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(Dayton OH)
Hello Tammy,

I have followed and loved you for so many years...but never so much as in your latter years seeing what great courage you have shown in your fight against cancer. My sister and I lost our mother to cancer in 1972 to melanoma when I was only 14 and she was 17, only to lose her also six years ago to lung cancer (SMOKING!!) AFTER SHE HAD WON THE BATTLE AGAINST MELANOMA....unfortunately our father was never around because he was ever so faithful to alcohol, but we always had each other until I lost her...and your story has touched me so much....I saw you on Larry King last night and you reminded me of my mother so much..she was so tiny too...please find comfort in kmowing that TOTAL STRANGERS find strength in you and we care about you. I've never known 'WHY' these things have happened to me in my life, but what has kept me going is that I believe in 'FATE' and that knowing that God has his plan from day ONE....I don't like being left behind here, but there is a reason and I will make the best of it until I see my mom and sister again. God bless you Tammy Faye, I pray that soon, you will be free from pain.
(Newark, CA)
Dear Tammy,
You've been on my heart for many days and didn't think to check for a web-site. But I turned on the TV and went flipping through the channels and their you were on a program called Extra.

I just wanted you to know that I admire your faith and trust in God. We are praying for you that God's perfect, perfect, perfect will be done in your life. Amen and Amen!

P.S. I'll join you for that hamburger and fries with lots of ketchup.
(San Diego)
Tammy you are an inspiration to everyone! Keep up your faith! I will pray for you and your family. Keep smiling like always. Take care of yourself.
love you tammy, god bless and keep you strong..i am battleing with pain and illness so keep me in your prayers as you will always be in are and always will be gods beautilul daughter..
(Gladstone, Oregon)
Your light will never perish, your voice will never be silenced, and your heart will live eternally in those who will forever remember you.
cynthia wright
(washington dc)
May God bless you. You are a beautiful person. With love
I watched you on the surreal life and admired you. When I found out you were sick I was crestfallen. God bless you!
Ann Felton
(Hobart, IN)
You have been a blessing in my life for as long as I can remember. The Joy Team a team of forty women are praying for you as well as each of this ladies prayer partners. We pray for you to be comfortable and that your food will stay down as you've ask for agreement in prayer for this. Way to go gaining that five pounds!! We love you! Isaiah 41:10
(san diego california)
just know that when they crucified christ, he was brought back to god as his own, and when the world cricified you, you will be brought into the heart of god, for you have been given the gift that christ was given, rebirth into the deepest part of god's home....a gift given only to the rarest of souls and the most worthy. i pray for you tammy i truly do, and i am grateful for your courage and stellar faith in our beloved father. just know we are not the flesh we are spirit traveling through this body, and our bodies are here for only a moment, yet in eternity with our beloved, it is forever!
(Houston, TX)
Tammy my prayers are with you. It is from my heart I wish you well. It was through your love for the Lord that I was saved over 25 years ago. You are precious and your faith is amazing and what joy you bring to the father and share with the rest of the world.
(imlay city michigan)
keep fighting for all those who were given a time frame and thought thats all they had show them they too can fight another day. god will let them each know when there time to come home is not a doctor. have faith in his wisdom and show other how to.
Megan Payne
(New Zealand)
May Gods loving arms wrap around you Tammy
(vancouver bc)
tammy faye, you have always inspired me. thank you for your love. i wish you comfort in your battle.
i used to work with very disabled people, and we used to put regular food through the food processor with a little water. it ends up like a smoothie that tastes like whatever you want it to. try it with a hamburger, you deserve it!

