone who I personally think the Lord would be proud of. You are a positive, non-judgemental, and hysterically funny person who does whatever you can to spread love an joy. I had heard you had cancer, but did not realize just how serious the situation was until I saw the Larry King Interview. As a smoker, as a gay man, as a Christian, and as a human being, I want to only wish you peace and relief from your pain. You are an inspiration, and your bravery will not be forgotten. You are a true Heroine and long after you eat your next plate of fries drenched in ketchup, your Humanity is what people will remember. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the "lashes" and most of all, for showing me that you should never judge someone on one portion of their life. Look at the hwole package. And that is what you are, the whole package.
God Bless you and God Speed to peace and comfort in what ever form it comes in. Do not fear. You are surrounded by love.
Linda Awww TAMMY!! (((HUGS))) My prayers are with you.
(Jackson, Tennessee)
When I saw you on Larry king yesterday, quite simply, it broke my heart. I hope and pray that soon you'll be able to eat that burger and fries (with plenty of ketchup!) that you so wish for. If God truly does work miracles, you deserve a thousand. Throughout this hard time, you've remained so positive and upbeat despite your struggles, and I admire that in you. You're truly a wonderful woman, and I hope that you feel better soon. You are in my prayers. Best wishes, God bless.
(Laguna Woods, CA)
Dear Tammy,

I watched you on Larry King the other day. You are very courageous. I wish we could take away your pain and make you well. May God Bless you.
Ali D
(Gilbert, AZ)
God Bless you Tammy,I have seen how far you have come in life and grown spiritual over the years. You have given me hope and may you fully recover.Blesed Be Blessed Be Always. Amen
(Manchester, CT)
Dear Tammy, I saw you on the news last night & I just want to say, you are the strongest, & most inspirational person, I have seen in a long while... We all love you and keep on praying for you...I hope you enjoy that hamburger, (One of my favorite foods too! God Bless you...
(Fontana, California)
I will pray for your better health and your wish for a hamburger one day. You sent a letter and prayers to my brother during his incarceration back in 1990 (CA. State Capitol sting) which really lifted his spirits at a difficult time. We will do the same for you now Tammy. God Bless You!
(Vancouver B.C.)
You live with such grace and courge. It is an inspiration. The lord loves you so much and I believe has chosen you to be an example to others. With pain comes absolution. You have proven yourself to be true in the most "true" sense. My prayers are with you every day. A cold cloth on the back helps with the naseua.
(Irvine, CA)
Dear Tammy,

The entire Country is praying for your recovery. You are an inspiration to people who are sick and also to our fellow Christians. Although you have been very ill, I believe God has provided a forum, through your circumstances and illness, for you to communicate strength and redemption to all of us. I pray that God will hold your hand and help you through the following days, and I pray for you every night.

God Bless you for your goods works, deeds and commitment to our Lord. Thank you Tammy for your bravery. Try and at least have 2 bites of a cheeseburger - it might make you stronger.

God Bless you,
(Vancouver, B.C.)
You are an inspiration to everyone..Keep up the fight and faith
Tammy you are a great person. I've watched you on PTL in the 80's and I saw you at COD Street Fair buying a hat and you were so kind to talk to us. I've always admired you and wish you the best. You are so strong and faithful. I know GOD has a special place for you because you are SPECIAL!
God bless you.
(R.L., Illinois)
Tammy,you have brought so much joy in my life and I want to thank you so much for that. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Carol Wiencek
(Blytheville, Arkansas)
Keep fighting the good fight. You are such an inspiration to so many. You have touched so many lives in a wonderful way. May God keep his arm around you. You are in my prayers. God Bless. Love, Carol
(Puebla, México)
Tammy, you're truly an example of kindness. My prayers are with you.
Sheila Smith
(Los Angeles, Calif.)
You are such a brave soul. God bless you and your family. My prayers are with you.
Tim Ranow
(Los Angeles, CA)
You are such an amazing person! I hope you can feel all of this love we're sending you Tammy Faye. God bless you! You rock!
Love, Tim Ranow
Reatha Landers
(Fort Worth, Texas)
Dear Tammy
I just heard about your health problems yesterday and it broke my heart. I knew that I hadn't seen you in the public eye in a long time, but I would have never imagined the pain that you are going through. I am not a real spiritual person, but I do not understand how this can happen to someone that has always proven her love for the Lord and her belief in him? Life is so mysterious and unfair so often. I watch Joel Osteen on television and he speaks of his mother that survived cancer often on his program. I pray that your faith will get you through as his mothers did. My heart is with you Tammy.
susanna feinberg
(marietta, ga)
God Bless you, you are dearly an inspiration. My mother died 12 years ago of colon cancer and after seeing you on Larry King I believe that if my dad, her husband, was 110% behind her she would have lived longer. God bless you and your wonderful husband! You are truly an inspiration to me who is 37 years old. Thank you for doing the Larry King show.
Carla Jones
(Savannah GA)
On 7-20-2007, I was at my mom's house and I saw you on tv and couldn't do anything but scream! I began to cry and shake uncontrollably when I saw you because I had no idea that you were ill. I remember seeing you on tv alot when I was younger and also seeing you on the surreal life. Even though I don't know you personally I know you are a highly respected woman of the Cloth and you are a very humble person. You seem to always be in good spirits... I am so sorry that I cannot finish typing this because I am so emotionally upset about what you are going through. My mom and I will be praying for you and I attend Jonesville Baptist Chruch here in Savannah GA and I am going to put out a very special prayer for you with my congregation on Sunday. My Our Father God surround you with his hedge of protection and remember to only speak positive things imto exsistance!
(phoenix az)
i love you Tammy. You have always been true to your self in good times and bad. you have touched lives in a positive way! You are in my prayers.
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