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linda laity
(orchard park new york)
Tammy,I wish you all the best God can bring to you .You are a true tower of strength.You have been through so much and give yourself to others you are so kind and careing it just shines through you like a ray of sun .I feel so close with God when i see you and hear you talk.You are truley one of his angles on earth.I have you in my thoughts and prayers everyday.God Bless you dearest Tammy you are in a win win place if you know what i mean.Love to you and your family.keep on shineing Linda Laity
Tempest Walls
(Atlanta, GA)
I'll be praying for you!!!
mitch grooms
You have been here for gay events and I have a moment to meet you at one event but i could not get there.. i love you and pray for you. thank you for loving gay people and we love you and will see you in heaven,,,LUV U
(Vallejo, CA)
I may not know you but know my prayers are with you...
minnie atwater
Dear Tammy Faye, You are indeed an inspiration to all. Your beautiful spirit and your faith and trust in GOD is admired by so many. God bless you Tammy Faye and be encouraged. Remember to "Speak to the Mountain". We love you!!
(Concord Twsp., Ohio)
Dear Tammy,

Thank You! You have shown us how to live and now you are showing how to die. You have given the world a great gift.
I hold you in my prayers.
Peace be with you,
(Sarasota, Florida)
You're always an inspiration - saw the show last night on Larry King. God bless you and your family.
God bless you, Tammy Faye. My brother suffered from the same illness as you and he was very strong too. I have such a deep respect for the Hospice people and I only hope that yours are as kind as his were. You are a bright light in our world,Tammy and I hope that I will meet you one day in heaven.
(Sarasota, Florida)
You're always an inspiration - saw the show last night on Larry King. God bless you and your family.
Gail Lyons Grier
(Speedway, Indiana)
Dearest Tammy,
May God Bless You dear sweet lady. Last year I was my dad's and brothers care takers as I watched the Lord take them both home with in 2 months of each other. Totally exhausted I did it with out help so I know that Jesus was right by my side in his strength because I still continued to work and graduated from college with honors. Just know that you are in my prayers and God will heal you either here or in heaven where hamburgers, fries, and ketchup never run up. May God Bless all of your family members who are sent from God to take care of you. I will see you in heaven, your sister in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Gail Lyons Grier
Angela Shatzer
(Kings Mountain,NC)
Thank you for all you have done in your years on have such a wonderful journey ahead of you- may you have peace...
(Chapel Hill, NC)
Dear Tammy Faye,
You are a remarkable woman and soul. Thank you for your strength and love. I send you love, peace and blessings. I hope you are working with the wonderful Hospice nurses, they can do a lot to give you comfort. Angel love and protection to you. Paula
peggy rodriguez
(miami florida)
i see you are a strong women i wish i were like you. i hope the best for you and you stay sweet and beautyful.
Rev, Cesar Lopez
(Glendale, Cal)
hi tammy, just had to write to you, as i saw you today and the larry king show, i just want to tell you get right with God
(Spring Church, PA)

I've grown thru the years with you and just want you to know that you are the very picture of grace and dignity. Live in the moment and enjoy all that your senses can muster. We are all here together in this great big world and your smile, pain and awe we share with you. God speed my friend. And may angels carry you through those difficult days. All the love in the world to you... xoxoxoxo
(San Mateo, CA)
I watched you on TV last night and may I say that your beautiful spirit was as strong as ever. You just amaze me. You are living proof that we are so much more than our bodies. Thank you for doing the interview last night - I send you lots of prayers & lots of love. You are a big love and I ask God to comfort you.
LeAnn Adams
(Norcross Georgia)
Hi Tammy, you don't remember me but I worked at the 700 Club here in Atlanta when Pat Robertson was trying to get a Christian station going. You and Jim came down with your children and sang beautifully...George and Diane Ivy were hosting the show. Now there's the 700 Club and TBN....the LORD is still LORD no matter what and I admire your courage for letting Jesus have the last word giving the glory to HIM on TV last night with Larry King. My desire is to leave this world with a testimony on my lips and you did that last are the apple of His Eye my sister....Shalom be with you....your sister in Christ, LeAnn~
(Phoenix Arizona)

Enjoyed meeting you a few years back at our local swap mart. Your smile was infectious!! Your in my prayers.
Tammy , I am at such a loss for words. You are such an inspiration to me . Your faith in our Loving Savior Jesus Christ is just so humbling especially during this difficult time. What a true testament to your personal faith in Jesus. You are such a blessing to me. I know that I'll never have the pleasure of meeting you here on earth but I have the assurance of knowing that we'll meet in our Savior's arms with all of our sisters and brother in Christ. Please know that I pray for you daily, with Love in Jesus
Linda H.
Dear Tammy,
Something I wrote when I lost both of my parents 3 years ago. I truly believe it and hope that I live it everyday. I know that you are. For every min. of life is precious and your belief and joy shines through your pain.
'Death brings life its value, and living its worth.
It gives meaning to the sky the stars and the earth.
It makes those living hold precious the memories made
And deems them a treasure to never let fade'
God Bless you.
Carol Bowerman-Eldredge
(Pacific Grove, CA)
I saw you on Larry King last night. You have been a rock for me. I have been with my dad (died 10 yrs ago), my grandma (died in 2003) and the love of my life (he died 15 years ago) just recently. I had brain surgery and spent the entire time with my loved ones who have passed. I really didn't want to come back, but I did. I guess it's for my mom, kids and granchildren. I love and pray for you every day and like I've said before you and God are my rocks. Love, Carol
(rockhill sc)
dear tammy, i just won't to start off saying god bless you. you are a great role model person im 26 now but when i was about 15 i remember hearing your name my mom talk a lot about you and when i seen you on larry king live on cnn my heart just opened up to you. i will keep you in my prayers every day. gail
(Atlanta, GA)
Tammy Faye,

I am sorry for not signing off on my previous message, but my 2 year old pushed the send button before I could finish. :-)I wanted you to know that we love you and by His stripes, you are ALREADY HEALED!!! You are the real example of holiness.

God's eternal blessings,
Carlo and family
julie stewart
(live oak, florida)
i saw you last nite on larry king. wow, what an inspiration you are. i wanted you to know that the love of Jesus really shined through, and you looked absolutely beautiful.
(San Francisco, CA)
Tammy Faye:

As a gay man who knows what that's really all about instead of the hateful thing some politicians and televangelists try to portray it as, I want to thank you for your non-judgmental live-and-let-live attitude these past many years.

I don't have much use for religion after seeing the likes of Jerry Falwell and others manipulate poeple's faith and promote hate as love, but if there is a creator I believe He/She/It wants us all to be good to one another.

If we were to sit down for five minutes I doubt we'd have much in common, and yet looking under the surface I think there's a basic kindness and decency toward our fellow man that we share, and for that reason I wish you well on your journey from this life to what follows. It's all part of a lovely process that's been going on forever, and nothing to be feared.

Take heart that as you prepare to leave this realm you left behind goodness and kindness for others, and in that regard I think you (and each of us) can say we lived a productive and loving life.
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