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Janice Gordon
(Hannibal, Missouri)
We saw you on Larry King last night and it really touched our heart.You are such a blessing to so many people all over the world.we are praying for God to reach down and pour you out a blessing that you and your family wont be able to contain.I was so impressed by your faith I know the devil was not happy at your testemony at your faith in God but you are still working to bring those lost people into the kingdom of God We will continue to pray for God to give you and your family all the strength you need.God bless you we love you. Janice
(Tacoma, WA)
My sister recently passed with ovarian cancer. Like you she was unable to keep any food down. She became hypersensitive to any smell that also made her sick. I want you to know I have always admired you and I am sorry that you have such a painful disease. The best gift your daughter will have is the memories of being with you during this time although they are difficult. As the months have passed since my sister's passing it was those memories of just being together that has brought me through along with knowing that she joins my parents in heaven. You are a brave and wonderful woman. May God's blessing continue to flow even if it is only a bite at a time. You continue to be in my prayers.
Tammy, you inspire me ! I pray that my faith will be as strong as yours one day.I am trying. I know we will meet in Heaven one day.
(Houston, Texas)
Dear Tammy,

I saw your interview with Larry King and was truly inspired. Stay strong in the Lord. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless You!
Gayle Earnhart
(Oceanside, California)
Precious Sister,

You are my hero.

Julie Haywood
(Barberton OH)
Tammy Faye, I saw you on "Larry King Live" last night and I had to write to say what an inspiration you are still. You could see the love in your son's eyes for you, too. My mom died of pancreatic cancer and seeing you last night made me think of her having peace. Thank you for being such an inspiration - I admire your courage!
melinda carpenter
(oshawa ontario canada)
Dear Tammy ,I remember watching your show in the 8os and Ive foloowed your career and you all this time,i loved it when you were on the surreal life also.I watched you on Larry King and my heart goes out to you and your family.I am saying many prayers for you and Im hoping you will feel much better soon.Godbless you Tammy...lots of love melinda carpenter
(north vernon, IN)
Tammy-I have always thought you are a beautiful woman inside and out. You still are! Thank you for all the words of inspiration thru the years and for how you always have made me smile. When we ALL get to HEAVEN what a day of rejoicing that will be!!!
Stay sweet, stay strong, I pray for you. God Bless
Pamela Clark
(Vancouver B.C.)
Dear Tammy I have been looking for a place to send you Gods blessing and that you will be in heaven with the lord. My 20 year old son watched your interview on Larry King and said he would pray for you and he said that you would not have no more pain .vERY SOON WHEN YOUGO HOME.
Diane Grenier
(West Palm Beach)
Dear Tammy Faye:

I did not know you were sick! I am sorry to hear that. I woke up last night around 1 am and could not go back to sleep. I have to give you this message. It is not too late! Have someone look up on the internet about "ph balance" and follow one of the many links to cancer. Best wishes to you,


Diane Grenier
(Huntington, WV)
Out of all of the "celebrities" in the media today, Tammy is the most humble and gracious of them all. Throughout all of her life, she has kept her head held high and had a positive attitude. Her faith in God has never faltered. She is a role model and a fighter! May God bless you and keep you! You will always be beautiful! Thoughts and prayers....
(Bradenton, FL)
Tammy, You are truly an inspiration. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Grace Donahue
(Fillmore, California)
May God Bless you.
(Broomfield CO)
My dearest Tammy,
You are such a beauty, inside and out, may the lord ease your pain. Wishing you the best and praying for you, Roe and the children.
Judith Marie-Therese
(Toms River New Jersey)
You were never more beautiful than last night on Larry King when your inner beauty and love of our Lord came shining through. May you be blessed over and over again! We love you.
Charlie Bryant
(Providence, Rhode Island)
God Bless You! I have faith also! Keep your head up! :)
(Broomfield CO)
My dearest Tammy,
You are such a beauty, inside and out, may the lord ease your pain. Wishing you the best and praying for you, Roe and the children.
sandra barber
my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wonderful family
(Los Angeles, CA)
I admire your strength and beauty. Please stay strong and may G-d bless you!
Dear Tammy, I saw you on the Larry King show last night and I was very moved by the strength and courage that you are showing doing your illness. May God give you the strength to eat that hamburger and french fries with lots of ketchup. And I pray that you will be able to keep it down. God bless you and your family. Alice
(Orlando, FL)
Hi Tammy, I hope this email really does reach you so that you know another person is praying for you. I am blessed to have learned more about you by watching The Surreal Life (I know about you from PTL years, etc.) but the recent show gave us a different perspective. I too have cancer (stage IV breast cancer to the bones at 45 years old!!) but I am responding well to treatment and continue to go to work everyday and live the wonderful life God gifted has gifted me. I hope and pray you will get some relief from your pain and discomfort - I know what you're feeling. Thank you for being you Tammy. I am glad I am taking the time to write this message - to reach out to you and just wish you peace. God Bless.
Dear Tammy ... God bless you! You are the sweetest person I have ever "known". You are the most caring, loving, person i have ever known. You are so down to earth and accepting ... you will never ever be forgotten ... i have always loved and admired you!
I love you Tammy! Hang in there, God will take care of you! I will see you in heaven someday. There you will be healed. I am praying for you! I am a gay man and and proud that you stuck by us all! It means the world to us!!!! Know that you were loved.
What strength and courage you have. You are a true lady.
May God bless you and give you peace.

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