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Vanessa Fiebiger
(Elyria, Ohio)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I saw you last night on LARRY KING LIVE. You are so beautiful because you are radiant and confident with God's love and are so filled with courage. You serve as an inspiration for all those who suffer. My prayers are with you. Your interview brought me to tears. God bless you. I pray for you.
(Baltimore, MD)
i saw you on TV - a reality show, caught it in passing - and was amazed at how authentic and loving you were. Thank you for what you have become...I hadn't heard about your illness till tonight, and will keep you in my prayers...
(St. Louis, MO)
You are such an inspiration to me. I love you so much, my Chsistian sister, and even though we never met, I know that we will be friends in the kingdom, where we will be forever joyful in His presence. You are an awesome servant of the Lord's, you are the kindest most generous person I have ever heard speak. Love, one of your millions of friends and sisters in Christ, MJ
Dear Tammy,

What a wonderful testimony on Larry King last night! We know that you are already healed by the blood of Jesus no matter what anyone else may say. I pray that you continue to act upon His Word and to bring glory to His Name. God bless you!
God Bless you Tammy, I will keep you in my prayers.
Words cannot express how sad I am. You are such a beautiful person. My heart literally aches for you and your family. Be safe here on earth until you get to heaven. You are in my thoughts and prayers. We love you Tammy Faye.
Dear Tammy, you are such an a beautiful woman inside and out. My prayers are with you always your strength is unbelievable. May God Bless You and your loved ones.
Amanda Farmer
(Hill AFB, UT)
Tammy, You are truely an inspiration! Your life and spirituality has touched millions including me. I send my love and prayers to you and yours.
(Mesquite TX)
Dear Precious child of God, I treasure your FAITH, and want you know, it is time to come to the for front, and walk in your healing..We don't go by Sight, but Faith, it might not look like it but Papa Kenneth Hagin went through his sickness that he was told unto death, (if you can listen to his tapes it will lift your determination) Lets give God the Praise for your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, to the perfection God created it , and lets all give thanks for its return!
DO NOT LET ANYONE TAMMY TALK TO YOU ABOUT DYING.." it is your will Tammy God goes by, look or watch a channel called GODTV.COM it is on the internet if not on your satalite..
You are an over cometh , and I will stand with you , you are a Example of one who loves the Lord, and he is the God that heal you, period, don't accept anything less...JUST ACT AS THO!
you will love this channel, as it is new and refreshing..
unti later, girl. keep on keeping on.

love you,
(Louisville, KY)
TAMMY, I want you to know that you are in my prayers.I know GOD is with you and always has been. He knows how much you are loved by all of us, and the wonderful love you have for all of us. YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE AN INSPIRATION TO ME AND MY FAMILY.YOUR love is so GREAT, I hope and pray that you will get able to eat and keep it down, Ireally don't know you except through tv watching you sang and praise GOD was what made me turn my life around. I will be praying for you that GOD will heal YOU till he is ready to call YOU his angel home to sang. I know you are still here for a reason and i'm sure every person who has seen you on the Larry Kings show are praying for you i was before that. For GOD to give you strength and to heal you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.... Please take care and you are in my prayers.....YOU ARE AN ANGEL....... GOD BLESS /TAKE CARE

