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(Aiken, S.C.)
Dearest Tammy,
I just want peace for you and no pain. I pray, and know that our Lord will be with you always. He is the great I am.
Prayers and Wishes,
(Brentwood, TN)
You may never know how your public courage and steadfast faith at this time in your life will lead newcomers to Christ and others back to Church. By letting the world see your endless and open affection towards your God and Savior, you will affect change in others as you have never before.
Julie F
(Fort Collins, CO)
Tammy Faye, I became a huge fan of yours when I watched you on Surreal Life. You're a beautiful, loving person and a true example for all of us. I'm so sorry about what you're going through, and I admire your courage so much. Sending you lots of virtual hugs.
Darrell de Rosset
(Lexington, Ky)
I am a 42 year old gay man who grew up in Lancaster SC. You have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I first learned to pray while watching you on the PTL club as a first grader suffering with a horrible case of Chicken Pox (lol). I learned that prayer works. I continued to follow you as a major influence throughout the turbulent years of the late 1980's. I also treasure my memories of watching you reach out with love and compassion to everyone you touched, most recently on Larry King Live but also on the Surreal Life and your warmth and openess to gay people witnessed by your friendship with Jim J Bullock and the gleam of your beautiful eyes in the Bailey/Barbato documentary . You have been a light which I know has helped many lost souls find their way to God. I love you and look forward to meeting you over there. You have always been You and now, with your faith, hope and love, I know you will Run to the Roar and embrace the Lord. Thank you for sharing your life with me Tammy. I have compassion for Jay and Tammy Sue also. My own mother went to heaven in 1987 at 48. I will pray for your children. May God bless you and them. I love you too.
(Alexander City, Alabama)
I have known of you for quite sometime. I have always admired your faith in God. I have great respect for you. How you keep your faith and Smile during such a distressing time is amazing to me. I know he only need to think not even speak and his will, will be done. I keep you, your husband and all of both of your families in my families thoughts and prayers. May God bless both of you and your families always and in all ways. Keeping the Faith in Alabama
tammy get better i love u and my prayers are with u !u are so strong keep the faith !!!god can change ANYTHING,all things are possible to them that believe !U are a believer god bless
(Paducah, KY)
Dear Tammy Faye,
You have endured some of life's hardest tests, but still you are a devoted Christian! You are an inspiration to us all. I keep you in my prayers to turn out to be a modern day miracle, but if not, then I pray that you rest well each night and when you do pass on to the Lord's loving care you go without pain. You will be missed by millions and your family will keep their loving memories of you close to their hearts. See you in Heaven!
Peace and Love,
(Chicago, Illinois)
I saw your interview last night on Larry King Live, and I must say I was truly inspired. You are a beautiful woman of faith and determination. Going through my own disability, I too keep a smile on my face everyday and I start each day thanking God and end each day the same way. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God Bless!
(Indianapolis, IN)
Dear Tammy, I saw you on Larry king last night. It was good to see you and hear your "smiling" voice. A very long story short, I am a gay man that drank and drugged for 19 years, struggling and trying to figure out how I could be gay and spiritual at the same time. Well, Iím proud to say I have been sober and happy for the past 10 years. I can honestly say you were a part of my recovery, strength and hope. Today I am happy and I know God loves me.

I will always be grateful!

My prayers and thought are always with you and your family.

PS: What a great son you have raised!

