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I have always been impressed with your strength but never did I think you could be as strong as you are now.
You have inspired me for so many years. I just want to thank you. To me no one is as pure and honest as you and please know that I am praying for you. Tammy please never lose your smile.
L. Hoskins
(West Pittston, PA)
God Bless You Tammy! You are an inspiration to all. I admire your faith and strong walk with the Lord. God will surely bless you! I am praying for you daily. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep the faith and God Bless You!
(Vancouver BC CANADA)
Tammy, I was a child when I used to watch you in the 80's on TV-you are a wonderful person and I admire your strength. I am truly sorry you have to go through this pain and I know that God will help you in this time of need. The world loves you and we say a prayer for you today and always. God Bless You.
Sylvia Falcon
(Corpus Christi, Texas)
Saw you last night in Larry King interview. Thank you for giving hope to all the sick people and showing how you have completely put your life into God's hands. God Bless you. Tammy. You have inspired me to believe just a little bit more!
Marissa Ackerman
(Los Angeles, CA)
Stay strong, sister! Your faith and love for Him will see you through this tough time. I'll be praying for you and your loved ones.
(Dallas, Texas)
Sweet Tammy, Obedient child of god...
I know you are weary to leave your kids but how wonderful that god has given you this time to prepare them and say all the things that you want to say. My mother died suddenly and there are so many things that were left unsaid. I believe she is with Jesus watching over me.I continue to pray for your pain to ease. Many jewels will be in your crown.
Dear Tammy:

I saw you on Larry King last night (Thursday, July 19). I am so sorry about what you are going through, and how much pain you are suffering.

You are an amazing person. 99.9% of people (myself included) would be having a big giant pity party right now.

As a Christian, you are in a win-win situation. Either the Lord will heal you, or you will get to meet the ONE who loves you dearly. (To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.)

You seem like such a dear sweet lady; you are a shining example to millions.

Keep talking with God. He loves and cares about you. (Even though at times it may not "feel" like it.) As I am sure you have done, please "make your calling and election sure."

Remember: you win no matter what!

God Bless You Dear!

Mary Boyd
(Stockbridge, GA)
You are a blessing and inspiration to me. I saw you on Larry King last night. You lifted my spirits!I have watched you for many years. I pray God will ease your pain and you are able to eat a hamburger soon with lots of ketchup. God bless you and your family. Just know even though it is tiring for your daughter, there is no place she rather be. I speak from experience I was able to spend 42 days with my Mom in the hospital( never leaving her side)Those were times I will always cherish for the rest of my days. Even though they were some really long days with little rest, God kept me going.Keep the faith!
Bryan Rios
(Maracaibo , Venezuela)
Dear Tammy: I am Bryan and I am 16 years old, yesterday I watched CNN and saw your interview in Larry King Live, I didn't know that you have cancer so it was a completely shock to me, also I haven't heard from you since The Surreal Life, and you were one of the reasons I watched it because I don't like reality t.v. shows, I like to see you and hear you smile, your smile really makes my day, one tear came out of my eyes when I watched CNN, I couldn't and still can't believe it. I admire you because you're a great person and have a tremendous and big heart, you don't judge people and that makes you open-hearted, I'm sure God has a place for you right next to him. I would like to meet you, I hope you get better!!! Keep smiling!!!
(Lexington, Kentucky)
I just want you to know how much you inspire me. I watched you on Larry king last night and there you wereas delightful as ever. I want you to know I pray for you everyday and will continue to pray for you. You are an amazing woman and I wish there were more of you in this world. You are a true inspiration and keep fighting because I know you are definitely a fighter. I love you dearly. Hugs and Kisses from Kentucky!!!
God Bless you and your Family.
(Jackson, MS)
You have been a great role model for women everywhere. I admire your will and determination. My prayers are with you and your family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you!! You are a very strong woman and I admire that .My sister is fighting cancer of the lungs as well!! The drs. have asked her to go into Hospice ,but she will not.She jokes and laughs and it is so hard to see her go through this .She is 68 years old. My 50 year old brother died of cancer as well.So I am familiar with the stages!! Father is good to us ,although it does seem so hard at times.I know one day I will be so happy to look up at my Heavenly Father's face and know I am back home with Him!!You are an inspiration to all!! God Bless!!
Lisa Beckett
(Fort Drum, Ny)
Tammy, I have you in my prayers. You are such a sweet and beautiful lady, inside as well as outside. God be with you, Lisa
Joseph Prado
(Pheonix Arizona)
Dear Tammy Faye, im 17 years old and am in a relationship with our Savior. U are a GREAT Woman of Faith, and a Great Woman of God. I prayed for u last night, and i prayed that i might have ure couarge and Faith. For we all face death, but the soul laughs in the face of death because it sees eternity. I know one thing, that ure Faith and struggle will be Greatly rewarded in His Kingdom Come. Stay Strong, and threw it all keep ure Faith, and ure Love for Christ. Trully the Lord is ure keeper and ure God. God Bless U, and ill pray for u always!!
Love Eternally, Joseph D. Prado.
John V
(Midland, PA)
Dear Tammy,

