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Dearest Tammy, Thank you for sharing your strong,faith,hope, and assurance of God's truth and promises of being with us ALWAYS,...through everything here on Earth, as well as with Him eternally in heaven when He calls us. Tammy, I too, have watched you for many years.You are a very loved and blessed instrument of our Lord,and continue to unselfishly inspire all of us,even during your own trials. How blessed we all are to hear/see your unwavering faith,love and testimonies through your interview with Larry King(especially in such times that we now face in this hurting world). I know that you have helped and touched many, by sharing Christ's love, protection and salvation. I love and pray for you, Tammy, and thank you for your faith and love to us all. May God heal you and bless you always. In Christ..MW
Mrs. Sanchez
Jesus love you always,He take your hands every day,He lifted your head,He kiss you every time,Tammy never stop to praise Him because there is your strenght.
Sasha J
Tammy, you are an inspiration, so brave in the face of cancer. Your unwavering faith gives so much hope. Much Thanks to you for appearing on Larry King Live, the fact that you were there was amazing, You are still here showing your strength..God Bless You...You are in my thoughts and prayers.
(Charlotte, NC)
I thank God that there are people like you Tammy who show true unconditional love. You're truely an inspiration. Lets give the devil a big black eye and beat this!!! Much love!! xoxo
I am a new fan who discovered you in the last year. I hope you continue to spread your spirit. Your attitude is an inspiration. My prayers are with you.
You amaze me, while being in the midst of this illness, you still speak so highly of our Lord and are a true testament of your faith to him. God Bless You!!
I will continue to pray for you, your health and your loved ones :)
(Pensacola, Florida)
My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a remarkable person. May you and your family continue to feel the love and strength of our Heavenly Father.
( Walla Walla,Washington)
Tammy, God truly created an angel when he created you. You have such a beautiful, sweet endearing spirit. I cannot imagine anyone not loving you. I am truly sorry to see the pain that you are having to endure. You are such a true testimony to Faith in Christ. Thank you for being my inspiration. I pray for Gods grace upon you.
(Lexington, TN )
The jewels in your crown are many Tammy! May your cup runneth over and know that my family prays for you. Oceans of blessings!
Jackie T.
(Ottertail, MN)
Tammy I admire your strength and courage with this horrible disease. I pray for you that God heal you. God shows me pictures... I see a light...God is showing me lights like lasers going right to the cancer cells and destroying them all. I show you cleansed and well. Your throat is opening, your stomach is accepting food. Your lungs are filling with precious air. God is rejuvinating you. Just say the word that I may be healed. Say I'm healed every day no matter what is happening. I rebuke that devil of cancer...he has to go.
Spec. Jennifer A. Gorman
(Fort Bliss,TX)
Tammy Dear,

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May the comfort of Jesus be with you always.

Love your soldier,

Dearest Tammy,

My heart broke for you last night.
And although these moments have me struggle with my own faith about the "why does He let bad things happen to good people". I can say one thing for sure...not all Angels are in Heaven. They are here with us...and you my lovely lady are an Angel among us. Keep fighting, and don't give up. Angels are hard to come by.

I truly send you love Tammy and a gentle hug of warmth and pain free moments.

All my love,
Susan L.
Dear Tammy,
I just had to get out of bed to send you this message.
I want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. You are a very brave and beautiful soul.I pray that God will give you a renewed strength and healing in your body.
May God Bless you and your family!

There is a reason for everything, and
I feel through your deep faith and courage, you will bring many more people
to God. I will be praying for you every
second of the day, I believe you will
receive a healing.

