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(Hobart Indiana)
Dearest Tammy,
You have that Sweet Sweet Spirit, we sing about in church. Your faith in Jesus just touched me so much, watching you on Larry King. You are the bravest person I have ever saw. Surely God has a wonderful mansion just for you. I love you, I pray for your family, and you, that Jesus remains with you and your faith remains never ending. God Bless and Keep you in his loving arms.
(West Virginia)
I pray for you everyday! You have been a real strong woman all your life. God will take care of you like he has all your life. May you be at peace! God I think needs more angels like you!!!
(Las Vegas, Nv.)
Tammy-Thank you for spreading your message that god loves everyone!!! My same-sex partner and I are adopting a child and you have inspired us more than you know. It's not about agreeing or seeing eye to eye; it's about believing in yourself and you have taught us that...Thank you!!!! God Bless
Nell Hansen
(Olathe, Kansas )
I do not know if you will ever read this...My own mother passed away of ovarian cancer 5 years ago. I saw you tonight on Entertainment tonight and thought how close you are to me. During my mother's struggle and test of strength she often spoke to my sister about this "man" that would pace back and forth waiting for her to come. My Mom would tell him she was not ready yet. You see, my sister could not see him but felt his prescence and saw his"shadow"one day as she cared for my Mom. Many Blessings to you and your family. You are beautiful!
Linda G.
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Dearest Tammy,
I lost my father to cancer in 2001. My life went into a tailspin not too long after his death. After having watched you on LK the other evening, I have been praying for you, and thanking God for keeping you in his safe, loving hands. I am facing some very difficult times in my life right now, and you are truly an inspiration to me. You have reminded me that God still loves me no matter what, and he is there for me always. I love you and I will continue to pray for you daily. If I don't ever get to meet you this side of Heaven, I look forward to meeting you on the ressurection morning.

Love and prayers,
Linda G.
(Los Angeles, CA)
I am not a Christian, but growing up in the 80s one of the most indelible images I remember was you embracing the gay AIDS patient. You are an admirable and courageous woman and continue to be a role model for me. All of my wishes to you and your family.
(Steubenville, Ohio)
Bless you Tammy Faye for your sweet and honest heart. Jesus will never leave us, or forsake us. Thank You for your lovely soul.
(new jersey)
My GOD,,, to see you just wasting away! yet your eyes still shine bright!i hope peace for you as you start a new journey,,and the pain you suffered be no more! prayers and love dear friend
(Glen burnie, Md)
Dearest Tammy Faye,
I just found out last night when I watched Larry King that you were ill. It has affected me more than I can say. I have been trying to find your website since I found out about your illness. I just want to say that you are such a positive person. I know that you have much knowledge about God and the Bible. I believe in God and am religious, but do not go to Church. I pray but not everyday. I don't just pray to ask God for things I pray and thank Him for blessing me with my family. Especially my children. They are my world. But I watched you last night and thought you were in such good spirits, smiling and laughing. Could I ever be that positive if I was going through what you are going through?? I hope. Tomorrow I meet my son's girlfriend's mother who also has cancer I don't know if it's inoperable, but after seeing you last night I hope I can give her some encouraging words. I've spoken to her on the phone and she's always feeling bad or tired. I know we are supposed to be happy when we leave this world and go to heaven, but I am fiiled with sadness for you. I have watched you in spurts my whole life and you seem to be so genuine and nice and loving to everyone. So the question comes to me why do all the good people suffer so. I don't want to bring you down, if you do happen to read this note, just know that my prayers are with you and I hope that you do not have to endure any more suffering and if it is your time I hope to meet YOU in heaven when I go. If it's not your time I hope to read that you are able to eat that hambuger with lots of ketchup again. Good luck to you Mrs. Tammy Faye Messner!! God Bless You, Shanna Dorsey

I have loved you since the early days I still have your records and listen to them. I am bedridden with MS and I thank you that throught your strength I will get through whatever comes my way. With much love, Lorrie
(Houston, Texas)
Dear Tammy, We are probably the same age. I do not believe God is through using you. You may not receive this e-mail, and you may have heard about United Pentecost or Baptism in Jesus Name. I do think if you are washed in his blood, well that just maybe your cure. It will not hurt to try. I have always Loved you! Prayers and Tears with you.
C. Talbot
(Ocean City, Maryland)
Dear Tammy,
I must first state that while you and Jim were going thru your trials and tribulations with the 700 Club, I felt very Smug and Holier than thou.I have to be brutally honest about this... so you can see the change in my perciption of you. The first time I saw you on Larry King, I was humbled by you. I tried to never miss an episode when you were a guest, you made me feel good about myself Then I didn't miss an episode of Surreal Life, you were the glue that held the rest together.You are to be commended for your dignity, compassion,faith. You stood in a hurricane, you never faltered, you never crumbled, you look it right in the eye and said "Bring it on". At the end of the Day, you kept your humor thru all the pain. Again, I am humbled in your presence.

