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(Victorville, CA)
Dearest Tammy the Family in Heaven now gets to enjoy your beautiful singing.
Rejoice in the presence of Our Lord.
dearest tammy, may god keep you warm forever. u gave me hope to live and love. thank u thank u. i love god more than life itself. look for me in heaven. i am so sad u left us.
Courtney Dyer
(Orlando, Florida)
You are brave and couragious woman. You are dearly missed. Rest in peace with Jesus.
(Houston, Texas)
Although I had only heard about you lately I have to thank you for being so brave and such a good Christian. I've listened to some of your message and being touched by your words. You are definitely an inspiration. THANK YOU
(Newark, DE)
Goodbye, sweet, sweet Tammy! We'll all miss you!
(Peoria, Illinois)
Tammy, you are wonderful !
You were the perfect example
of God's wondrous love and humility.
God used you to heal and love people
that his very own believers would not love. You gave water, food and clothing
to the very people the church denied.
God Bless You !
Sharon, Lisa, and Patricia Patrick
(Chesapeake, Virginia)
Empowerment,Fellowship,and Hope embodies all the heavenly treasures you have bestowed upon us and this world. You animated us with your pinache, illuminated our lives with charisma, and dedicated our purpose to a higher level through your song. We have been blessed to walk with you through the journey and look forward to the march in heaven. Singing and making lemonade.
(Toronto, Canada)
Hello, we did not know each other, but just wanted to say even though I am not of any particular religion or faith, Baptised Anglican, I do beleave in GOD, but I am not practicing Christian, I am a gay man, but wanted to say you where such a wonderful person just seeing what I saw on TV and in the News.
I want to say, GOD bless you, and even though things happened in your life that is not always Christian Like, I know that GOD has placed you at his table.
Thankyou for caring....
Thomas Wood
(London, U.K.)
You are missed. The world is a slightly sadder place. Thank you for being one of the few authentic people around.
(Brooklyn, New York)
God bless you Tammy. You gave the greatest gift, which was to leave behind more joy than you found. We will remember you.
I used to see her on that VH1 show and it totally changed my outlook on her. She was a wonderful carring Christian lady who had a big heart and great faith. The world is less with her being gone. God Bless Her Family
Jim Warren
(Decatur GA)
Although we are now less with your leaving us, heaven is now more to look forward to. Bless you and your family.
Tammy , by this time you are in heaven.
I lost my mother on july 11, this year - and also my baby 3 years ago in april so i'm sure you and her and my baby are shouting around heaven with jesus and singing in that holy choir. You were a great inspiration to so many people and you showed us how to exercise complete faith.
A strong God fearing woman - just as my mother was.
We don't know why God allows us to go through so much down here on earth but i truly believe that in heaven "ALL" trouble , sickness and pain will cease.
I'll see you in Heaven.
(Southern California)
Almighty, please embrace Tammy and keep her warm and safe.......
Enjoy your wings our dear Angel.
(Nashville, TN)
While I never read your books or watched your shows, I saw you on the Surreal Life and you seemed like the sweetest more considerate women. Both of my parents passed from cancer and I have the utmost faith that they too are in Heaven. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Regina Wickham
(Brockport.New York14420)
You were always so beautiful to me. I always like to hear you speak about the Lord. You gave me strength When I needed it.I will miss your presence and that big bold beautiful heart.May God keep you safe and in his comfort.You were a powerhouse within yourself.May God bless and comfort your Family.
(Douglasville, Georgia)
Tammy, you are every woman!!! You share all of our hurts and concerns and still come out on top! Thank you for your display of love and christianity!!! You are truly an inspiration.
(Salem, Oregon)
Tammy Faye was an amazing lady. She will be missed by all who ever heard her speak. I was so sadden by the news of her passing. She is an Angel who will be watching over us now. God bless you Tammy.
Genevee E. Schlee
So sad to have you leave this earth but know you're all well in heaven. Your singing filled me with joy & I only wish I had recordings of you singing. Give our teen age Pam a kiss & hug. Will join you all someday!!!! Missing you, Genevee
(Williamston, S.C.)
A PURE HEART, THAT'S WHAT TAMMY FAYE WAS! She puts some of us Christians to shame with her BOLD witness. I aspire to be a Christian with a witness for my LORD like she did. I saw beneath the makeup and bling to her heart, because she shared her heart so freely. My deepest sympathy to Roe, Tammy Sue, James and the grandkids. Love and Prayers to you all. I see her no longer with her signature costume jewelry, but covered with the purest diamonds as she strolls on the streets of gold. I pray and believe that her witness to Larry King will be honored by his acceptance of the Lord one day
I wasn't a fan of yours and I thought u were a bit crazy. But I saw you on the Surreal Life and would have thought you'd be too moralistic and self-riteous. Instead you were a kind,caring woman and the definition of a true survivor because you could have let yourself be defeated by your cancer but you fought the good fight till the end. Your courage and unbreakable love and faith in God are something to be admired by all. My most sincerest condolences to your husband and family. God bless you Tammy Faye, and may you be by the Lord's side.
Teri Elliott
(Springfield, MIssouri)
( Rest In Peace Sweet Child ).
I'am so lost without you here now. It's hard to believe you have left us & i know when i say "We miss you" that
i speak for all of the world .
I had recently bought all your books for me and for my twin sister who lives in NC.
I realized ater reading on one of your books, the joy, peace,& love i feel in my heart. You have such a way of making us all feel like you are talking directly to each one of us.
And whenever i get sad & depressed all i have to do is pick up your book and read from it. I know you are still with us all in spirit .I use to cry alot when my own mother passed away in 2004, but now you have helped me to feel the joy and love for all my loved ones gone on before me.
Thank you Tammy Faye for all your love you have shown each of us
here on this earth. I know your beautiful crown was waiting for you in Heaven.
I bet you ate that hamburger too !
See you in Heaven someday Tammy, Please give my mother a big hug for me in Heaven ,& all my animals ,
will ya ?
Love ya always !
Teri Elliott
Springfield, Missouri
(Newcastle, United Kingdom)

Your love crossed communities, crossed oceans, crossed generations. You are gone but not forgotten. You changed my life with your inspirational message and limitless love. I will miss you, but know that your legacy will live on.

All my love, Jon x
Loretta Batson
(Apple Valley Calif)
A gift from God for all of us.
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