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Sheila Smith
(Los Angeles, Calif.)
You are such a brave soul. God bless you and your family. My prayers are with you.
Christian Vedder
(Kansas City, MO)

Kansas City Loves YOU! I am praying for you all the time... everyday! You showed so much courage during your Larry King Live interview. You are such an inspiration and you have the most devoted faith to God I have ever seen! Your spirit and your upbeat attitude is amazing... I love your personality you are so funny... Keep gaining weight... keep fighting baby! Because I know you're gonna keep walking with Jesus... I'm praying for a miracle! God loves you... America loves you... Kansas City Loves you and I love you too!

Chris in KC
(Indy, Indiana)
I just saw you on T.V. and I wanted to say congrats on gaining 5 lbs. Keeping you in prayers! xoxo
(wellington, mo)
when watching you on entertainment tonight, i could feel the flowing much out of you, i became to well up in tears. my prayer reach out for you and many blessings to you, may you have strengrh. God bless.
Michael Craig
(South Haven, MI)
A prayer from me: "Oh Father, please bring the light of your mercy to fall upon the head of Tammy Faye... Cover her in your light and surround her in your heavenly peace. If it is your will, defeat this cancer, and be it for your glory than many may see and be saved. Amen."
Perry and Tiffany Hartman
(Sparta, TN)
We don't really know you but grew up knowing you. We are also going through a difficult time. My wife was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and we saw your video on CNN Larry King and were so glad to see how God has given you much grace through this time in your life. To see you smile and look happy. THAT IS THE LOVE OF CHRIST! We will pray for you and know that God will give you that hamburger you are craving. Thinking of you in Tennessee.

Perry and Tiffany Hartman.

P.S. May the joy and peace of hope fill you up each and every day!
(Honolulu, Hawaii)
Your kindness and compassion is an example for all of us. Bless you and thank you.
(Winston Salem )
I am so sorry for your pain and suffering, you have been and still are such an inspiration to millions. My mother always says that God puts on us no more then we can handle, sometimes that is very hard to understand when your going thru something such as yourself. I do believe in prayer and am a christian and believe that as christ as my savior that when I die I will go to heaven. Tammy I have heard you for years say you love the lord and praise the lord all the time but are your a christian have you invitied God into your heart as your savior. I hope that you have because I would love to meet you someday if not here then in heaven. Don,t give up, you have so many people who love you and are praying for you. And if the sweet face of God comes to bring you home, I know that you will be at peace and the most beautiful angel and I as I know many others will feel a touch of peace knowing that your there watching over us.

Love, Joy, Peace, Regained Health and Happiness

I saw you on Larry King last night and It hurt my heart. My mother died of breast cancler and she was a fighter to the end just as you are. She never lost faith and she always kept her head up high. She had this energy about her that let us know that she was happy with her life and she was at peace with herself and that we(family and friends)needed to be the same. I am so happy that you went public to show America that no matter what...It is a blessing to wake up everyday. I really love you for that Tammy. I know you will get better. Here on earth or in Heaven. Thats a promise that God has made to use all. I will pray for you, love Tamira
(Berkeley , CA)
I saw you at the CASTRO THEATRE in San Francisco a couple years back, and we had such a great visit with you. I just wanted to thank you for giving of yourself so freely. I hope your not in too much pain, God Bless XOXO
Gail Swanson
(sarasota florida)
Dear Tammy,

I think you are wonderful. You are and have always been a beacon of light in this uncertain world. You show others what it means to really LIVE. Your kindness, joyfulness, faith and compassion inspires us all. You are a blessing. My love and prayers are with you. Take a look at my website if you feel well enough.
Much Love,
Betty Nuckolls
(West Hills, California)
Tammy Faye;
I am so touched by your continuing faith. I did not know, until the Entertainment Tonight commercial appeared, that you were struggling. I want to pray for you.
Tammy Faye;
God knows where your faith lives. No matter what, you are going to be okay. I am praying God will gently take you into his arms. I pray your heart remains full of Christ's love and your spirit guides you peacefully through each day. May The Lord touch you each day so you can rest in His love.

