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Bryan Hartman
(Helotes, TX)
Tammy, may God fill your heart with peace, calmess, quietness, and strength. You are a warrior and I think God is very proud of you. We love you and are praying for you. I pray that you get to eat that hamburger really soon!
(Centreville, VA)
Thank you for your strength and wisdom...and your wonderful mascara. ;o) Love to you and your family.
hi Tammy!i hope you are doing great! and i hope you get to fell better soon i know you will! my english is not so good! but i just want to say that you should watch the movie "the secret" i will help you!! i know it will god is going to do the best for you!! you will be fine i know and i believe that you can heal yourself if you want to!! keep fighting never give up!!! god is with you!! i really wish the best for you!! and the weird thing is that i just saw for firts time in my life last night in larry kind live!! im from south america but when i saw you i could tell that you are a really brave person!!!you will be fine i know!! the best for you!! Diego
I'm sitting here at work thinking about the first time I saw you minister with your husband at that time was Jim Baker, I remember thinking that lady has a lot of eye make-up kind of funny the things you see as a child now I am 29 yrs old and have followed you over the years. I have nothing but respect for you and your family, You have shown America what true Beauty is, Beauty is love, forgiveness, ,kindness you show it all, At a time when the devil was destroying your marriage you still came out on top, and you are truly blessed, people see you and think of joy. You are what every woman of God should be full of joy, You handle yourself with grace, compassion, and truthfulness, I'm proud to say that you have truly touched my soul and my heart. I will always remember you joyfully. Never angry or hateful. Know that in Americas heart that you are loved. Best wishes for you and your family, you will continue to be in my prayers, stay in the spirit your fight is almost done, Your maker will be here soon and you will be done with pain you will be were every Christian long to be in Heaven, You've shown the world true Beauty!!!!

Thank God for Tammy Fay!!!!
Caitlin Crouthamele
(turnersville, nj)
Tammy, You are a beautiful inspiration and i will continue to pray for you every day. Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life! God Bless Tammy.
Evelyn Attanasio
(Westminster, Colorado)
Dear Tammy,
I want to commend you for your brave courage during this very difficult time for you and in your health. I think you are so brave and want to let you know how I admire your courage. You have a special place in Heaven one day and hopefully that is a long time away. The earth is a special place because of YOU. How you keep your good spirit is beyond me and I so admire that of you. I know it is not easy for you. I just wish you NO pain and no suffering and just to get well again. God bless you and keep you. I hope you gain some weight and get your strength back again. Try to eat more than soup. Please. Eat fruit and veggies to. I feel so sad to see you this ill and you sure do not deserve this. I will pray for you and wish you all the best to recover. May God bless you !!! Your husband is a good guy to to be there for you and support you. All the best wishes in the world go to you Tammy. Even though we do not know each other, I had to write you. Try to keep your strength up.
Much love,
Hello ,,, i see the joy of life in your smile and the joy of life in your eyes , no time to talk about what makes u sad just let talk about what make u happy,,, life is a gift of god so always have a smile for those who needs,,, u r a shinning star always smile and god bless u,,, with love
(Milwaukee, WI)
tammy, I truly wish you peace. My mother is in the same place as you right now and I wish for both of you no more pain or unhappiness.
(Middletown, DE)
I have to agree with Shane. Beautifully worded, Shane. You are the truest Christian I have ever seen. I will pray for you, Tammy Faye. You are are remarkable woman and I am in awe of you.
Gina Morales
(Campbell, CA)
Because of you, I will remember to always love, cherish, and appreciate the people in my life.
Thank you, Tammy.
(Los Angeles, CA)
Dear Tammy Faye,

I just wanted you to know that in my prayers tonight I will put in a special request that you get to eat that hamburger with french fries and plenty of ketchup.

God Bless You....
Beth D
(Tupelo, MS)
Tammy....I was moved to tears upon seeing your interview with Larry King. You are VERY gracious and graceFUL in spite of your condition. I prayed for your right there in my living room, with the tv blaring. You've always had a great sense of humor and to see it and hear it, during the most difficult time of your life, is truly awe-inspiring. My daughter and I (she's 7) prayed for, 'when the time comes', Lord, pls send your two finest angels to come escort you to the beauty of heaven's door. And we truly believe he WILL! Your appearance on Larry King, I'm sure, brought many people in America, to their knees. Because, Tammy, it WAS a powerful witness.
(Hickory, NC)
Tammy, I so much admire your strength and faith! You are a real inspiration to all of us and I pray for you daily - may God hold you in His arms of love. I know you have put your life in His hands and God will take care of you. God bless you.
Joe Tuft
(Doylestown, PA)
I watched your interview last night with Larry King and was moved by your strength, courage and faith. It was so kind of you to share with your fans the real life aspects of this devastating disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. May the lord bless you and keep you now and in heaven. We Love you Tammy.. Joe Tuft and Kevin Bryson

