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Elaine Zeisler
(Brandamore, Pa)
Dear Tammy, After watching a clip from the Larry King show on, I felt compelled to write you and thank you for the good thoughts that you gave to all. What a beautiful heart you have. Your sincerity was very visible and I am very touched and impressed that you are able to think of others while you are so ill. Your heartfelt faith was easily apparent. I hope you are able to eat more soon and you are able to recover from this. If you are not and it is your time, God will surely have a very, special spot for you in heaven. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you, a new admirer, Elaine Zeisler
(taylors sc)
hey i hope you get better soon i pray for you in all arears that from the crown of you head to your feet that you be healed now in the name of jesus it is done now just believe all cancer is gone amen? go to the doctor cause you are healed in jesus name.
Caroline Ventrella
(Roselle, IL)
Dear Tammy: I have long admired your spunk and resiliance and you have a lot for a petite person. But then again, us petite women are stronger than we appear. I was born in Italy and raised as a Roman Catholic and am not a practicing Catholic any longer. But, regardless of relgion, I think you have been an inspiration for many people. Through all the adversity you have been through, you still have such a wonderful sense of humor. And you do not seem to judge people. Which I think is such a refreshing quality you have. God bless you and your family. I hope God heals you so you can continue spreading your message of love and tolerance. And if his plan is to have you with him in heaven, well I can see you making everyone smile there too.
I'm not american, but I admire your courage, you're the strongest person I've ever met in my whole life...God bless you, He must have a beautiful and special place for you Tammy...You're a living testimony...I LOVE YOU, MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU
Tracy Roupe
(Conneaut, Ohio)
Dear Tammy Faye,
Even though we will never meet here on Earth, I am looking forward to the day we can meet in Heaven. I watched you on Larry King last night and what an inspiration you are. A very classy lady! God Bless You :)
Kathi Peddicord
(Summerville SC)
Dear Tammy,

I am writing to let you know I am continuing to pray for you and your family.

I became a believer in July 1993, after a couple of years of watching you on PTL. There was something about you, I remember, that drew me to you, and ultimately to Jesus Christ.

My dear sister, thank you for your faithfulness in serving Jesus,and for the unselfish way you have reached out to all of us to encourage us - even in the middle of your own struggles.

You're as lovely as you always were, and the sweetness of His spirit emanates from your eyes.

I know that the Lord holds you in the palm of His hand, and I look forward to meeting you someday - if not on this side, then in the beautiful place He has prepared for us.

Thank you for your courage and your obedience. You are such a blessing, and you do shine like a star in the universe.

With all my love,

sabrina garcia
(phx az)
God bless you and your family you have been an inspiration to me with your strong faith in the Lord someday I will meet you in heaven.thank you Jesus for this beautiful soul tammy faye
Carl M. Stewart
(Carthage, TX)
Tammy, We watched you on Larry King. We laughed and cried and prayed. We will continue to pray for you. Your strength and courage and steadfastness in your faith during your fight with cancer, as well as through all the things you have gone through in the public eye over the years, are a testimony to what a True Christian is and what true Faith is all about. You have never wavered in your Faith. You were a mighty voice for Jesus last night. You have inspired millions, maybe now more than ever, as you allow us all to watch you practice what you have preached. May God Bless you. I will look forward to meeting YOU in heaven.
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Your life is an so many ways. May our Lord continue to bless and care for you.
(New York)
Last night on Larry King I saw an amazing woman!! It was you. I hope your pain is less and you continue to find the peace you exhibit.
(Columbia, Mo)
Dearest Tammy, You are a beautiful and stong willed women, May God give the peace from pain that you are looking for. As i Struggle with Christian Faith, through some hard times, I am able to look At you and feel inner strenghth from God.
God Bless You, Tammy
I Love you and so does our God.
(Louisville, Ky)
Dear Tammy,
I hope that you are in no pain at this moment. Just recently my grandma went through the same thing. She had cancer of the liver, spine and skin. She was being taken care of by us (family), and hospice as well. She passed away on June 28, 2007 @ 6:30 in the morning. I knownow she is in a better place, with the Lord. She is not suffering, or in pain. I just hope you go to heaven with no pain, like se did. I will be praying and thinkg of you!
Tracy Roupe
(Conneaut, Ohio)
Tammy Faye,
Even though we will never meet here on Earth, I am looking forward to the day we can meet in Heaven. I watched you on Larry King and what a inspiration you are to me. God Bless You!!!
(Phoenix, AZ)
I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain. Someone who knows about the pain that you are going through is Jesus Christ..Everything that you are going through is being used for the Glory of you see how many people are looking at you? Thank you for never taking the attention and focus off of our Father! You are incredible!! keep you're eyes focused on him! The angels will sing in the Kingdom of God the day that you pass through the gates!
You are the strongest person I have ever seen in my life. I hope I can be as strong someday. My mother & I absolutely love you and you will be in our hearts forever. God Bless.
Michael Stone
(Longview, WA)
Wow, it seems like I have grown up with you. Through the good and the bad, you have survived. JESUS is so evident in you, especially in the past few years. Your passion for JESUS just exudes from you. You have been a real blessing for me, and a great example for me, these past few years. I just want to honor you and thank you for enduring while still rejoicing in the LORD. HE esteems you for that.

