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(Canton, OH)
Tammy Faye,
After seeing clips of your interview on Larry King, I felt compelled to write. I've been experiencing problems in my own life, and I felt that God abandoned me. After listening to you, I am ashamed of myself. Even after all you've been through, you still have faith, and you still pray for us. You have a beautiful soul. I pray that I can learn from your experience, and I pray that you will soon find peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless,
Taj Mason
(Abington, Maryland)
Dear Pastor Tammy,
I want to thank you for being an awesome example of Christ to the young generation. We love you and you are continually in our prayers.

United Christians For Harmony
A Friend
Tammy -

I always said that if I could choose a person to pray over me, it would be you, such is the power of your faith. I wish you well.
(Merritt Island)
Dearest Tammy, I Just Wanted To Thank You For Being You! You Are Such A Loving,Caring,Compassionate Person And We Love You So Much. Thank You For Teaching Us How To Love And Respect God And Each Other! I Know That God Has Put You Here As One Of His Soldiers And We Are Truly Blessed For That! We Will Continue To Pray For You And Again THANK YOU....... Love Keithe
Patricia Martel
(Baton Rouge, La)
I watched the Larry King Live show yesterday you were talking about your Faith in God. You are an incrediable woman to have gone threw so much and still the love of Jesus shines threw your face. The beauty of the Lord is all over you. How He loves you! I will continue to pray for you and your family I have a burden from the Lord since I watched the show.
Your friend in Christ,
(unionville, tn)
What an inspiration you were On Larry King, thank you for being such a wonderful example of how we should all see and live our lives. I continue to pray for you and yours during this time. Love in Christ, starr
Jeremy Baldwin
(New Orleans, La)
Tammy.. you dear, sweet, sweet lady may God bless you and hold you gently in his loving arms. You truly are an inspiration and it is easy to see him shining through you. I have no doubt he is with you because of the beaming light that you shine on this world. God Bless!!
(San Jose, CA)
I'm praying hard for you Tammy - I know you can beat this thing that wants to take over and your our hope for a miracle.
Rosa Lee Faverey
(Jamaica New York 11433)
I am a Christian also. Per Pastor Norvel Hayes: say IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU demon of cancer come out of my and go into the sea. And when you rest PRAISE THE LORD , then continue until you see results. It is working for me. Please spread the word. Your sister in JESUS CHRIST Rosa Lee. See you next year.
Rick Perrault
(Int'l Falls, MN)
Tammy, you have been a wonderful inspiration to me for along time. I don't pray much, but I know (because of you) that it's ok to start now. You are in my thoughts, and prayers (!). You will always be beautiful, Miss Thing!!
Cecilia Lawson
(Lincoln, Nebraska)
Being in Nebraska we are practically neighbors but I've felt that way about you all my life. How you are such a blessing. I just found out that instead of "asthma" I have emphysema with about 1/3 lung capacity left. I'm only 52 and admit I've been on the pity pot lately thinking of all the things I do and will miss.
But you know, You have shown me what it means to hold onto one's faith in God. Seeing and hearing your wonderful countenance changed my attitude. You still get up each day, put on your eyelashes (*grin*), dress..more than my pity pot has allowed me to do recently. Well, I'm off the pot. I WILL LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST AND PRAISE MY GOD EACH DAY. Because my favorite verse is Isaiah 40:31. I will run and not grow weary and walk and not faint. And now I will have another Romans 8:28
Tammy I remember how you sang on PTL when I was a kid. I always enjoyed watching you. The love of the Lord always shines on your face. I sang professionally for many a year and miss not being able to use that blessing for his glory.
A friend gave me a plaque with the following Max Lucado quote: "Is there any chance, any possibility, that you have been selected to struggle for God's glory? Your faith in the face of suffering cranks up the volume of God's song!"
You faith cranked up God's song. Your purpose, at least for me, was to bring me back around. God has still a purpose too for me. I serve a great, big mighty God and like you, he looks after me...little 'ole me.
I love you Tammy Faye. May God continue to grant you peace and to watch over your loved ones. Thank you for your years of PURE JOY. I will meet just inside the Eastern Gate.

