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(Phillipsburg NJ)
Love & Peace to you Tammy! I hope your Journey Home is painless & peaceful !
God Bless You wonderful, wonderful Lady !
All My Love,
Diane Pinkus
Dear Tammy,

You are an inspiration to all, I really believe in what you do. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 27, I am now 32 years old. I know that God has his arms around you and is taken care of you, I thought that I would leave a little info. about something that I seen on the discovery channel. This scientist was lookig into how surviors were able to make it from the plaque, he found out that there is a gene that spread down from generations and he is using this gene to cure a lot of known diseases. He has already tested this on few people who have Aids and he has said if the reasearch keeps being promising it will work on Cancer, and a lot of other incurable diseases. So please look into this because I believe your work here isn't finsished, you still have a lot of lives to touch.
(Charlotte, NC)
The Lord smiles upon you Tammy Faye. Thank you or sharing your walk of faith with us; your honesty and goodness has made a difference in my life.
My heart is with you during your illness. You are truly an amazing woman and continue to prove that every day with your determination, positive attitude and love and trust in God. I hope you know what an inspiration you've been to many other people - both of faith and those seeking their faith again.
(statesville n.c)
I wish for you all the wishes of your hearts desirers.I pray that your pain will eas, and when its time for the lord to call you home my he take you by the hand and lead you home.
(Lake Forest, CA)
May God continue to bless you and give you comfort and peace. Lots of love and prayers. Thank you for your interview with Larry King.
Ciara Kibbons
(High Ridge, MO)
My mother died in 2004 from cancer she fought for two and a half years. I was 15 then and seeing her go through the changes and deal with all the stress has changed my whole perspective on life. so when i see someone suffering from cancer it just makes me have so much sympathy for that person and their family. But my mom had alot of faith and she used to say that was the only thing keeping her alive. So i just wish u the best and your family. And i ask u one thing when u get to heaven to tell my mom something for me just to tell her i love her. her name is tammy also.
Laurie Cesaro
(Philadelphia, PA)
Dear Tammy,
I saw you on Larry King last night and I just had to write to you to tell you how inspiring you are. My mom passed away from lung cancer 3 years ago and I was with her every step of the way from the time she was diagnosed until she passed away so I know what you and your family are going through. You are a true example of the power of faith, prayer and the will to live. I just want to know you are in my prayers and my heart and I want to thank you for all that you have done. I send all my love to you and your family.

