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(Buffalo, NY)
I wrote to you last night but I think I got kicked I understand, look at the numbers of people wanting to wish you love and comfort. And offer thanks and recognition. I've wanted to write to you for several years. Please know that I hold you and your spirit in such regard. You are to me what a Christian truly is, or "should" be. Kind, openminded, loving, faithful, funny, expansive. As a lesbian I want to thank you for the love, acceptance and gentle support you've shown our community. From the time of your talk show with JJ Bullock, I've been so impressed by you. Then there was the Surreal World. You absolutely rock and I can't imagine respecting you more. I wish you every gentleness, every softness and every grace. I'll have a hamburger and fries tonight and "cheers" to you Tammy Faye. You are so loved. Thank you for your courage and commitment, and energy given, in sharing yourself with us via Larry King. I look forward to seeing the repeat this weekend as I missed it live and only saw a clip on Much, much love. Jo-Anne
(Hot springs, AR)
Tammy, I saw you on Larry King Live, and even tho you lost alot of weight, you are beautiful, inside and out. You are one sweet dear lady, and an inspiration to all of us. You are for real, Ms. Tammy, especially witnessing for the Lord as you are doing ... Stay strong, Tammy Faye. We all love you and "God Loves You too". Be well..from your friend in Arkansas.
(Los Angeles, CA)
My prayers are with you, with much respect and admiration.
(Seattle, Washington)
Hi Tammy,
I am 30 years old and have never been a religous or spiritual person so I kind of shut myself off to people who are. I didn't know much about you until I watched you on The Surreal Life. You have completely changed my views - You are an amazing and caring , kind person who passes no judgement on people. I think you are amazing! Since then - I have tried to find out more about you, I am in awe and only wish I could accomplish in my lifetime what you have. Your work with aids patients is inspiring. My uncle died a few weeks ago after a long battle with the disease. While he was in the hospital, my grandparents made him repent his "sins" and let god know that he was straight and was sorry for acting as a gay person - so he would go to heaven. This really upset me- although I know my uncle well enough to know that he just did that to put their minds at ease. A few days later I just happened to catch a rerun of the SR on the TV guide channel and it was the one where you went to your book signing. I heard what you told that man when he asked you what you would do if your child was gay. You told him your feelings for your child wouldn't change. Tammy- I felt like you were talking right at me. I loved my uncle so much and to see him die like that was hard. I never thought of him as my gay uncle- only my uncle and it made no difference to me whom he loved. Thank you so much for letting me see that there are good people like yourself in this world and that christians are not always judgemental of everyones lifestyle. I saw you on Larry King last night- It broke my heart - Such a wonderful lady and it makes me sad to see you in so much pain! I see that you are at peace and that really makes me think about my feelings toward god and I thank you for that. I need to open my mind and not put "labels" on everyone. I wish you nothing but the best. I don't pray for many people but I pray for you, because if there is a heaven - I know you will be there and everyone I have loved and lost will be better of with you in their presence. I hope to see you there someday!! Thank You So So Much for letting people into your life and devoting yourself to helping others- you are an inspiration.
(Ottawa Canada)
Dear Dear Miss Tammy Faye,
How beautiful you looked last night on Larry King.  More beautiful than ever!  

Thank you for appearing on television to say hello to your fans...and for reminding us that love is the most important
thing.  You are an inspiration and a gift from God.  I am humbled by your dignity and grace.

We are praying for you and your beautiful family.  We believe in miracles.  We believe that "you can make it."

Keep fighting.

With deep love and admiration,
Tammy, You are a inspiration. You show what ultimate faith is all about.
Short and sweet:we all love you and care about you very much.
Beverly Hayes
(Flippin, AR)
Tammy, I have been an admirer of yours for nearly 30 years and know that He has a special place for you in Heaven when your time here is over. It will be wonderful for you because you will be well and happy and pain free. This world will be less without you. God bless you, Tammy.
Hi Tammy,
I just read your interview with Larry King. It is so heart waming to know that after all you have been through and suffered that you can still reach out to so many other people and think of their well being in body and spirit. You are a very special person and I truly believe that everything comes from the heart with you. I have had so many people I knew and friends that I have met in the hospital where I work that have lost their lives to this dreadful disease. I work with a nurse who has cancer and she is like you, bubbly and upbeat. I pray that God will watch over you and keep his healing hands over you, as I know he always has. You are a trooper and my heart goes out to you so much!! I know miracles DO happen and who knows what God has in store for you. May God Bless and keep you!