Frances D.
(Canyon Lake, CA)
Saw you on Larry King this week. You are very brave. Loved you on Surreal Life and was surprised by how accepting you were of others who were much different than yourself and how down to earth you were.
Karen C
(Albany, GA)
Dear Tammy, I'm watching you on television right now and wanted to let you know how brave I think you are. I'm so worried about you!!! Please try to eat a few bites every hour or so. Try applesauce. Try baby food bananas. Try to drink a little tea. The Lord is good and mighty and is doing a strong work in you. Keep wearing your eyelashes!!!! HA!! You always look pretty.
Love, Karen
(Brick, NJ)
Hi, Tammy!
I remember watching you at my mom's house many years ago. I have seen you triumph over many things in your life and admire you tremendously. Tammy, you are so blessed to be going home to my best friend, Jesus! You are an awesome lady with not only a great sense of humor but with the "peace that passes all understanding." See ya later, Tammy!
(Palmyra, VA)
I was glued to the TV during your recent interview with Larry King. I know God is using you to inspire those battling disease and those just battling life. When you choose Christ you always choose life - thank you for being the warrior you are and showing us how the battle is to be fought. Rest comfortably in God's hands. See you in heaven!
You are such an inspiration! To be facing such hardships and to never lose your faith or trust in God is a lesson to us all. You're strength is amazing. Only such an incredible woman as yourself would still send out thoughts and prayers to the rest of us, not even letting the failing of your own health hinder you in any way. I hope my comment find their way to you so that you will know what an incredible person you are and how you have changed my life and so many others with your words of God,faith,hope and love. I pray for Him to bless you and your family,and to give you strength and comfort. I pray you will continue to gain the weight and finally get those hamburgers and fries. You are in my prayers. I wish there were enough words to express what a wonderful person you are and how lucky the world is to know you. Love to you
Denny Miller
(Bradenton, Florida)
Dear Tammy,
I went out and had a cheeseburger and fries for you.
Love and grins!
(Atlanta, GA)
Evangelist Tammy Faye,

I grew up watching The PTL Club, I turned 43 on July 16th. My mother told me that I loved you as a child and that I am a little diva just like you. I just want you to know that I love you. God Bless You and I know that you are in the arms of the Lord. You held me captive as a child and strengthened my faith in the Lord. Thank you.
(Fort Worth, Texas)
God be with you in your time of need. I pray that HE gives your strength and hope each day. You are a strong lady and that is what I will remember about you. In strength and prayer, God Bless Tammy Faye and her family.
(Gainesville, Ga)
Tammy Faye, I was so proud of your courage and bravery on Larry King. You truly are a blessing here on earth. Continue your fight and may God's love and strength guide you.
Much Love to you and your family!
Debbie Kenna
(Dayton, Texas)
I saw your interview on Larry King and wanted to tell you how beautiful you are! You are loved so much and God is still doing a work in you! Your light shined bright last night. (Matthew 5:16). Your love for God continues to encourage, strengthen, and give hope to all of us! We have to trust God to meet our needs. Your faith, Hebrews 11:1, is an example of how God is ever present and gives us awesome peace. We need to trust God to answer our prayers and see miracles take place. God hasn't changed or left us. He is wonderfully with you, TammyFaye!! In your darkest night, TammyFaye, that bright light is still shining bright!
You are loved and in our prayers!
Hearing your story and watching you suffer should give everyone a strong dose of humble pie. My best wishes and prayers for your recovery. We can all learn from you. God bless you.
Doug Mills & Flo Brumley
(Winthrop Harbor, IL.)
Dear Tammy Faye,

Your unmoveable faith and Love for The Lord is overwhelming to us. We watched you on Larry King Live last night and you are still as beautiful to us as you ever were. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are trusting in His perfect plan for your life.

We Love YOU !
Doug & Flo
(Memphis, TN )
You are in my prayers. You are such an inspiration! I am 29 and remember seeing you on TV as a child. You have always been so upbeat and caring for others. I watched the VH1 show just because you were on it. I love you and pray for you. Take good care of yourself.

Sincerely, Jason B
(Glen burnie, Md)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I sent a message about 2 hours ago or so. When I was done I spent the next 2 hours reading your writings. starting with the first in 2004. I just want you to know how much you touch me in sharing all of this with the people. As I said before my prayers are with you. I lived every moment you shared in those letters over the past 3 years. God Bless you, Shanna
Erin O'Brien
(Richmond, VA)
Dear Tammy:
I feel compelled to tell you to hold on in faith. I grew up watching you and u r a true woman of God. You were used a servant of God in the Surreal life which I rejoiced when I saw you hold up the standard to others yet walked in love. I will be praying for you and warring in the heavens for you. Keep on keeping on.

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