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(Newport Beach, Ca)
Miss Tammy Faye,
You're a sweet lady with a big heart and gentle soul. I've enjoyed you on Larry King and Surreal Life. You have the ability to entertain and inspire many people. You must have friends everywhere. I admire you for staying true to yourself and God. I wish you comfort and peace, friend.
(Roswell, GA)
I wish I could comfort you, hold you in my arms to help you as you find your way, tell you about my funny little dogs, my dreams for my child, my self-absorption, because you are someone who would listen, despite your pain. I know that God loves you and you will be such a comfort to those who left before you. You are braver than anyone and I thank you for sharing your strength with all of us. You have helped us follow you. Gena
Jessica Blanco
(Las Vegas, NV)
HI Tammy Faye, I saw you on Larry King show the other night, and I just want you to know that my mother lived by the same faith as you when she was diagnosed. You have her strength too, which to me is God speaking through you just like he did through my mom. I have always been a big fan of yours because you are a real person with compassion for others. I love you and I will pray for you. You mean a lot to me. God Bless you always.
Debbie Irvine
(Kansas City, Mo.)
Tammy, Know that God loves you very much & please DO NOT be afraid. I believe we are infinite beings & as such we transition back to God naturally. What a great life you have had girl & what a great future you hold!!
(baytown texas)
FAITH PLUS WORKS! How do you plan on working off the hamburgers, fries, and ketchup! WHERE ARE YOUR TENNIS SHOES?
DON'T GIVE UP! God told me to say this.

Love, Megan
(Tempe, AZ)
I've followed you for years and watched you go through more tribulation than anyone should go through. But it seems every trial just made you stronger. I've always admired your strength and even now it's amazing to see the strength you have and the character that comes through in your interviews and comments. I admire you, Tammy Faye, and will pray for you daily. May God be with you in everything you do!! And, yes, I see He is.
(oklahoma city, oklahoma)
Dear Tammy,
Was so wonderful to see you on Larry King, All of my thoughts and prayers are with you. If anyone can rise over the devastation of cancer, it will be you dear one.
You have brought so much joy, love and inspiration to so many for so long, its your turn to be uplifted by all of the love tenfold. God bless you dear one!!!!!!!
Regina Richardson
(Duffield, Virginia)
Tammy, just know you are well loved and always in our prayers. I have also had cancer and know that God can cure all. Stay strong!
(Santa Clara, CA )
Tammy, I know it's difficult, but remember your only here for a time, and your destination is home. I don't want you to be afraid, and I want you to remember, you aren't alone, this day, tomorrow, the next, or at the time when it comes. Just remember, it's the journey God sent you on here, to learn, and to leave something of yourself for other to learn from. I will miss you, I am so sorry you are suffering, and I know what you are going through having a really bad bout of cancer myself. I will see you at home sister.

Love Always

(Schaumburg, ILL)
Dear Tammy Faye,

I watched you last night on LKL, you are an inspiration to all of us dear. Even though you were in so much pain, you got out of bed to say hello & give us prayers, you're one of a kind.

You are in my prayers & thoughts as well as your family. You're lovely woman, heart of gold (saw you on Surreal Life), always thinking of others ... you are an Inspiration.

God Bless You Miss Faye, May His Love & Guidance Always Be There.

You Are In Our Hearts n' Prayers. We Love You!