Much Love,

Nicqi Thomas
(Fort Campbell, Kentucky)
I am so inspired that you continue your faith in God through the times when most people feel that He has failed us. I didn't know until today when I saw your interview on Xtra that you were even battling this disease. My grandmother batteled the same horrible disease. You are such a strong inspiration. I wish you the best. God bless you daughter and family for making sure their loved one is taken care of. I will do the same one day for my mother and hope my daughter (and future children) will do the same for me. Tammy, we love you. God Bless your soul. You'll always be our favorite.
Barbara Hodgkinson
(Hendersonville, NC)
Again, Tammy Faye, you blessed me on the Larry King show at the end. God used you and you blessed me. Today I'm still reeling in what you said. Thank you and God Bless you my dear sweet one, beloved one.
Sonya Weakley
(Ocala, Florida)
My dearest Tammy : I have been interceeding for you for a long time and you are very precious. I AM STANDING IN FAITH WITH YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT DIE BUT LIVE TO DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD. Ps. 118:17. I was just telling the Lord a few days ago, Lord, hundreds of thousands of people have recently seen Tammy on TV and they think she is dying, however Lord, it would be an awsome miracle if You heal her for Your praise, honor, glory and raise her up. Can you imagine the wonderful impact it will have on humanity ? Glory !!! It will bring untold numbers of lost souls into His kingdom. I believe that you are a miracle about to manifest. Keep the Faith, Tammy - do not give up for one second - we serve a Mighty God. I will continue to intercede for you awaiting joyfully for this miracle to take place in your life. It will happen. God Bless you and all your precious caretakers. Everything is going to be alright. Blessings to you and yours. Your sister in Christ, Sonya
shirley kzinowek
(Hale, michigan)
Tammy, you are a very blessed woman in every way possible. Your life has touched mine. I am not religous , but i watched you and Jim Baker on tv, morning, noon and night. You have helped me get through some tough times.
I love you and everything about you. Your sincere faith that you've shown will certainly get you to heaven.You have been a great inspiration to me and I will remember you forever. Go in peace.. Shirley Kzinowek
J. Nicholas Bartolozzi
(Charlotte, North Carolina)
Dearest Tammy,
You have been one of the most influential women in the world! Unfortunately, there are not many women in the world for teenagers to look up too as a role model, fortunately you have been one of THEE most charismatic, talented, faithful, and goal seeking woman. You always educated those who needed to open their eyes to God and to human life and awareness. As in the book of John - You never know where the wind will blow, you cant see it as those who are in the lord. Tammy - you have been the wind beneath so many people's wings....

Keep on fighting! You are a very remarkable woman! GO FOR THE BURGER!!!

(hutchinson, kansas)
You and your eyelashes are WONDERFUL! You give such love to the world-it is a great thing-and you inspire both non-christians and christians alike!!
tammy im praying without ceasing !god said if any 2 or 3 agree on anything it shall be done ,honey u have thousands praying for u it SHALL BE DONE!IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME HEAL TAMMY TOUCH HER ,DEVIL GET OUT OF THE WAY ,FOR GOD IS STRONGER!WE THANK YOU JESUS WE THANK U FOR A MIRACLE WE PRAISE U !~!GOD BLESS U TAMMY!I WILL WRITE AND PRAY FOR U EVERYDAY !i love u sweety keep the faith !love always sherrie
(Dallas, TX)
I LOVE YOU TAMMY FAYE, YOU are an ANGEL. your faith in GOD has made me believe once again in my CREATOR and understand the miracles He can work for me. you are such a strong beautiful woman, you are a blessing, you are an angel. Thank you for helping me believe once again. Much love to you and best wishes forever.
Rob Malanczuk
(Winnipeg, Mb, Canada)
You are the most ispirational and positive person i have ever seen who is facing death. being agnostic my whole life, you have shown me the way to God. You are a beautiful, intelligent and inspirational lady. no one should complain about their poor pitiful life until they see your interview. May God Bless and and guide you to heaven in a peaceful manner.
(Mesa, Arizona)
Tammy, my thoughts & prayers go out to you. I saw you on Larry King and when I looked into your eyes, your spirit just shines. You are a sweet woman with so much Passion and Faith. I pray the Lord heals you and you don't have to go through any more suffering. God Bless you!!! *lotsa hugs*
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