(Enterprise, AL)
Tammy Faye,
You are the epitome of all things beautiful in a Christian lady. You radiate the sweetest love of Jesus – you always have. Never have I seen such humility and grace - or such a huge will to live - as you posses.
You are truly my hero in the Lord!!!
I’ve watched you for years. When I was a young girl, my family came to know Jesus through the ministry of PTL back in the late 70s, early 80s. The Word we learned from just watching the show, got us through!!!
Your words from the Larry King interview have not fallen on deaf ears either.
I heard you last night; I will be in heaven with you, one day, I do have peace and joy, and I know that you loved me and prayed for me.
Thank you for who you are, for standing your ground, never giving up and being an example to others…especially to the “haters” in this world. ALL God’s children are precious and we’re not to judge. That’s His job! (and boy, am I ever glad it is!)
Continue to be blessed and keep your peace –you can’t give so much of yourself during your lifetime, without "getting it back" when you need it, and usually, just in the nick of time. Just remember that.
I love you, and will be praying for you,
Love, your little sister in Christ,
Regina R.
Dear Tammy
Even though I may follow the truth of Christ in a different way than you, your interveiw on Larry King last night left me in tears. You are a darling! and a true Christian, and the church needs many more like you. You gave me hope last night.
I love you Tammy. You have a beautiful spirit and have been through so much in your life. Peace and healing to you my dear.
Dee Pitts
(Cave Creek,Az.)
I am not religious at all. But I do think that we all have a right to believe in whatever or whoever warms our life and makes us strong. You have always been strong and brave even at very tough times. You are an icon. I will hold the best thoughts for you. I wish you many hamburgers and lots of fries with ketchup.
(Glenpool, Oklahoma)
Hi honey, hang in there, my partner and I love you dearly and pray for you without ceasing, take care honey, we love you, Jimmy and Gary!
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Dear Tammy,
My prayers are with you. I know that there is a special place in heaven for you. You are truly a beautiful person and a great inspiration. We will one day see you again in heaven.
Much love and prayers,
karen lampman
(muskegon mi 49442)
Tammy me and my family would like to send our love to you and our prayers.I just looked at all your pictures on line. your such a beautyful woman.and a wonderful you tammy from Karen,mark,my family.
Terri Corneau
(Denver, NC)
I too was in total shock of your physical condition. Seeing what this horrible disease does to someone. You were so strong to appear on television in front of millions during this private time of your life sharing your story, letting people see the destruction cancer does. My grandmother is in hospice, her name is Ruth and she is 89. Her cancer stemmed from her breast cancer. The cancer spread to her lungs and now she has dropped from 200 lbs. to 120 lbs. She prays everyday and has all of her life for others, she is also praying for you. She did see the Larry King show with my mother and she is praying for you. You are in good hands, God's hands. He is definately helping you show people the will and way of believing in him. God Bless.
(Belleville, Illinois)
I am reminded, as I see your beautiful spirit, of many before you who have endured so much and kept their eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. In heaven, there is no pain or suffering or weeping. There is fullness of joy and profound peace. God Bless You, Tammy Faye, and may He give you strength to run the race set before you. You will hear, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant!"
Debbie McKay
(Washington PA 15301)
I have seen you on Larry King. I did not know you where sick. My heart is broken to see you so ill. My newphew, Jarrod Johnson was born with a kidney disease, my sister lived in the hospital all the time. He could not eat, and he kept vomiting. My sister placed a hugh sign on her front porch, as cars drove by they seen what it said. God has healed my son. Today he is 24 years old. He had a kidney transplant. The doctor's said he would never grow into his first pair of shoes. My step-daughter from Oklahoma got off the airplane in Pittsburgh with both of her eyes sticking out of her sockets. Her mother had sent her here to say goodbye to her Dad. We took her to children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and the Christian community started saying outloud, Wendy is well, God already healed her. She was 13 Years old the worse Leukemia Patient to ever walk into that hospital, today she is 29 years old. I say everyday Tammy is healed, Jesus has released the curse of Cancer from her life, she can swallow and she is eating well. The lord is Tammys throat and food, strengh, healer, Tammy has been redeemed from the Curse of the law and any curses placed on her from herself or others. By the Lords stripes Tammy is aready healed. One year ago, I started to spit up blood, and the only thing I could eat was pudding, jello, today I spit up on blood. I ask the lord to restore anything in your body that Chemo or radiation my have touched. Tammy don't give up, say his word outloud and apply it personnally, you have been through so much, and even though Heaven is so much better, we still need you here. Debbie your friend
1206 North Main Street, Wash. Pa 15301
Julie A. Shattuck
(Riverside, Ca.)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I want to tell you how your children's
show ministered to me. I was a new christian in 1971 and my son was 2 years old. Your show was great. I
learned Bible truths and my son was
entertained. I have always admired your enthusiasm. Love in Christ,
Julie Shattuck. "For my strength is
made perfect in weakness". 2 Cor. 12:9
Ericho H
(Pensacola, Fl)
The sun will shine again. May the Lord be you and his will concerning your health. And may he bless your family.
(Cape May Court House, NJ)
Your strength through all of this is an inspiration to everyone. I pray that god will make you well again. Be strong, for that burger & fries are waiting for you! God Bless You!
(Bronx NY)
Hi Tammy,
Bless you now and always.
Mary Yahaya
(Kaduna, Nigeria )
Dear Tammy,
Today was my first time of hearing about you when you came on Larry King live. During the interview, and after listening to you, my heart went out to you. I am a practicing Nigerian Christian and I believe in Jahova Rapha. He will visit you and will take away what the cancarworms have eaten and restore it with fresh tissues in Jesus Name sake Amin.
(lenoir city tn)
my mother called last night for me to watch you on larry king but I couldn't for long. My husbands funeral was 3 wks. ago today. He was 42 yrs. old & died of lung cancer. He liked 3 days of living 5 months after diagnosis. I have wondered why some people can live for yrs. & why he couldn't but I try not to think in depth too much. I keep telling myself that God loves him more than I did. I grieved more before he died but I saw how he suffered & knew I was going to lose him. He is no longer suffering & that is God's comfort to me. I know you must be also & no one should have to go through that. I hope you & your family can find comfort knowing God will take care of you.
Elisabth Taylor
(Clombia, SC)
Dear Tammy Faye,

thank you you for the gift you gave the world last night on Larry King it was a spiritual experience
like I never encountered in my 60 years on this earth.
You thought the world what the word of grace dignity mean.
Tammy Faye you will live forever if not on earth in heaven.
Truly your star sit the world on fire last Night.

Although an atheist I will pray to your God for you to be pain free and to enjoy a burger.

Love and best wishes to you and yours Elisabeth
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