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Elizabeth James
(Newark, NY)
My parents would take my brotheres and I to PTL when I was a little girl. I loved watching Tammy sing. I remember pretending to sing like Tammy Faye. As I watched Tammy's interview with Larry King live twenty five years later, I still have such admiration for her. Her faith in God has taught me to trust God no matter what! Thanks, Tammy!
(The Plains, OHIO)
Thank you for your sweet spirit and beautiful music.. I am always encouraged in my daily walk when I think of you and your conviction of faith and appreciate that you could smile thru the tears. Condolences to your husband and children. We'll meet in Heaven dear one.
(Fort Worth, TX)
Love you..........
Bea Oreta
(From Nairobi Kenya)
Tammy was a beautiful spirit. The world lost one of the best women God ever created. It is so sad that we don't get to do it twice because i loved Tammy's spirit. Her face clearly showed it.
George Signoriello
(Wake Forest, NC)
I think it is an incredible testament to Tammy's faith and role as a Christian that she was able to quote scripture and bring people to the Lord up until the end of her stay here. She had an inner joy that showed all over her face when she talked about the Lord. I can't imagine how great the smile on her face must be now that she's in heaven, having met Jesus face to face.
(Valley Center, Kansas)
My grandmother loved Tammy very much and always enjoyed her singing and worshipping to the Lord. My grandmother passed away a few months ago and I just know they are in heaven together. Tammy was and always will be a wonderful christian woman, whom we all adored because of her sweet spirit.
tammy got her healing she is at home with jesus now
Barbara Parker
(Dallas, TX)
Tammy Faye always put a smile on my face. You never gave up on the world or your faith even while the world may have turned their back on you. My prayers go out to your loved ones; Roe, Tammy Sue, Jamie Charles and your grandchildren. May you receive the comfort that only comes from God.
(Toronto, Ontario)
Thank you for sharing your faith with all of us. In the time of death and pain, you never lost your belief. And because of it you are now resting with the father. GOD'S SPEED. We will meet on the other side.
(Constantine, Mi)
Dear Tammy, My family and my friends wants to thank you for being you, and love us, and your prayers, me and mom and my brother met you when you and Jim went to channel 16 in Greenville S.C, you touch every one heart, and you going to be miss, i remeber the song that you sang, you can make it, when i was little me and mom use to sing it with you two, now you are with my mom in heaven, may you all rest in peace, and rejoyce with your father, some day we will see you again :), no more sickness and no more pain, and no more tears, well not in heaven, you was a beauitful lady, and hopfully you be a beauitful angel, we will miss you always and love you, Maylor and the family :)
(San Marcos, CA)
You brought much joy to so many over the years. Condolences and love to Tammy Sue and Jaimie and the rest of the family.
Helen Berlin
(Citrus Heights, Ca)
I was watching Larry King last night and your beloved Roe was sharing about your last moments on earth. He said something like, "Tammy said, I see Jesus and he is holding my hand". Go on Sissy and enjoy the bounty of the Lord. He is holding your hand. I will always love and appreciate you.
cathy brackley
What a wonderful woman of faith, a precious jewel, now adorned with a crown of gold and sitting at the Master's feet. How blessed are her children above so many, even those who still have their Mothers with them, because of her faith walk and her love for them. Tammy knew that God was not the author of sickness and fought the good fight.
(Los Angeles, CA)
Tammy you were one of the best people I wish I knew. You inspired me to be a better me. Your courage in the face of so much was inspirational and contagous. I will miss you but I know you are home. To your family, my sincere and heartfelt sympathy for your loss - you were all so lucky to have such a wonderful person in your life. God Bless you all!
(Colorado springs)
I am sure Tammy is resting peacefully in God's loving arms!
She was an angel on earth!
(Sacramento, CA)
Tammy Faye always put a smile on my face. I loved her dearly. At this time I know you feel so much grief. God Bless all of you. Tammy is now with God and looking down at all of us with a smile.
west virginia mountain folks, Vern and Hilda
(Delray, WV)
To Tammy's family, please know she left a foot print on many hearts here on this earth. She let her light shine and loved her Lord and family, our prayers are with you. She finished her course and kept the faith, that says it all.
Diane Johnston
(Fayette City, PA)
How I will miss a heart of gold. I have been with Tammy since the PTL days. I can not tell you how many times I listened to your music and you brought me closer to God. Rest in peace!!!!
(Honululu, Hawaii)
She was such a great person. She inspired other people.She was the mother of a lifetime.I loved what she wore. She was the biggest inspiration and I truly mean that.I idoled her. she is in heaven and she should be well.
(SV., Az.)
My condolences to Tammy's family - we are all really proud of Tammy!
janice spiak
(Green Island,N.Y.)
Tammy Faye, you were truly an example of Love and Forgiveness to us all. You have inspired me to be a better Christian and soul winner both by word and example. Actions truly speak louder than words. All of your family will be in our prayers. God Bless You, Janice
(Houston, TX)
Tammy Faye, was a bubbly, vivacious, firecracker who I am sure is setting heaven ablaze with her presence. You are so missed by so many. God bless your family, including Jim Bakker who must be going through so much at the loss of his former wife and all you two went through. God bless, strengthen, keep those you loved so dearly, Tammy Sue, Jay and Ro, your husband. As you rejoice in heaven, pray for we who are left to carry on.
Michael Howard
(Dallas, TX.)
The world was a better place for you being in it. God has you now and your kind heart and soul will be looking down on us all, until we join you. We all miss your sweet smile and beautiful eyes that always saw the best in everyone. God bless you.
(Douglas, GA)
I love you, Tammy. Thank you for being real. You had such a unique, special gifting to reach and embrace everyone. My heart is very sadden that you're not here on earth any longer, but I rejoice for you that you are now totally healed and in the presence of Jesus where there is fullness of joy and life. My prayers go out to you, Roe, Tammy Sue, Jamie Charles and to Tammy's grandchildren. May you receive the comfort that only comes from God.
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