You have shown so much courage and after seeing you last night on CNN I can't think of anyone stronger. Although I am only 30 I have such vivid memories of the many times my grandparents would take me and my brother down south to PTL. I remember once when the cable company had to do some work on the TV that I cried because I couldn't watch your TV show. I've been playing your records and please do me a favor and "don't give up, your on the brink of a miracle"! I hope the day my time comes that you'll be waiting for me at the pearly gates so I can hear your lovely voice singing once more. Take care of yourself, we all love you and are praying for you and your family. John, Midland, Pennsylvania
Helen Ray
(Oak lawn, ILLINOIS)
I am praying for you and hope you get well, I am also suffering with cancer that has spread to my lung, bones, liver etc. I look foward to going to the other side again, it is beautiful and I didn't want to come back. This happened when I had a heart attack last year. Don't be afraid of anything, God will guide you.
Dear Tammy,
Just wanted to say that I am praying for you and your family. You are an inspiration to what a true believer is.
GOD loves you!
Keep your faith and I hope to meet you in heaven.
Love you,
Chantel Camarillo
(San Antonio, TX)
I watched your interview on Larry King last night and it broke my heart. But the most awesome part that I saw was your Faith in our Lord! It was overwhelming to feel your love and faith in Him. May God Bless you and your family.
Chantel Camarillo
(Des Moines, Iowa)
You have truly touched my heart~ what an example you are of a woman that honors God! You are so special and have made a difference here on this earth! You inspire me with your beautiful spirt of kindness. My prayers are with you and may God pour out His love...
Carl M. Stewart
(Carthage, TX)
Tammy, We watched you on Larry King. We laughed and cried and prayed. We will continue to pray for you. Your strength and courage and steadfastness in your faith during your fight with cancer, as well as through all the things you have gone through in the public eye over the years, are a testimony to what a True Christian is and what true Faith is all about. You have never wavered in your Faith. You were a mighty voice for Jesus last night. You have inspired millions, maybe now more than ever, as you allow us all to watch you practice what you have preached. May God Bless you. I will look forward to meeting YOU in heaven.
Audrey Ogilvie
(Westport, Ontario, Canada)
Dear Tammy,
You are the essence of graciousness and kindness towards others in the face of a devastating illness. For me, these are the qualities that define religion. It was wonderful to see the pride in your husband's and son's faces. Thank you for your wishes of peace and joy. I send this with love.
Kristen Church-Dearing
(Portsmouth, VA)
You are in my family's thoughts and prayers. I am still believing for a miracle to happen. You are a wonderful person. I remember as a young girl watching you sing with PTL and thinking how beautiful you were and still are. You will make a beautiful angel!
John & Dianne Engemann
(Gulfport, Ms.)
Dear Tammy, what a precious lady you are! Your love for the Lord is an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for being so courageous & loving in the face of great suffering. We love you, & we're praying, John & Dianne
Tammy Underwood
(Huntington, WV)
Hi Tammy,
I want to say that you are a woman of courage. I sing with a gospel group called the Perry Sisters and many years ago we sang at PTL during a special week of Celebration you and Jim hosted. I met up with Tammy Sue at the National Quartet Convention in 2004 and did an interview with her for Daystar Television Network.
The reason I am writing is because the Lord called my Mom home last May 2006 and my heart was so touched by your entries on the web page.
I know where you are walking and what you have faced and I know that God is an awesome God no matter what. Please let Tammy Sue know that she is in my prayers as I too took care of my Mom.
There may be days when you are both exhausted and tired of the whole thing but each day is precious and should be held close in your hearts. So many times I prayed and told God that I trusted him completely and would continue to serve Him no matter what not realizing that I would walk through the "no matter what" So whatever God's plan is for you we know that He is faithful and nothing changes who He is!
I always enjoyed watching "Tammy's House Party" and I thank the Lord that He has used you.
Please let Tammy Sue know that if she would like to contact me she can do so through Daystar Television Network. I'm here if she just needs someone to listen.
P.S. My Mom was a Godly woman and actually prophesied to me that I would have a son so in Sept my first baby will arrive. God is good!
May the Lord keep you and give you strength,
Tammy Underwood
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