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dear tammy
i hope that you get better soon and you are in alot of people's prayers and they all wish the same and as you already know. God is watching over as are an example of how the people around the world should be. Take care
I am related to The Paulks and I wanted you to know that we are ALL praying for you.
Jimmy Cannon
(Sherman Oaks, CA)
After seeing you last night on Larry King I still can hardly believe anyone could be so strong, so positive, so faithful and so grateful. You really are a person to be admired and looked up to and my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
Jan Kelly
(Riverside Ca.)
Tammy you are avery special lady. Tammy I was also a pastor's wife. I know that we are go through many different things in our lif's but know My Savior JESUS is with us yes you are right we can be strong. I wish I could talk to you but know that can't be done. just know that their are many of us here that can tell of our situation's. May God's hand be on you and keep you strong Love Always
(Gardnerville, NV)
I;'ve "known" you since the 60's - I often saw you in Palm Springs when we both lived in that best thoughts/heartfelt prayers for you and your family at this time!
(San Antonio TX)
Take care of yourself!
I wish you the best of luck!
Never give up and Never EVER let the Devil win!
Dear TammyFaye,
I saw a little of the Larry King show that you did and i am praying for you.Your humor,bubbly spirit and drive to live are an inspiration to us all.You are a true lady,and you carry yourself with grace and class.I am praying that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will heal you totally to bring glory to his name and to so that the world can continue to be blessed with the presence you Miss Tammyfaye.God bless you stay encouraged and never give up hope

Blessings and hugs
(Lee's Summit, MO)
Tammy - You have had a special place in my heart for the past 24 years ... and even though you don't know me, I feel that I know you somehow. You are loved and respected more than you'll ever know, and I'm so thankful for you. God bless you, and know that you are truly a blessing to everyone here on this earth. You speak from the heart. Best Wishes to you!
Tammy. I just wanted to say that you and Jamie are the closest things to authentic Christians that exist on the planet today. Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do. You are a role model for how Christians should act and live their lives. I applaud you for the hard work the Lord has given you. Thank you for the acceptance of the gay community, my community. Save me a spot in heaven, because I can't wait to meet you there! May God Bless you richly!
(Los Angeles)
Feel well soon, we all love you so much!
Mike E.
(Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
There are few people as wonderful as you, Tammy. This world needs so many more like you to teach us to love, respect, and tolerate one another's differences. You are truly precious.
(fairmont, mn)
Sending love and best wishes for you, Tammy, as well as your loved ones. It was difficult to see how this horrible disease has taken its toll on your body, as we viewed CNN program! I was wanting so much to do something to allow the cancer to be gone and you would be all better! Our health is everything, isn't it! We are close in age and I found myself wanting to "savor the present moment, always" knowing how quickly it can all change!
Thank you for some very memorable programs as we watched the PTL Club, years "C.M.Ward" and many others! Thank you, Tammy, for being you and showing us how to have silly and to enjoy humor. Your fun was contagious!! I pray for our Lord to "lift you up on angels wings" and that you will behold HIM, as you will be like Him, when you see Him face to face! May the Lord hold you close.
May G-d Bless you Always and may you enjoy that hamburger soon.
(Holcomb, Missouri)
God bless you Tammy!
Kamal Karam
(turnersville, nj)
TAMMY FAYE, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. You inspire me to be a better person and I have always considered you to be the best example of what a Christian is suppose to be. I will continue to pray for you during this tough time. Thanks for all the joy you bring into my life, Love, Kamal
(Akron, Ohio)
Dear Tammy,
I saw you on Larry King yesterday the love & the strength you showed all of us is truly amazing! Tammy you are really one of God's children! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
God Bless you Tammy! Sue
(Chicago, IL)
Tammy ,

We are all praying for you. You are an inspriation and your memory will continue to be even after you leave this earth for the pearly gates.

Angie C.
(London, Ontario, Canada)
Dear Tammy---God Bless you and hold you on your journey---you are so deserving of everything good and I am so touched by your unwavering faith and your incredible bravery! You are a wonderful inspiration and role model! I am praying for you constantly and I am so very thankful that I 'know' you! Take care and know that you are truly a shiny light in this sorry world! God Bless and keep you. I also pray that you get your hamburger! XOXOXO
Donna Whitman
(Halifax, NS, Canada)
I saw your interview on the Larry King Show and your faith in the face of such suffering is such an inspiration. So many of us (like myself) lose their faith dealing with much less that you have been dealing with. What an inspiration you are be able to smile, joke and speak of the love of God while in constant pain. I hope God has a very special place prepared for you to reward you for the way you love Him and tell others about Him.

God bless and stay strong ...
(Catlettsburg, Ky)
Dear Tammy,
I wanted to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me and my sister. With the help from your words and PTL my sister and I were saved. You have always been a driving in our lives. What a wonderful human being and endearing Christian you are. God certainly has a disciple on earth in the person of Tammy Faye.

With all my Heart - Blessings and Prayers
(Magnolia, Texas)
We love you very much and you are a person with style and grace.....God Bles you and your children.....

Love Connie
Theresa L.
(Indianapolis IN)
Praying for God to send you his healing touch. Be courageous and strong.
(Lilburn, Ga)
I remember watching you when I was a little girl on tv (my mom and grandmother are huge fans) and you were and still are always smiling and genuine. In the selfish and hurtful world we live in it is a blessing to know that angels really do exist. We love you Tammy faye and God bless you always!
Lisa C-T
(Fort Washington, MD)
Peace unto you.
(Castro Valley, CA)
May God's grace and peace be with you and your family as you walk along this road. YOU are an inspiriation to many and a gift to all! Thank you for your faithfulness. Blessings to you.
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