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Mary Jo
(Tinley Park, IL)
Tammy: I am so, so touched by your strength. As a cancer survivor, I know how important strength and a positive attitude is, and my heart goes out to you. I wish you the best. You are an inspiration to everyone, and truly a hero. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.
Jamie Donoghue
(Edinburgh, Scotland)
I randomly read about you on a webpage and thought you seemed a very intriguing individual. I decided to look further into your career and have been moved by your opinions, life that you have thus far led and the huge support you have. I am hoping that a get well message all the way from Scotland will cheer you up and make your day! Hoping you can have a burger here in Scotland one day and maybe even a haggis!! They are more appealing that they sound, really!
(Thonotosassa, Florida)
I watched you on Larry King, and must say you are a Classy Lady through and through. My beloved mother passed in 2001, and my Auntie in 2003 both from cancer. Cancer is a dreadful disease. Know that God has something wonderful in store for you in his Heavenly Gates. Stay your strong self and say hello to my loved ones when you arrive in Heaven. God bless you.
(Savage, MN)
You have a beauty that comes from the inside and out. I pray for you to not feel so much pain. Your positiveness will never be forgotten!
Jean Isensee
(International Falls, MN )
To my dear one, Tammy Faye.

You were the best babysitter anybody could have had. You were my babysitter for Gary, Sharon, Kathy, and Robbie Isensee in International Falls, MN. You taught them well and also how to play the piano. You never did the dishes as you said you were there to baby sit. I am so sorry that you are so sick. We love you and I keep in touch with your family as your mother had asked me to. God bless you and your family. We will meet again someday in Heaven. What a day that will be. I listen to your cassette tapes and my grandchildren love the songs, too. They want me to play them all the way whenever we are going places. Love and prayers.
(New Jersey)
May God bless you. I have seen your interview on Larry King, and you are still a strong, beautiful, determined person. My prayers are with you!
Mrs. Messner,
I am reading all of the love that people are pouring your way and I know that so many souls have been saved as a result of your life. I am a believer and have been for many years, but lately I have been in a dark place. I did not watch the Larry King show last night, but I did hear and read enough to know that you have strongly impacted lives, especially mine.

I thought to get back into convenant with the Lord and lead a life that is pleasing in His site. It also makes me want to take better care of myself and appreciate the small things in life. No more complaining and going about with business as usual.

I pray that the Lord will touch you from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet. May His blood cover your home and saturate your body. Your life is not in vain. You are accomplishing the will of the Father. I know that the same God who healed yesterday in the bible is still sitting on the throne and healing today.

I pray that He will promptly restore your health. Heal and deliver, dear Lord in the name of Jesus. Breathe your numa into her lungs. May she find strength in inhaling and exhaling. May every organ in her body functions the way that you have designed them to. May every blood cell regenerate and repair leaving her body cancer free. Every tumor that has been diagnosed..I command you to dissipate, dissolve and be no more. In Jesus' name - AMEN!

I know that you have seen Jan Crouch healed of colon cancer and Dodie Osteen was diagnosed years ago and God delivered her. Well, that same God is delivering you.

Continue to be the beacon of light to this world. Lord knows we need it in such a dark day and time. You are so beautiful through and through.

My love and prayers~
Tamara Rolfe
(Round Rock, TX)
Dearest Tammy, I was so excited to see you on Larry King. When you spoke, your eyes looked right in my soul. I hope you know you touch so many people. Thank you, and I am praying for you to have the hamburger!
(Hermitage, TN)
Dear Tammy,
You have touched my heart once again. I am praying for you and your family. May God give you peace. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You are loved. God Bless.
(Birmingham, AL)
Dear Tammy,

I saw you on the CNN web site ("Larry King Live") video clip and was overwhelmed with sadness to see you so sick. I have been praying for you every morning. I have breast cancer so I have been through a little but nothing compared with what you are going through now. I just wanted you to know how encouraging your testimony is to me. Yes, sometimes we DO face more than we can handle, but this is a blessing because it is only then that we draw nearest to God and with Him and our Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit there is truly nothing we cannot overcome. Don't forget what Jesus told us as He left to go to Heaven, to the right hand of the father, that we should not fear because He had overcome the world. We will also overcome this world because we are sons and daughters of God, joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. Soon we will all be with Him.