Tom & Lance
(Phoenix, Arizona)
God Bless You Tammy, Roe and family - Thank you for appearing on Larry King live recently. Tammy you are in our hearts and prayers. What an inspiration you are to everyone on this earth. We are so grateful for you. We often play your CD with you singing, "Don't Give Up On The Brink Of a Miracle". Another blessing from you that helps us & others as we go through life. I know you won't give up either! as you say at the end of that song "Don't you dare give up". We will be keeping good thoughts of you now and always. d:-)
(Birmingham, Alabama)
Dearest Mrs. Tammy,
Being a church musician, I can't help but know who you are. First let me say that I really hate the fact that you are going through this. I know what it is like to have your life altercated with disease. I have Kidney Disease. A friend once told me that God chose me for a reason. I have to believe the same for you. We all get chosen to do different things in life. One day we will have full understanding. My prayers are with you. On a lighter note, I saw you on Larry King and I must say..... You are a TRUE Divine Diva! You don't know how your appearnance have blessed people. Make-up, hair..... You go Tammy Faye!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! God bless!
Ursula P.
(Annapolis, Md)
Tammy my prayers are with you and I hope someday you get to eat your hamburger. I am 27 years old and grew up watching you in the 80's. And I love that you are such a postive person. And wish that there would be more people like you.
(Atlanta, GA)
Tammy Faye,

I wanted to let you know that you are indeed an angel. You have a heart that is made of pure gold. I know that we sometimes don't understand why God allows certain things to come into our lives, but I do know that you know that "He knows the plans that He has for you, Plans to prosper and not harm you, Plans to give you a hope and a future." You have faith that is rarely seen in our day. I love your unwavering strength and love for the Lord. I know that God can do anything but fail. I believe in Him for your complete healing. That you are whole...nothing missing and nothing broken. Your life is a testament of the goodness of the Lord. You stay strong and keep on holding on. No doctor or man can ue2zihBYUcancel God's plans.
HeatherFaye Farrar
(Lynnwood WA)
My prayers are with you and your family. You are a true role model for humanity. I got to know you watching you on VH1. I absolutally fell in love with your personality. I watched ever week. Lots of love to you and your family. Thank you for going on Larry King and letting us be able to see you and hear your thoughts.
from a "Faye" sister-
David L. King
(Hurricane West Virginia)
Jesus tells us he is The Way, The Truth and The Life. I believe you walked his way, spoke his truth, and lived his life. As a follower of our Lord and Savior, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven one day. All Glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Tammy, Stay strong, God loves you, Bless you!
Roslyn J.
(Wetumpka, Al)
Dear Tammy,

I've "known" you for many, many years now and want you to know what an encouragement you have been and are still to this day. Your love for our Lord is so real. Thank you for allowing Him to use you in such a remarkable way. You have touched so many who otherwise would not have even known about Jesus have it not been for you. Remember that song, "Thank you for giving to the Lord"? That's my thank you to you. I know that when you get Home, the Lord will say to you "child, look around you, for great is your reward".

God bless you and your family, You are all in my prayers. You and I know the faithfulness of God and He alone is our Glory and the Lifter of our heads. My prayer is that He continues to hold you tenderly in His sweet arms and ease the pain your are enduring. What grace you have shown - what a testimony to the world.

I pray that you will have that hamburger and french fries with lots of ketchup soon!

Your sister in Jesus,

You are an inspiration. Thank you for being yourself and sharing your beautiful personality with us. You are in my prayers. I think of you often.
Lona Waldon
(Denham Springs LA)
Saw you on Larry King. I've always loved you because you are so "real". My prayer for you is to be able to eat your burger and fries with lots of ketsup. Remember...He has you in the Palm of His Hand. I love you Tammy Faye.
(Malden MO.)
i saw you on larry king live last nite .i was so proud to see the strength and faith you have .my prayers for you ,
karen day
(marietta, georgia)
Tammy Faye, I have watched you for many yrs. and love everything about you. I pray for you each and every day for you to be pain free and restful. I also pray for a miracle that you will be well. I admire your faith so much. Just remember so many people love you and are praying for you.
James Katzenberger
hello.Mr,Tammy faye I want to say iam so sorry about your ill.i found god too.i did goodthing to he give me a kidney,back in july.just want you to know.i fight everday,for my kidney,ps,hope god make you better,iam pray for you and your james katzenberger,
Dear Tammy,

thank you for allowing this medium to send you well wishes!.
since i read your latest story on ABC news, i wanted to let you know that i am humbled by you.
my sister was diagnosed with Colon Cancer last dec 2006. Like you, her chemo regimen was very similar to yours.
Please know that from this day on, you will be in my daily prayers. May God shine his Blessings on you to continue to give you the strength that you need.
Warmly, Geraldine
(Winchester, California)
Dear Tammy,
I pray that your pain will ease...God Bless You and may you get that hamburger very soon...
Fondly, Kathy
(Columbus, OH)
Your faith and spirit are so inspiring. You're more beautiful than ever!
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