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Randy Bridges
(Columbus, Ohio)
Tammy Faye, you are one of a kind (we need more like you here) but I will always Love you & Miss You.
Paul Hodgson
(Vancouver, Canada)
Tammy, I watched you and listened to you at PTL everyday, and even though I am still not born again, your singing, your voice and your song narations gave me an awesome feeling inside to be a good man and do good things, and I too know I will meet you someday in that special place you call Heaven, God Bless You
(never able to go home,nc)
You were a precious soul...I once told you if I could have bought Heritage USA, I would have handed it to you and said start over. I meant that. Your passing has been difficult. I spent my childhood watching you and Jim, watching Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles grow up with me. Most of the few memories I have of my childhood that are good, are of being at Heritage USA with my precious mom. She was so much like you in many ways. Your passing has closed an era of my life. I will forever hold the sense of "forgiveness, faith, and never ending love" that you and my mother inspired in me.
Todd Beaucoudray
(New Orleans)
I will remember you fondly in my heart always. Thank you for your love, compassion and spirit. Love, Todd
A. Orozco
Thank You Tammy Faye for the Love and Faith you have shown during your illness. You always wore a smile on your beautiful face. May you rest in peace, beautiful lady.
(Atlanta, Georgia )
My thoughts and prayers go out to Tammy's family. As a lesbian, christian woman I am encouraged by her actions to reach out to the gay and lesbian community with love. She has gone a long way in helping to heal those of us who are gay/lesbian and struggle with finding our place in a faith based community. She has also helped me to see that I can struggle and be inperfect and yet fully loved by god. Her life and her willingness to share her life even in her final days are a blessing to all.
S. Amaya
(High Desert)
I remember watching Tammy and Jim Baker on PTL, I also remember seeing Tammy Faye one day at the Colton Swap Meet Years ago, I have followed her since the incident with Jim Baker, thru her illness and now her death. To me Tammy Faye was a girlie girl like her husband described her, she was truly a LADY, I Thank Her for the Interview with Larry King in her final days. I was greatly touched as I know others were too. Her Faith, Her Love for Christ. She was such a lady she wanted to share with others Do Not Fear, always be Strong in Your Faith. I never thought that when I used to see Tammy on PTL she would touch my life so much, MAY
My condolences to Roe and Sue and Jay and to the grandsons and to all of her friends and extended family and fans. Tammy's legacy is openended: her message of love thy neighbor will never die. We all need a Savior. The good news is we have One. Tammy taught us well.
Eleanor Doughty
(Windsor Ont. Canada)
Dear Dear Tammy:
God has taken you home and now we know you are out of pain and suffering. I know you are singing in heaven for us all to hear.
Last night we had chinese food and my fortune cookie read. Don't give up, The best is yet to come.
It just made me think of you saying that sentence.
You will always be an inspiration to all.
May God bless your family and we will all be singing in the choir with you one day.
Rest well dear lady...I will miss you & the energy & love you had...
God now holds you in his arms...Heaven is a better place with you there...{{Hugs}}
Edwin Gossen
(Amsterdam The Netherlands)
Last night i was pleased to see the episode of The surreal life with Tammy on it. It was the episode where the psychic was in the house. A lot of people like to see a psychic in order to find out what the future will bring us. When she asked Tammy Faye to come into her room, she made a remark that i will never forget for the rest of my life. "If i want to know what the future brings i don't need a psychic but the Lord will tell me what to do and/or expect". Thank you Tammy for your wise words and the love you showed to us.
You are missed in this world.
Miss Marleana
(Jonesville, VA)
Im sure that the Angels rejoyced when you were welcomed home! We love you Tammy and we will NEVER forget you!
(Johnston, Rhode Island)
To Roe, Tammy Faye's loving Husband and her children she was so proud of, I am very sorry for your loss.
Knowing Tammy Faye only from TV interviews mostly on Larry King Live I was so impressed by her warmth and sincerity, she seemed so happily married and fun loving.Seeing her so ill, yet so strong broke my heart, to do that last interview on Larry's show had to take so much out of her but there were words she wanted to share with her fans. Tammy Faye was so much more than the eye makeup she was popular for! She will be missed.
Napril Clynn Pfmartin
(New Orleans, LA)
You're forever in my heart my dear, beautiful, precious Tammy. Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement over the years. Some day we will be reunited eternally in the sweet by and by.
(Oceanside, CA)
You are sorely missed. I pray the Lord gives strength to your loved ones. I know how devastated they must feel right now and how much they miss you. We all do! God bless you Tammy Faye - through all your hardships you made the world a better place. Keep smiling baby!
Christina Clarke
(Woodland Park, Colorado)
Though I am not an overtly religious person, the first time I saw Tammy Faye many years ago on her TV show I was hooked. She was one of a kind, one in a million. Honest, real, and completely mesmerizing. I adored her and loved her personality. She will be greatly missed. My prayers to her family and firends.
(Hyannis, Ma)
I will always remember your strength, your smile, your faith in the Lord, and your love for everyone!!! You will be missed by many. Rest In Peace.
Father Matthew
(Minot, North Dakota)
I have suffered last year with many complications from diabetes and have had deep depression. I am an eastern orthodox monk, and have had to battle FEAR, TERRIBLE FEAR...watching you on Larry King Live has given me courage and strength. The fear is gone now , anxiety, phobias, all gone due to your example of holiness. I know you are in heaven dear sister and you will never be forgotten, and may the Spirit of God continue to be showered down upon the family of God , your example of dying lift us all up and heal us , and May Roe your beloved husband and your children know, THEY ARE NOT ALONE....Praise God, you are Home Tammy Faye, and we rejoice with you. your brother in the Lord: Fr. Matthew-Eastern Orthodox Monk
Linda Scribner
(Vermillion, SD)
Thank you for your witness to the end. Rest in peace in the arms of Jesus.
Mary Ann Teto
(Levittown, New York )
This is a message for Mr. Messner. I want you to know that I am deeply saddened by the loss of Tammy Faye. She touched me each time I saw her and hope that you find comfort at this time of mourning. God Bless You, Mr. Messner.


Mary Ann
Will miss seeing your smiling face. Never forgotten. Love....
Barbara Mills
(Orlando, Fl)
You had the spirit Tammy. You are loved forever for that. Go rest now.
mike g
(pittsburgh pa)
now you shine down on us, the angel that u are....

everybody hurts... sometimes.... I hurt... ive lost alot of close friends in the last year. includeing you...

you helpd me find my faith, and i Just know that i can add you as another of my gaurdian angels an keeps me pushing on

SHINE on tammy faye.. gods little angel
(Fresno California)
Love you Tammy !
(St. Louis)
I NEVER done anything like this before, but I'm compelled to for Tammy. I grew up watching Tammy on TV with my mother, grandparents and aunts & uncles. Tammy was a ministry to even me, a teenager at the time, who would rather sing and praise God to her albums (that what they were then.) Tammy, thank you for your love, showing the world your faith and for not retreating when it might have been easier to. We can all make it...because of knowing you and your Lord.
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