(Buffalo, NY)
Tammy, Today I felt like such a schmuck after a dear friend of mine shared a bit of your interview on Larry King Live. The last month I've been having many anxiety attacks and don't know why. Today after seeing the spirit within you regardless of your condition... I feel like such a jerk. You are truly inspirational! I didn't have much faith at all. However, after watching you; you make me want to focus on my faith a bit more. It truly is important. You've shown me that. Many of my blessings go out to you Tammy. You are so special! Hugs, kisses, and prayers go out to you.
(Kansas City Missouri)
Tammy.I have ALWAYS been a fan of yours. I even dressed up like you for Halloween one year. I saw you on Larry King and it made me feel so sad to see you like that.You were so brave to do that interview. You are amazing! You are a good person and I know you will go straight to heaven!!!
marsha rocha
My sister in Faith, You are an amazing woman of God. I have come to know you and apprecete your walk with Our Savior. I have watched you for years, not knowing whom I was watching. Before I became a Christian, I would often wonder who the heck was this woman with these eyelashes so long, she could cool the world with one blink.... I am confessing my sweet one. It was your lashes that made me watch you, my ears that made me listen, and God took me by my hand and helped me up, and has walked with me ever since.
I saw you last night. The night before that, I watched you on your dvd "The Eyes of Tammy Faye". How odd it was for me to turn on the tv the next night and see you on, talking of your love and faithfullness to God. See, I have hepatitis C. I've carried it since 1989 and it has taken its toll on my body. As you know, disease does have its way with you. And the chemicals that are inserted in to you aren't much better. I saw a lot of me in you last night. I saw a lot of what I WANT to become in you last night. I am extremly inspired by you. I have chronic pain from this disease,(tummy & back pain oddly enough) I have psorois of the liver, a dangerously enlarged spleen,Varisees of the esophagus, which could explode at any time and I could bleed out, from inside. I am anemic, my blood levels are dangeroulsy low, and other small things happening.Oh yes, and there is the lovely swelling of the tummy that makes me feel like any day now my twins are coming! The swelling is caused by toxins in the body, I prefer to call it my twins, Ha Ha But you know what Sister, I still have prayer. Part of my joy is that I can go to God anytime, anywhere, and He is there. This body can not steal my joy!!! I have wonderful people in my life, some still here, and others that have gone home, they are paving the way for my homecoming and it is exciting. My Auntie/Mom passed away a few years ago, she told my Uncle in a letter, she'll be standing at the door, waiting for him. I know there are brothers and sisters, aunties, uncles, so many people waiting for my homecoming. I understand what you said about fear from dying only for your kids, your family, I have a wonderful husband of 25 years and we are madly in love after 30 years of knowing each other, God blessed us sooo.I know I have young neices and nephews that are yhoung and don't understand dying yet, it will be sad for them. I know God will give them the comfort they need to continue and eventually, they will be able to talk about Auntie M. with a sense of humor, which is what I am about.
Well Tammy, (my sisters name too!) I have watched you for years, I am seeing a wonderful servant of our Lord now, not just the lashes. Although they have done the purpose God had for them by bringing thousands to Him. They would be His voice, God ALWAYS knows what He's doin, there are no mistakes. You are so trusting and faithful Tammy Faye Messner, your husband is a blessed man to have you in his life and be the example you are. May I continue to gain strength from you and all of God's servants. Your Sister in Christ, Marsha Rocha
P.S. Tell Jesus I love Him.
Tina Hare
(Amarillo, Texas) have such a sweet spirit! I had a huge cheeseburger and fries just for you made me cry! Tammy the best is waiting for you. I hope to meet you someday sister!
(West Haven,CT.)
Tammy I beleive that you are being Healed as I type!The devil is a liar and deceiver! Just keep on saying the healing scriptures that Jesus says,out loud out of your mouth! I rebuke the devil,and the spirit of infirmity,out of Tammy now in Jesus name! Flee you defeated foe,you have no place in her life! She is a child of a most HIGH GOD , that defeated you satan. I plead the blood of JESUS CHRIST all over Tammy,inside and outside of her body,no sickness or disease shall come near her again, in Jesus NAME!
I just know that all of this will GLORIFY GOD! The world will see how he heals! You will be eating cheese burgers with no problem Tammy! And you will minister again,and be a blessing to the Lord!
God Bless You,
Love Stephanie
(Woodland Hills, CA)
Dearest Tammy,
My best wishes and thoughts are sent to you and your loved ones, you are an inspiration to all living souls.....thanks to you we can keep the faith...please get better! My prayers are with you always and I hope to one day meet you! Love Grace
George Signoriello
(Wake Forest, NC)
God took my Mom home with Lung Cancer. I pray that you will be the miracle that will make them all stand up and take notice. You're in my prayers. Remember, Only believe !
God Bless, George
(washington ut)
tammy your much loved,stay with us.its possible just keep fighting the good fight,i believe!
Debbie Thompson
(Lebanon , Tn)
Tammy hang in there. I will be praying for you.
Jo Ann Corum
(Reidsville N C)
Dearest Tammy, I am praying for you constantly. Keep walking in faith. You bring such love and peace and joy to everyone. I thank God for you and your spirit. You are never alone, you have so many true friends who love you.
Peggy Ann
Tammy, honey, it's God's will that you live. I'm speaking against the enemy for you & binding this sickness in Jesus' Name. I believe that you will experience a great miracle. Remember Psalm 91. You are God's precious child, He loves you. I love you. We all do! God bless you, Tammy Faye!!
Sherise Suarez
(Bronx, NY)
Tammy, God Bless you! You are in my constant prayers. Thank you so much for your strength. I myself am battling a final stage cancer and you gimmie strength everyday. Continue to fight, dont give up.. the Lord will heal u! I learned to have faith through you several years ago.. now im praying for u! I LOVE YOU TAMMY FAYE
We used to travel to Fort Mill when I was a little girl, my dad is a preacher. We always felt relaxed and had a great time! I still have alot of the records,t-shirts and cassettes from that era. They still bring that feeling of familiar comfort. Please know that I am praying for you and believe for your deliverence from cancer, what ever method the Father chooses.
Jackie Walsh
(Halifax Canada)
Dear Tammy.
I just wanted to write to you after seeing you on Larry King,I was hoping to see you again ,like many other people who have followed your life.
I am not a religous person but I do think you are one and not one of those in it for fame and money.
I am sorry to see you suffering and thank you for taking the time to do the interview ,I have laughed with you and cried with you ,and I am glad you have a good husband and nice children who are taking good care of you.
I do know that if there is a heaven, the gates will be wide open for you. So I raise my glass to you Tammy,and wish a great lady all the best.Your sincerly Jackie xx
Ms A Rey
(Chino Hills, Ca)
My Prayers to you and all your Loved ones,
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