much love
(Lawrence Kansas)
Tammy I have long been an admirer of yours as I've seen you several times on Larry King. I am praying for you. The interview last night was so special. I'm sure it will help so many people who are gravely ill. Your faith is amazing. I truly believe the interview you gave will be shown for decades to come. Tammy I know you want to live forever as we all do. But your faith in God which is so strong and evident and your willingness to "surrender" as you said, has inspired me. Also best wishes to your husband and those who are helping you in this time. Good luck Tammy and we continue to pray for you. Thank you for inspiring myself and so many others. I love God and hope someday to meet you in heaven if our paths don't cross on earth. Take care!!!!!
(Calif, Calif.)
Dearest Tammy, My heart goes out to you and your family. You are a beautiful person and you will always be in everyones heart.
Yours truely Doc
(El Paso, Texas)
Dear Tammy,
You are such an inspiration and a beautiful witness for Christ! The world saw how your relationship with Him is your strength, your joy, and your peace - the peace that passes all understanding. My heart goes out to you and your family and I am praying for you.
Brian Varvel
Tammy,you are healed in Jesus Name,Amen!
(Valley Springs, CA)
Hi Tammy I really got to know about you when you did the Jim J and Tammy Faye show, my daughter and I loved you on the show, I got to see your beautiful sense of humor, and now I see you strength and faith. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I am encouraged by your strength. I know what ever lies ahead you will shine!!! And God is watching over you and is with you always!!! God Bless you!
(Houston Tx)
Deerist Tammy and Family!!
I went back to a old familar friend of yours!!! And i know that if she was here she would be doing the same thing right now!! So Tammy I am going to do something for you that i am sure everyone is doing for you is Pray!!! Tammy Darlin!!! I am going to do that old fashion shouting and get in the sprit pary for you!!! Tammy I know that God never Gives us more than what we can handle!!! And God sure gave you alot in your life but Darlin you passed the test!!! Tammy right now i am Claming the Victory for you in Gods Name!! I wish that i could be there To place my hands on you and Pray over you!!! Tammy I feel that God is making you Ready for something BIG!!! May the love of God Flow though this message to you and you feel every much love that i have for you and everything your life means!!!! Rember!!! And it shall come to pass!!! Tammy Claim the Victory Now!!! God will Heel you in his way!!! Tammy i wish that i could be there right now and you could feel the sprit as i type this message as it wells up inside of me!! I will be shouting soon!!! and Darlin!! if you make it to heaven Soon after you talk to God and talk to him i want you To grab Vestal Goodman and Sing Welcome Home!!!! BUt i am claming victory in everyway!!!! Praise God!!! Tammy I love you Very Much!!! God Speed With you!!!!
Ina Johnson
(Manchester, Kentucky)
Wringer washers? Frozen laundry? Oh, yes. I "caught" Mommy's laundry as they came out of the wringer and used to be so amused at "standing" my brother's britches around the heating stove to thaw out! Great memories, hey? I will pray for you. You've been a powerful witness and faith builder. Much love, Ina
(Thibodaux, La.)
Tammy, I watched your interview with Larry King tonight. I must say that I have not seen anyone more brave or courageous in my whole life. You are an inspiration to us all. I as well as my family will continue to pray for your full recovery. You are a queen in our hearts. May god keep you in his mind and close to his heart. WE LOVE YOU TAMMY!
Stevie Heckelman
(Beacon Falls, Connecticut)
Dear Tammy,
Your In Our Prayers and I believe God is with you I am sure you know that too.My partner just lost his dad 2 weeks ago from Prostate Cancer he has had for a few years then it went into remission until late last year it just got worse for him but his pain and suffering ended on July 8th he was 80 years old.he was a man with the same kind of spirit as you always has a smile a great sense of humour and always had a kind word to say and he also gave alot of love to everyone he met just like you. We do have an understanding what your going thru as we were there at his side thru the whole time. I just want to tell you that your an inspiration of love and faith and such a loving lady that you touched my heart thru all these years. Tammy I send you all my love and prayers and a great big hug and a kiss. You will be in our hearts for ever. Thank you for all your love and faith you have given us and millions of people as well. May God Bless you and be with you for ever.
I just would like to share an experience that I had with my partners father on his death bed we did bring him back to his apartment from the hospital as he wished so I went into sit by his bed in his bedroom it was just the two of us he was sleeping so i grabbed his hand and just started to pray for him I said 2 prayers the our father and hail mary and after the prayers I said may the holy spirit take you to a wonderful place where there is no pain and suffering and may god be with you I just was saying this to myself as i was holding his hand when I was finished he woke up and said Thank You Steve.I just started to cry and left the room and told my partner what just happened he started to cry as well I said to myself how did he know i was praying for him it was like he knew it sad to see some you love go thru such pain and suffering he didnt have a priest or chaplin but I felt like was that priest or chaplin for him mind you I am a catholic not a practicing one but i do believe in god and prayer and I did perform prayers twice with the family around his bed once at the hospital and the other time was at the house the day before he passed.But I did feel that i did help him pass by praying for him I wish i could be there by your side and do the same for you but i will pray for you with all my heart. Thank you Tammy for touching my life and heart I send you all my love to you.


Steve Heckelman
Beacon Falls, Connecticut
(Phoenix, AZ)
Thinking of you with sweet memories. You've helped many people endure their journey. You will be well received. God bless a sweet angel....
Linda S.
Dear Tammy, I will have you in my daily prayers,and wish you the very best. You are a great Mom, and I also have 2 children and hope to be a good mom like you are. It takes allot to raise kids you can be proud of, and you have helped me see that. You have inspired me with your loving ways and strength to take life as it comes, and be happy with what you have. Thank you for that! You are loved by so many people and we will remember you and your family always.
(morristown TN)
Prayer for Tammy

Heavenly Father I thank you that you are a loving,merciful God and I thank you Lord for your word.I speak life over Tammy right now Lord and I rebuke this cancer and say it has no authority or power in the name of Jesus for greater is he that is with in us than he that is in the world.Lord your Stripes paid it all on Calvary and I rebuke this cancer now and say it has to dry up and go now in the name of Jesus.I rebuke ever negative word that has been spoken and say it has to go in the name of Jesus for where does my help come from it comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.I thank you Jesus that you are my healer my savior my provideor and I speak the blood of Jesus over this cancer and say it has no power in Jesus name and Lord I give you all the praise Glory and Honor in Jesus name Amen.
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