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(oklahoma city,oklahoma)
Tammy,I will miss you and pray Gods blessings on your family.You have always been an inspiration to me and my kids.My son wants to be a preacher someday and was influenced by your beautiful smile and love for Jesus.I will keep your family in my prayers in the next few weeks.God bless you and yours.See you in heaven.
(bernie mo)
i know you are gone now but god got you in a best place so god is there to take care of you.
Dear Tammy Faye,
You never gave up on the world or your faith even while the world may have turned their back on you but please know that you have given a wondeful part of yourself for others to see how courageous you have been trhu the good and the bad.
You are an inspiration to many of people that will remember you for the great person that you were and the legacy you left.
I hope you have a special place in heaven!
(rice tx)
thanks for your music it .
lifted my spirit.see you in heaven..
(carlsbad nm)
what a heart you had. rest in peace
( Oklahoma)
I think you were a very classy lady that me and my mom and sister loved to watch every chance we could. You loved your family, religion and all your fans. May you rest in peace.
I have no doubt she is in heaven now with Jesus, whom she loved so dearly. I hated to see her suffer so. I genuinely liked her. She was a lady. She was nice . My condolances to her family.
I have no doubt she is in heaven now with Jesus, whom she loved so dearly. I hated to see her suffer so. I genuinely liked her. She was a lady. She was nice . My condolances to her family.
Toni Huss
(C harlotte, Ar.)
Serenated by Angels up to the throne serenated by Angels Tammys finally at home.Rest in peace.Sweet lady,Your sister in Christ Toni
Sharon C
(Coral Springs, FL)
I lit a candle for Dear Tammy and even one for you Roe, you all need a hug and it can be found on the prayer page..Stay strong, she would want it that way.
If there is anything you want to say please let me know and of course it will be done for you.
(san diego, california)
may you rest with all of the above .you lived a fulfilling life and dream .watch over me .
(Naples, FL)
As a youth, my grandparents were involved in supporting your ministry @ PTL. Then the scandal and media hype and I will admit that I thought you were just like so many other hypocrites in religion. I am glad that you never retreated into the shadows but instead allowed your light to shine and show the world that you weren't a hypocrite. Through the years, your love, warmth and acceptance of ALL people showed you were not a hypocrite - but the actual embodiment of what Christianity should be about. Through your true-self coming through those shadows you restored my belief that not all that witness so publicly for Christ are frauds! More than all that, you showed me that God's kindom has room for all of us - including God's Gays! Thank you for your beauty - for your light shined more brightly than I'm sure you ever knew! God loves everyone and especially charished are those that witness so beautifully through their life and not just their words, as you have done throughout your life. I watched your last interview with Larry King the night it was broadcast before your passing and I wept knowing that your light would soon leave this earth; however, I smiled when I knew that heaven was about to gain one of it brightess luminaries! God Bless your family, no matter how strong their faith in God, their love for you and the loss of your presence in their lives will be a painful and lonely time, I pray for their strength now!
(Newton, New Jersey)
I saw you on the VH1's Surreal Life and thought you were a wonderful witness there!
chip booher
(los angeles ca)
Rest in peace Tammy, I know that you had a kind and open heart and didn't judge. That you left up to God as it should be. Sleep with the Angels in Heaven. You will be missed.
(san diego, ca)
I think back when i was so turned off by religion. Little by little you made
your way into my heart. I was taken by surprise at the compassion and genuine good feelings you made me feel. I saw how you didn't judge. You saw how you were judged by so many. You embraced people for who they were neither telling them they were right or wrong because that is god's job. Finally at a time when you should be enjoying your life and your family, you suffered instead with such a long battle with cancer. I thought you would win and who is to say you didn't. I know that i feel a tremendous loss at your passing. I feel alittle less safe inside. Selfishly i wanted you to stay and keep me entertained and inspired. I think someone else has another plan!
I hope your son keeps up his styli of spreading gods word, i wish i was closer so i could go and im a mother of five,lol.
Please be at peace, I hope your family will find peace. I hope we can all find peace without you to cheer us up.
You were a funny, compassionate, impressive, talented, women who believed in God and helped alot of us overcome our doubts and fears.
I will miss seeing you on Larry King. Those were always the best shows.
Rest in peace Mrs. Tammy Faye Messner,you were your own women.
My dearest sister in Christ, Tammy Faye~ You are the reason I am saved, dear soul. Without you and your unconditional love and concern for all your fans, I would not be going to heaven someday. But now I am and I owe it all to the Lord for the gift of you in my life... and in the lives of so many people you touched. I will never forget Heritage USA, the PTL Club, or you... dearest Tammy Faye La Valley Bakker Messner. Fly high with the angels, my sister in Christ, until we meet in heaven someday. My daddy is there with you now and I'm sure he's already said hello. He loved you when he watched you on television and when we visited Heritage USA. Dad was a Lifetime Partner and proud to say so. I'm sure he was jabbering with your Mom, Dad, Aunt Gin, and Donny before you arrived. Save me a seat at the table too, o.k.? Love you bunches and forever~ Andrea
Thank you for the legacy of faith in Jesus and courage you left behind for all to remember you by. To go before milions and tell the world where your peace and strength came from was truly encouraging and loving. May God continue to give your family peace and strength they need now and in the future to continue to follow the example of seeing Christ through you.