With my Heartfelt prayers for you and your family....


C. Talbot
Tammy Faye--

You are blessed. You've always been blessed and you're loved. So many lives you touched. So many lives you've made better. You're an angel here--and you're an angel now alongside the Lord. Thank you for speaking your truth and showing the beauty of GOD that shines through you.

Love you so much
holly rodriguez& shannon sullivan
Dear Tammy,
you are a very stong person and an insperation to us. We are only 13 and we look up to you very much!we hope you read this and we hope youfeel better! stay stong and dont loose your faith. we love you.
(Springdale, AR)
Tammy, as I watched you on Larry King last night I remembered my mom. I'll be praying for you and your family. God Bless
(Chicago, IL)
Tammy, thank you so much for showing us what true Christianity is about. I came to admire you so much when I saw you on The Surreal Life - you showed so much unwavering love and kindness to everyone you came into contact with. Thank you for being who you are!
(Seattle, WA)
Remember your on advice and believe.."As long as there is life there is HOPE! Donít give up!!"

I have a feeling you are going to have some type of healing!

Good bless you and your "smile."
Dear Tammy,
I watched you on Larry King last evening, I know for sure your heaven bound. What a
loving, caring person you are, your interview with yourself and husband was very touching, what brave people you both are. I wish you both peace, comfort and happiness. I hope you know how many lives you have touched and helped Tammy
God bless you and keep you Love to you Brian
(Phoenix, AZ)
As a gay man I appreciate and love you for reaching out to the gay community and being a voice of love and compassion. You are truly an inspiration. God bless you Tammy Faye.
(Largo, Florida)
Dearest Tammy
You are an amazing woman, you faith and courage and loving nature is so inspiring. Im praying for you and you family at this trying time. You are such a beautiful person inside and out.
May God Bless you Beautiful Soul.
Loving Wishes, Ronnie
tammy your sweet spirit and courage in the face of adversity is truly an inspiration and a great benefit for all to witness,they see the reality of a living God and a relationship with Jesus, in action and not just in letter and words.
i am praying for your strength and courage and for God to be are a beautiful lady.
Linda Ridgway
(Griffin, Georgia 30224)
I saw your interview with Larry King last night, it's obvious you have been really ill, but I saw the same beautiful woman that always wanted to look her best and I hear the same bubbly and strong woman of faith that I have always saw. You are truly inspiring and I know you gave encouragement to others that are suffering too. We do not know why some must suffer, but we must trust Him as you are doing. You are in my prayers each day and I can see that you are trusting Him for His will with your life. I will see you in our Father's house one day for sure!
Love, Linda
(Beachwood, NJ)
Tammy Faye,

You are an inspiration to us all. I will continue to keep you and your family in my heart and my prayers. You are an angel sent from heaven.
fred tarr
(cincinnati oh, nky)
we love you tammy. your greatest triumph as far as I am concerned was your day on national tv with herlado some years back. your testimony was powerful and i was slain in the spirit as you confronted your accusers (audience) over it& more than once as the day wore on. Can't thank you enough for fielding questions.
I knew something was up and the shiekina Glory would fall when black girl was cut to on the screen as she walked from the wings. she was a co-producer for the show that day and she let me know thru her strut that the pins were gonna fall. very unusual for (pan -to)( cut to) [direction]an aside like that to happen on heraldo back then.

something in what you said really hit mre in the H.S. and I got the benefit. i was under attack big time and your witness to questioners in the audience that day made me realize I am a child of the King and it doesn't matter what people think or even what they say to my face.

here's to seventy pounds if you want it!
(Coventry, RI)
Wanted to reach out to you in the Love of Christ Jesus. To let you know I have prayed for you & send good wishes to you. I watched PTL many years ago & see you as "an old friend"
even though we've never met.

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