Much Regards & Love,
Rosa n' Family
Brenda Bourne
(Bracebridge, Ontario, Can)
Hi Tammy: I watched you on Larry King last night as I have over the years whenever you have been on his show. I have always admired your courage and strength when you were going through difficult times. But last night you were truly an inspiration to me as I'm sure you were to many. May God continue to bless you Tammy and you are at the top of my list for people I would like to meet in heaven some day.
(Poway, CA)
Tammy, you are in my prayers. God bless.
I wish you peace and may God be with you
(Sacramento, CA)
Dear Little Tammy,
You continue to let your light shine. You are the embodiment of being in this world but not of it. You continue to serve your Lord Jesus with the love which surpasses all others.
I am not as strong as you. I feel very sad that you are suffereing, and that your family is suffereing too. I love you and will agree in prayer that you be able to keep your food down...and have your health restored. I'm so glad that you have the comfort of your good husband and children...and all of us love you very, very much!
Susan Collin
(Palmdale, CA)
Dear Tammy,
I watched you on Larry King last night and I was truly blessed by your strength and faith. I am praying for you each day that God will comfort you and your family and help you through whatever is ahead. Your words last night I know have touched many people and you are truly God's angel. May the Lord bless you and keep you in his arms. Your sister in Christ
becky harris
(harmony north carolina)
dear tammy
you and your family is in our thoughts and prayers.i am a big fan of yours.i use to watch you and jim on tv all of the time..
(Jacksonville, Florida)
You are such an inspiration to us all. I wish you the very best. Hold on and fight as hard as you can. Good luck and I love you
(Albany, Georgia)
Tammy, you made me cry when I watched you last night on Larry King. I didn't cry because of the effects of illness upon your body. I cried because of your willingness to just not give up for any reason! I so admire your courage and bravery. You are an inspiration for us all. You encourage us to face whatever life brings us with a faith in Christ that passes all understanding. Those who don't believe in Him have a hard time understanding, I'm sure, how you can go on and how you just never give up! Those of us who have a faith in Him understand that kind of trust. However, even those of us with a strong faith in Him are amazed at your strength. You give us all a sense of "going on" in spite of all of life's obstacles--great and small. Yours of course is so great right now. Thank you for encouraging us. Thank you for being an example to the world, both believers and unbelievers, of true faith and belief in a loving, caring God. I wouldn't be surprised if you get to eat your hamburger, fries, and LOTS of ketchup when you get to heaven, if you don't get to eat it here on earth!!

From a fellow Assembly of God girl!! Love & Prayers to you!
many prayers and much love to you. God is ever present in your life. You've been a true example to many.
love you Tammy,
Dianne gardecki
(British Columbia)
Hello Tammy,you are such an inspiration to me...You will definetly will go to Heaven,You are such a kind,Loving Fun Lady..My prayers are with you..
(Niceville, Fl)
GOD BLESS YOU!! Will keep you in my Prayers, and remember, those next to you would say, "Lean On Me",,,,,,,,,How beautiful you sang that song. Good to see you on Larry King.
Carol Fonder
(De Pere Wi)
Dear Tammy, What a day that will be when Jesus face we shall see. Everything you have prayed for will be answered in Gods own way.If he chooses heaven for you soon,remember there is nothing we will want for in Heaven. You are worthy of being called an angel now, think of all the lives you have touched.I learned so many teaching of God from you. My most favorite line of yours "Dont give up you may be on the brink of a Miracle. Its now time for your miracle. Tammy take a few minutes close your eyes and feel the love so many people have for you. Now imagine the love for you in heaven. What a glorious day that will be. Love to you and your family and friends, Carol
(Orange, California)
Dear Tammy, It was 30+ years ago when I first heard you speak. Yes, it was on the PTL club. I've watched you thru the years go from heartache to triumph, thru battles but with your faith always in tack, even when everything around you was telling you it was over. My heart aches for you during this season in your life, because when one part of the Body hurts we all hurt. I pray that you'll get the victory in this situation and continue to be a light to those who are living in darkness. I applaud you for standing strong and fighting the good fight of faith thru every situation in your life. You are unique and a very special lady. May G-D's presence over take you and fill you with HIS PEACE. I pray for the strength of your family and friends. When we all get to heaven..what a day of rejoicing that will be! Blessings to you Tammy! Thank you for loving Jesus the way you do.
Just want you to know I'm praying for you and your family.
(San Diego, CA)
God bless...and get better.

You are one of the few that never judged, just loved. Even when you are in pain and sick you still are able to be a light for people to follow.

I look forward to having you get better and continue to be God's voice of love, support, and salvation.
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