brandon jackson
(clovis cali)
god bless you rowe and jay and tammy sue your a good women just like uyour mom.....iam sure your mom is so proud of her kids1!!!!

My heart goes out to her precious husband Roe. My prayers are with you. Tammy was so blessed to have such a loving and supportive spouse. She was such a true christian lady.
(zeeland, michigan)
To Roe, and to the family:

Until I saw Larry king Live, I didn't see Tammy very much, exception an interview here and there..and when I was in my twenties, watching PTl everyday..........

But since the scandal, not much.....

I see how much I have missed, but that's not really important now, as Tammy is gone from this life.....

I saw her interview on Larry King. It had a profound and irreplaceable impact on my life as I am going through grieving of an extremely, traumatizing abusive relationship....I go to YouTube and I watch the interview over and over....not for the sake of morbidity, but for the sake of reading many of Tammy's notes here, I am overwhelmed in that I never got to "know" her better, never asked questions and when PTL was over, walked away from TV evangelism. I lost heart. I gained it back and my wanting to trust the Lord with that interview and the experiences I am now going through.

Her strength, perseverence in the face of dying and death, her positive attitude that remains eternal, are the faces of hope that I see and want to bring into my own life.

Tammy, I'm sorry I never got to know you better. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to care after PTL. I'm sorry that so many of us did not. I know many lost their faith as a result of the scandal, but yet others maintained it and had I followed what had happened with your life after PTL, I would have known that Christ can still be at the center of your life through extreme turmoil, pain and affliction....and you can still look up, smile, see God and his vision for your life and shine brightly in the lives of others as well.

I use to believe you were so materialistic, Tammy, while with PTL. You did enjoy the fruits and blessings of life, but God gave those to you and you still were able to love others and share about your faith, Christs love for us and others through a simple interview on the eve of your death.

I am impressed. I hope to meet you in heaven someday. It is then.....that I will ask your forgiveness for my perceptions of you that were false and thank you for restored faith in Jesus as I walk a path to healing......

Even if it meant that God's will was for you to be with HIM! Such a joy you must feel and must be.

I feel your spirit, tammy.

You were real.

And so few can be as much.
(Lakeland, FL)
You were that bridge and light that this world so desperately needed. Thank you for showing other "christians" the right way to do christ-like things. You were a saint in my book, and well loved. You will be missed!!!
Sherri Ricks
(Cocoa, Florida)
For all who think they have it figured out..We are not put here to judge. I believe of all things Mrs. Tammy Faye knew this and she also knew that the Blood was going to take her to Heaven. My Mom told me that Tammy said that she knew whe was going to Heaven. She knew this because she was washed in the blood and forgiven. Forgiven for what? Forgiven for any and all sin just like the rest of us. We have all sinned and we will continue to sin because we are human but to know that you are going to Heaven is the most wonderful piece of knowledge that anyone can ever have. God Bless all the Family that Tammy left in order to go to Heaven. I pray for peace and comfort in your lives. Everyone needs to know that they are going to Heaven, that's what I remember from Tammy and if you don't know you need to pray for salvation. Ask for forgiveness and to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, to have your name written in the Lambs Book of Life and to walk in Jesus' Name. Your good deeds here on earth will not get you to heaven but they will get you a little heaven on earth. The Blood of Jesus and only the Blood of Jesus will set you free. Tammy, dance, sing and rejoice now with our Heavenly Father, forevermore.
Marla Loffelmacher
(Irvine, CA)
I'm so sorry I didn't know about Tammy's web site until the day before she went to be with the Lord. I wanted so much to share with Tammy Faye how my mom felt about her. In the 80's my mom and dad watched PTL all the mom was very ill and none of us realized how ill until she almost died...but mom always said that the Lord and Tammy Faye kept her alive - saved her life. My mom ALWAYS loved Tammy Faye and was so excited to have actually gotten to see her at a swap meet in the Palm Desert area where my folks was a highlight for my mom - mom said she was more beautiful in person than on TV, if you can imagine that! Thank you for letting me share...God Bless Tammy Faye (who I know my mom and dad welcomed in heaven) and Tammy Faye's loving family. Marla
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