Bless you for your faith in God. I hope he is with you now during your time of personal need. My Prayers to you and your family
(Billings MT)
Tammy Fae; you are a beautiful reflection of God's loving, forgiving and persevering personality. Know that you are loved and admired.
Robert Daniels
(Fresno, CA)
Dear Tammy Faye,
What a wonderful person you are. An angel here on earth. I send to you much love, respect, prayers, and other good vibes your way. I truly find you to be a wonderful, caring, and loving person. I look forward to hearing about you getting your hamburger and french fries! Much love and well wishes to your famiy and friends that surround you as well! Keep the faith, lovely lady!
HUGS from Fresno CA
(Prescott, Az)
I remember you always singing Bigger than any mountain, Bigger than anything, My God is Bigger than any mountain that I can or cannot see. And I'm only 4 foot 11 but I'm going to heaven. Tammy, you are so precious. I pray for God to heal you so we can have you longer. Then I ask Him to take you home so you won't suffer anymore. I love you Tammy. May God's will be done.
randall sherrell
Dear Tammy,
I watched my
father pass with lung cancer, thirteen years ago. My prayers are with you and your family. Say Hi to my parents when you enter heaven. Ray and Sally. YOU are truly a trooper.
Val Rook
(Corning, NY)
God Bless you Tammy! I seen you last night on Larry King,I am so sorry you are going through what you are going through and we all here pray that you can beat this!
Cathy James
(Milford, Illinois)
You are in my prayers. I saw your interview with Larry King and what strength you have. You are a "class act". God Bless you and may he hold you in the palm of his hand.
(Ventura County, CA)
Tammy, I've no doubt God will heal you. Whether it's another miraculous healing on earth, or the miraculous healing to His Presence, He will heal you! Please know all of us mothers will be praying for your children, as we do now. You were very brave and beautiful on Larry King last night. I was so proud of you!
(Atlanta, GA)
I have no words to express how you have changed my life for the better. You are blessed.
(Huntington Beach CA)
Tammy I watched you on Larry King, you are truly an inspiration. You have faith and strenth to keep going you are an amazing women. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. God Bless You Tammy. God is surrounding you with his love. Love Susan
Brian S.
(Franklin, TN)
Tammy, as a 30 year old man, you have been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember, as a child. Your wisdom, strength, beauty, happiness, and love of God is unmatched. You have a place in my heart, and I pray for you, deeply and personally. My family and I love you from the bottom of our hearts. The world would never be the same without you!!! We will meet in Heaven! Hugs and prayers!
Elaine Gibson
(Girard, OH)
You were wonderful on the surreal life!You were a great mentor to the house! May peace fill your heart that only the lord can give you. You have great faith in the Lord! My prayers are with you Tammy.
Kim Cole
(Kankakee Ilinois)
Sweet Tammy Faye,You have always been a blessing to me I have watched you for a long time your smile has never changed since the day I watched PTL,Your long journey of trials have only left you being a winner every-time no matter what happens you are still the same winner as you have always been and that makes you a true champion for Christ! My prayer will be with you May God Always bless you You are the Healed!!!!
Alan McMullen
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Dear Tammy,

Thank you for being an uplifting inspriation to this world! I will pray for you and your family. I also want you to know that I thank God for sending all of us an angel as loving as you!

May God continue to send his blessings to you!
Jackie Willingham
Dear Tammy,
I have read your letter and also watched you on CNN with Larry King live and I was so very much moved by what I saw and listen.Y ou are very much loved and also you are a big inspiriation to me and to many others.When I saw the show it sure tugged at my heart strings and also took it hard too.You see I lost my dad to lung cancer too about 3 years ago.He weighted about 70 pounds when he died.H e died Thanksgiving day in the hospital and he was all alone.My husband and I where on our way to see him at the hospital and while we were parking our car he slipped away.H e tryed so very hard to hold on but he lost,and yes it did hurt very much,but he is not suffering anymore.You will be in my prayers and thoughts.May God always be with you and keep you by his side.You are very special to Him and everyone else.Hugs With Love,Jackie
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