(Franklin, TN)
I saw you last night on Larry King and was overcome with emotion. Tears streamed down my eyes as I saw you struggle to speak. I called my mom in FL so she could see you on TV. I will admit I was shocked by your physical appearance but when I saw you smile I knew it was you. My step dad died of lung cancer a year and a half ago so I know the changes the "physical" body goes through. You truly showed humility in talking with LK last night & allowing the Lord to work through you. I can only pray people all over the world were moved in their spirit by you last night. My prayer is for the Lord's will to be done in your life. What an inspiration you are. Thank you for showing the greatest love of all. God Bless you and your family. I look forward to hugging your neck in heaven one day!!
(Denver, CO)
You have been through so many trials and tribulations on this earth, and have always help your head up high and never waivered in your faith---I've always had the upmost respect for you for not waivering--thank you. When God does call you home, Jesus will be there with open arms---and when I get there, maybe we can have a chat. It's only because of what Jesus did on the cross for us that we can have the hope of all hopes. See you in heaven, Anne

I watched you on Larry King last night and was moved by your courage and faith. I KNOW too you are going to heaven. I'm sure you inspired many people. God Bless you always
Elaine Cochran
(San Jose, CA)
I believe that god is keeping you here because of the message of hope you keep relaying, I believe that he is using you as a tool to help those who are scared and have a way of letting us all know, there is nothing to be afraid of, I know that the lord is very proud of you and you will be with him when he feels your message has of hope as reached all of us that need it...GOD BLESS YOU
T Taylor
(Tallahassee, FL)
We all have different reasons for being here. God has put you here as one of his guiding lights, for you to show the world the way along his righteous path. You have been a true solider out on his battle field. I know God has big plans for you. This is just a test and once this trial/tribulation is over you will have a testimony to share that will make a lot of people realize that God is an awesome God. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. May God continue to bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Walnut, CA)
Wish you the best and keep up the faith. Hope you can eat that hamburger!! :o) God Bless! <3
(Chicago, IL)
Tammy I received an e-mail that had the CNN interview of you with Larry King. I was saddened to hear about your illness. I am praying for God's strength upon you on those difficult times. I see your trust in God as an inpiration to many. May the Lord heal you if it is in his will but more importantly, all of his children have a place in heaven. He said in John 14 that I go away to prepare a place for you that where I am ye may be also. Praise God for promises. Stay encouraged no matter what. The Lord holds your life in the palm of his hands.
Lin Bai
(Ruther, Glen,Va.)
Tammy, Tammy, Tammy Thank you for being on Larry King last night. I know how you can have a hamburger and fries. Have someone put a hamburger into blender, then fries separately.You can put some ketchup on the blended hamburger, and some on the blended fries. You can have a spoonful of hamburger, and a spoonful of fries. You can store blended hamburger and blended fries in separate containers. When you want a spoonful or two spoon onto plate and warm for a few seconds - not long in microwave and then put a little ketchup on each. I am sure you will enjoy it that way - I think it tastes deelicious - you can savor the taste in your mouth and maybe swallow a little at a time. Tammy, I wish you could be on Larry King once a week to inspire soo many people. You ARE Special to our God, and He sees how many people truly love you and care about you. I have kept you in my prayers for what seems like forever- way back is when I started praying for you. You are blessed with a wonderful husband, and a special family, you are blessed and they too are blessed. Stay strong, and always remember to keep a smile on your face and a song that you hum whenever you want to. Thank you Tammy, and God loves how you reach out to help people. You really do. Kiss (X) and Hug (0) from me to you. Love, Lin
(Laval, Quebec, Canada)
Tammy Faye,
I wanted to thank you for the inspiration that you gave me in your interview last night on Larry King....I was touched by your message, warmed by your spirit..and inspired by your faith.....
God Bless!
Praying that the Great Physican will touch you in a special way.
Jorge Duenes
(Las Vegas, NV )
Greetings! Tammy Faye,

I just want to say MAY OUR LORD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I just wanted to let you know I saw your last interview with Larry King and I started to cry. I just want to say that you're such a light in many peoples lives. I just know that you are so sweet and lovable. I must say that I always enjoyed watching you on The Surreal Life and such a prime example of a Christian you were to the entire cast and just everyone around you. I just want you to know you are a blessing to all around you. I pray to our Lord that you can be healed and feal better to saty with us longer. But we must respect our Lord when he wants us home then you do not worry because remeber this is a test and we are not living the true life our Lord has for us waiting in heaven. You will be surrounded by all of the family and also what a promiseland we will inherit. May God you bless you and your family always. Many hugs and kisses to you.

Love your Brother in Christ,
Jorge D. from Las Vegas, NV
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