Gabriela Ureņa
(Menlo Park, Ca)
You Are A Great Inspiration To Us All, My Hopes And Prayers Go Out To You And Those You Love, You Are A Great Human Being, And You'll Always Be Loved By All Of Your Fans And Family, Thank You For Staying Strong And Being Such A Great Inspiration To Us ALL! We Love you Tammy Faye! Best Wishes,
A Very Young Fan In California.
(Springfield, Missouri)
Dear Tammy, may the light of Gods love encircle you and your family. Even though there are only one set of footprints now, your time will come to walk side by side and hand in hand with the Lord again soon. There is a song by Donnie McClurkin called "STAND" that got me through some very hard times in ICU with my grandson after he was burned severely in a car accident. It brought my faith level right to the top every time I heard it. Tammy, God's love never fails so watch for the rainbows that tell of God'a faithful promises to us. Lean into Him and He will bring you through. May His peace that passes all understanding be yours now and always.
(New York)
Dear Brave Tammy,
What an inspiration. I've wondered how you were doing, and thanks to your interview on Larry King, I now know. How brave and admirable. Where do you find your strenghth and courage? You truly are such a shining example to people everywhere. You are most certainly making a difference in the lives of so many. You have made such a great impact on this world. To see you in your state, and continueing to spread love joy acceptance and understanding, all the while braving a smile, words just can't describe. I am not a devout relegious person, but for you I want to say a prayer. If only more people were like you, what a wonderful world this would be. If you were Catholic, you would probably achieve sainthood. I would love to see a miracle and personally buy you that hamburger and french fries.


joyce marie westcott
(brockport, NY)
Tammy, I have seen you many times on Larry King and have always found you inspirational. But what I saw the other night made me weep with faith, hope and glory. You always think of others before yourself and I do also belive you will go straight to HEAVEN!
God Bless, Joyce
Kathy and Mike Schroeder
(Fredericksburg, Texas)
Dear Tammy Faye, my dear sweet friend our prayers are with you. You have been such a wonderful role model for all of us. Teaching us that JESUS IS LORD and the importance of having Jesus as our Savior. May God Bless you and keep you. We have found with God there is a balance. God will sustain and protect His people against the hosts of darkness and carry through His purpose to the end. His light will reach those who diligently seek Him and who need Him.

Tammy Faye, you are a beautiful person. We have always admired your strength and courage. We love you, Kathy and Mike
Tammy Faye, Please know that I am praying for you and asking Jesus to stop your pain. I am so thankful that you have loving friends and family to help you through this misery. Please know that I always understood about wearing the makeup. I'm never without mine, even when I go to check the mail or go to the beach! LOL! May God Bless You! Peace
Tammy Creasman
(Hendersonville NC)
My prayers are with you. Thank you for being the spiritual giant that you are. Thank you for continuing to uplift others around you with your strong testimony,your humble heart, your radiant smile,& your love for all. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of a true Daughter & follower of God, Thank you for comforting us in your time of death. We feel your love & strength, even though you have never met us.You have touched more hearts & lives that you will ever know. Thank you for making to world a better place. . May your journey home be quick. Love & prayers, Tammy Creasman
(milwaukee, wi)
hi tammy, i'm a single mom and a model and writer and you are an inspiration to me when i feel overwhelmed. i think of how you say you wish even for five minutes to feel how you used to is will be able to eat that burger very soon~ i know it. god bless you! love, michelle
Polly Villalobos
(Phoenix, Arizona)
Dear Tammy,
Although we have never met, I feel strongly that we are sisters in Christ! I am praying for you and your family! May God's comfort and love be with you and yours always! Your faith and strength is more of an inspiration than you could ever imagine! God Bless You Tammy Faye!
When I go to Heaven, I hope you are there to meet me. If I go first- then I will sure be there to meet you. You are to me, what Billie Graham is to you. You are amazing and BEAUTIFUL in every single way. I Love You. God Bless.
lorraine iwan
(newy york,ny)
hi tammy! my husband frank and i wish you peace and happiness. we met you at sacred center in nyc a couple years back. you are so special. we love you, and will never forget you singing higher ground and dancing with frank. you liked my peace sign t shirt. anyway, im going down memory lane. we love you very much and i feel sad that you arent feeling well. i cry. im like you in that way. god bless you.
Dear MIss Tammy Faye
I never got to know you personally but you are such a loving beautifull woman. I will pray for you ! And I hope you get to eat and enjoy that hamburger ! We love you !!!!!
(NJ )
I can't believe what a darling you are. God bless you - you are such an inspiration.
(New York)
God Speed, Tammy Faye.
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