God Bless you Tammy Faye.
In Jesus' name,
(morristown TN)
God is our healer his word says he sent his word and healed all that was sick.Cancer is from the devil just like the fool the enemy came to steal kill and destroy but Jesus came that we may have life and have life more abundant.Laiding in bed is not having life more abundant the power of life and death are in the tongue and those who speaks it shall eat the fruits there of.Don't look at the cancer but look at Gods word and promise rebuke that cancer and refuse to receive it it's not yours God did not give it to you it's straight from the pits of hell.I had cancer but Gods word is more powerful and sharper than any to edged sword.The power lies with you and it is Gods word stand never give up it's not us any ways but God working through us because Gods word is medicine.
(MC, TN)
I am praying for you. God Bless you and give you peace and comfort at this trying time in your life.
(Orlando, FL)
I pray that you recover from this and you can eat that hamburger that you are cravin g for. Blessings to you.
(Lindenhurst, Illinois)
Hello Tammy,
I saw you the other night on TV (Surreal TV) and now was just surfing the web while searching for duvet bed covers and came accross your website, How strange?? I've learned from reading on your website of your illness. I hope and pray that you will regain back your health and once again be back to doing what you do best, Preach. My prayers are with you with many hugs and kisses.
(Yorktown, Va)
July 21, 2007 another day with Victory in Jesus.
Be blessed to enjoy this new day.
You joked about being remembered for you eyelashes. Well Samson was a strong man with long hair so maybe part of your strength comes from your eyelashes.
Smiles to you with love.
(Macon, GA)
Dear Tammy, I have been watching you for many years, (over 20, I hate to admit) and have been through many health issues with the Lord's help. My prayers are with you and your wonderful, faithful husband. You will have everything you desire, as we all will when we are finally in Glory some day. I admire your joy and love of our shared Lord. May he bless you both! I'll meet you in Heaven some day! In Him, Karen
Rubenia Malone
(241 Wabash Turlock ,Ca)
I admire your strenghts and the love that you have for your children, husband and the love that you have for our Lord. Do not give up! I am praying for you and your family.
Love you,
(Reno, NV)
Dearest beautiful Tammy Faye,
I've always loved you for so many reasons -your undying faith & desire to share God's love with others, your classy radiance & bubbly personality, your show stopping smile, those gorgeous eyelashes. I've always felt like you were "my Tammy Faye" each time I saw you on tv. You were, are and will always be everyone's amazing & beautiful Tammy Faye. Love, peace & sunray soaked hugs! Wendy
(Phoenix, AZ)
Please know I love you soooo much and I have for many years.
You all are soooo much in my heart.
Love, Jan
Tammy, I have never missed seeing you on Larry King and was watching last night also, I admire your courage and if anyone can win this battle its you.
My Love and prayers will always be with you.
(Atlanta, GA)
Tammy, You are a beautiful, courageous woman...and I am praying so hard for your hamburger and fries meal. You top the list for the 5 people that I would like to meet in Heaven. You are amazing!!! Much Love, Chris
(Colorado Springs)
I watched your interview on Larry King a few nights ago. My heart sunk when I saw you. I placed judgement on you back when all the scandals were in the media. I apologize, for doubting your true faith for our ever loving god. Your smile in a time of such pain and suffering will be an inspiration to me. Your beautiful from the inside out. I pray that you will be in peace and pain free. Just remember that all things are working for good. I am sure that your interview touch many lives and has given hope to those suffering with you. God Bless
(San Jose, CA)
May God be with you now as He has been every second of your life. You are an inspiration and I know God DOES have a place prepared just for his faithful servant, Tammy Faye Mesner. May God continue giving you the comfort and peace so important to you at this time. God Bless you......Elaine, San Jose
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