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(Edwardsville Illinois)
God Bless your husband and family and friends. You're a beautiful woman and Jesus right now is one lucky man to have you in heaven. Thank you for leaving your light upon this world
Terry & Ginger Jones
(Shafter,Ca 93263)
We won't to wish the family and she is right about Heven and about God and he's Son. God Blass
The Jones Family
(Wasilla, AK)
When I read the last note from Tammy Faye on 7/16/07 it made me cry because at 1:02 a.m. on that morning my mother passed away of ovarian and stomach cancer. Mom had surgery for her cancer on 7/3/07 and never recovered. She was 80 yrs old. My mom was diagnosed with cancer on 6/28/07 and had no signs or symptoms so she was suprised when the doctor told her. My mom before she died said "I know the Lord, I don't know how anyone can live without Jesus Christ in their life. I have had a good life, I have watched my kids, my grandkids and great grandkids grow so don't be sad, be happy and know that I am not in anymore pain and I am with daddy and Jesus". I took care of my mom the last two weeks of her life in the hospital after her cancer surgery. I know what Tammy Sue went through and I am so sorry for the loss of your mom sweetie. You have my condolences. I miss my mom so much especially talking to her daily. I know she is in no more pain and she is with our Lord Jesus and that makes a HUGE difference knowing that Tammy Faye is up there now too. My mom wanted to die in her sleep. She died while in her sleep 5 hours after I left her at the hospital after spending the day with her. Thank you Tammy Faye for all you did to bless us.
My prayers are with Tammy Faye's family. I pray for her husband who loved her so much and her children who will miss her. She was a wonderful example to so many.
(lancaster ohio)
My throat is now swelling shut as I am trying to hold back the tears. Who will see this now. Who will know how much so many of us had our lives brighten by you! Years ago you blessed me with your Tammy shows, your songs, your loving your children, and now as the years have gone on and you are in heaven I realize that your last stand for God is truly one of the most beautiful testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ I have ever witnessed. Thank you , you truly are the salt that makes me thirsty for God.
(venice, florida)
God Bless You Tammy!! I have been a fan of yours for many many years. You are one of the reasons I am SAVED and I will get to meet you in heaven and hear your heavenly voice again. You are loved by many!!
I'm glad to say that Tammy was the first one to introduce me to the Spirit. I used to love sitting in front of the TV, on the floor as a little girl. Watching the Jim and Tammy show when she was in Portsmouth,Va. And later on, on the PTL Who know :) I wish that her love and forgiveness will watch over us all. She has shown me to the end how strong and beautiful a soul can be. May peace be with you.
(Chesapeake, VA)
I never knew you personally but know who you are..I know you will be very missed here on earth but you are definitely in a wonderful place now and feel no pain..I will see you in Heaven someday I am sure..I LOVE YOU SIS
(Killeen, Texas)
Tammy, You are now with Jesus and all of the ones who have gone on before you. I know that someday we will meet one another in that wonderful place called Heaven! Looking forward to seeing you!
And to Roe, my heart goes out to you. I know the experience of losing a spouse. But I will tell you, the sadness will go away and be replaced by wonderful memories of Tammy. Just remember that...
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven cannot heal.
In Christian Love, Annette
(Altamonte Springs, FL)
Kind, Sweet and Beautiful Tammy. On behalf of the Gay community, we all thank you for being the excepting woman you were. You were every Gay Mans Girlfriend! My heart aches. But, knowing I will meet you in Heaven makes me smile...
Dr. Wilbur Keith
(Chicago, Il)
What a great pioneer servant of the Lord. Thank you that dispute all, you stood on the promises of God - Forgiveness - Until we meet the Lord together, rest well!
Mike Arnoldi
(Chicago, IL.)
When I was in Federal Prison I wrote you and asked if I could get a signed photo for my kids for Christmas as it was my only way to get them each a nice gift from me. Instead you sent them a box of toys and clothes. You made my bad situation better. You will be missed and always in my heart. THANK YOU TAMMY!
(Chicago Illinois)
Rest in Peace, Tammy.
You are awesome. You brought so much light and love to so many people. You will be missed.
barbara maitre
(Amherstburg Ont. Canada)
Your grace in the midst of the storm was insperational. Happy home-coming!
Beth Burleson
(Sparta TN)
I know that This World as we know it is a little less bright now that The Lord Has taken you home!! I pray right now for your children and your Husband-that they find peace in this difficult time! I always liked you, Tammy Faye, and over the years, I easilly grew to love you, as so many others have. We will all look miss your awesome personality and bright, beautiful smile!! See ya!!!
(Charlotte, North Carolina)
I know you are in Heaven smiling down. Your strength and courage will live on in the people you loved the most.
(Northridge, CA)
Your heart touched mine, Tammy Faye. God is able to express through you to a portion of humanity hungry for love and healing. Your message and example will live on in my memory.
Charlotte Sauls
(Raleigh, North Carolina)
I have a Susie Moppet Doll. My deceased husband got for me from the PTL many years ago. It is a great memory of her. In God Blessings,
Pastor Ononeze Blessed Chinedu.O.
(Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria.)
Dearest Tammy,it is a pity that i got to know more of you after your demise through the tribute medium of TBN.Your great work of love for the Lord will not be easily forgotten.You laboured in PTL etc with Rev.Jim Bakker and others.We love you even at death,because we know that you are with the good LORD.Adieu-good night a happy jolly fellow,until that resurrection day.
RIP Tammy you'll be deeply missed.. Thoughts and prayers goes out to family and friends..

God Bless
Joe Mccormick
(Elmira, New York)
Tammy Faye was the most commanding of personalities. You couldn't help but smile and laugh when you were in her presence! Through her faith in God, she could do anything! This is why we now know that she is in heaven eating her hamburger and fries! God bless Tammy Faye
To Tammy's wonderful husband and family: I am sending you my love and my prayers. I know this is a hard journey for you, but Tammy is watching over you know and she is seated on Christ's lap. Be strong, dear ones. Hold fast to your faith in Christ, and live each day for Him, and live each day in peace and joy because that is what Tammy wants you to do. Unfathomable amounts of love is surrounding each and every one of you. Embrace that love and let it comfort you. Tammy loved each and every one of you more than you will ever know, and she still loves you so incredibly much! May the peace of the LORD fill your hearts and minds for all of your days and for eternity.

(Schaumburg, Illinois)
May you rest in peace! In the name of Jesus Christ our savior!
(Chicago, IL)
Dearest Tammy,

Last weekend I went out and ate a hamburger and french fries with LOTS of ketchup in your honor. We will all miss you, but not for long because Jesus will be here before we know it and then we will all have a feast of hamburgers and french fries, with gallons of ketchup for everyone to share!

By the way, when you run into Edna Rayl, please tell her I said hello. (She is my darling grandmother, and I haven't seen her for 15 years.)

I love you dearly, and I will see you before you know it. Give Jesus a big sloppy smooch for me!!!! I love you!

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