My dad and his six brothers grew up in International Falls, MN, where you grew up. Over his lifetime, my dad relayed to us kids a few tidbits about your life as a child, and it's very apparent that you have endured trials since you were very young. You're an enduring testimony of the faithfulness of GOD. Again, thanks, and receive your healing in JESUS' NAME. You're truly an amazing, precious sister. Very precious. We love you.
(Rock Hill, SC)
Blessings be to you, Tammy, for allowing God to use you to show us. Many blessings to your family and friends as they keep you comfortable & loved.
Richard Ryan
(Sellersburg, IN)
Tammy our thoughts and prayers are with you. I sent a CD to you after your appearance on Larry King, "Were it Not for Grace". Hope you got it, and if you did, I hope it gave you strength and peace. God bless you, sweet lady. You've touched so many.
Christopher Sear
(Belleville Ontario)
Sister Tammy Faye
I watched your interview with Larry King last night and saw the power of our saviour in your very being. You provided the best testomony of the power of Christ. My wife and I have now put you on our prayer list
God bless you
I will make this quick as I am sure you recieve plenty
of mail and postings from faithful people saying they are praying
for you. I just want to go a step beyond that if I
may. You have always been somehow involved in my life,
watching your evangelical programming when I was
young, on the surreal life during my own spiritual
quest at 21. I am not a reader (I can read, I just
can't commit to sitting down and reading), but I read
Jamie's book. Inspiring! You remain so positive
through this whole ordeal, and any other obstacle
you've been given. You are a warrior, and "this too
shall pass." Mother Theresa once said, "People with
faith do not need an answer, and people without faith;
no answer is possible." I'm praying harder and harder
for you. I'm only 23, but I'm an old soul. I don't
fear anything other than God, and it's the best and
most comforting fear. There is a woman who goes to the
church where I grew up back home in Virginia who is
going through a similar obstacle. I cannot wait to
witness your faith and strength with her. I live in
NYC, but let me tell you, I'm heeding to the calling
by masses of people. You have done so much good, I
want to do the same. Please know I'm also praying for
Tammy Sue, Jamie, and Roe. They need strength on
different levels. I know God can work a miracle on
you, and I can't wait to see and hear about it. If
EVER anything I can do beyond prayer for you, PLEASE,
do somehow let me know.

(Sycamore, Illinois )
Dear Tammy,
I saw you on Larry King last night and I wept as I said my prayers for you. You and I have never met but I have always loved and admired you and you sure have made me laugh over the years. I have your book "Telling it my Way" and will always cherish it. I wish we had met but pray someday we will meet in Heaven! I want to give you a big hug! God Bless you Tammy, you are in my thoughts and prayers xo Brenda
(Charlotte NC)
Dear Tammy,

My name is Donna. I wanted to let you know although I do not know you... you are a precious lady to me. I have watched the way you have handled your illness, and the way you have so beautifully loved others ...those who are believers and those who are not. This type of non judgemental, unconditional love has spoken volumes to me!

My husband and I along with some friends started a church here in Charlotte NC. We have many friends who have had so many bad "church" experiences and I am learning more and more that LOVE speaks volumes to people no matter where they are on their journey with Christ ...if they feel loved they will be more open to that life changing relationship with Him.

I simply want to say thank you for the example you are!

You are in my prayers as well as your beautiful family.

(Toronto, Ontario)
May your journey be filled with light and beauty. My heart is with you and all the nameless others who suffer in silence.
Mary LaPlante
(Tulsa, OK)
My family and I are praying for your condition to be healed, "In the Name of Jesus."

God Bless
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