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(Swannanoa, N.C.)
Tammy, I think you were a sincere person that love our Lord. You were always trying to help ohter's even in your own sickness. I just lost my husband seven weeks ago at the age of 58, so I can only imagine what your family must be going through. You were a brave woman and faught the good fight and now you have won the race. God bless your family and I will keep them in my prayer's Prayers and Blessing's to all of you, Teresa
you have been an inspiration for a long time. I am very saddened that you have died but I know that you are in heaven free from pain. My dad died back in December of 2005 from pancreatic cancer and he is in heaven with you. I hope you are having a great time and I will see you one day. You have given me the strength and shown me what a non prejudice christian is all about. Thanks again and may God give you rest.
thomas hagood
(winston salem nc )
my heart goes out to the family much love tammy was a beautiful person inside and out god bless
Trudy Lea
(Calgary, Alberta Canada)
My condolenses to Tammy Fayes family on her untimely death. Tammy, in heaven you will not suffer anymore pain. You'll be able to eat all the hamburgers,fries, and ketchup you want. God bless your family.
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Tammy, you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. God Bless
Anna Conlon
(Richmond, VA)
I remember watching Tammy as a child. I LOVED to watch her on PTL and was so sad when she went through her ordeal with Mr. Bakker. I just want the family to know that I am praying for you. I know how it feels to lose someone so precious to you. You go through a range of emotions and sometimes you forget that they are gone. I wish you all the best in life and remember to take it "One day at a time". My all time favorite song that Tammy sang was "Our God Reigns". I guess that was how she really felt even in her last moments. The most important people in her life were God, her husband and her children/grandchildren, don't ever forget that. You have the honor of continuing her legacy and what a lovely one that is.
(la grange,ga)
very sorry you passed away. my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at a time like this. you were a great woman and you have helped me out very much. you will be missed so sorry you lef this earth so soon ! but god had a very big plan for you in heaven so you may carry on your work here.
thank you for so much greatness in this world !! again my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends..
Pat W.
(Hempstead, New York)
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you. Rest in Peace Angel!
(Johnson City,Tn)
So many people who claim to be Christians talk the talk but don't walk the walk. You always walked the walk. God loves us all,and you spread that word. Too many preachers are quick to condemn but forget the message of God's love. You,Tammy,and Vestel Goodman, are the two great ladies of the loved the sinner,even if you hated the sin. I never got a chance to tell you that years ago,one day on PTL,something you said kept me from taking my own life...I owe a lot to you,Tammy,and I cried when you died. But I rejoice in your life.
Say hello to Vestel and Howard for me.
M & J
(Phoenix, AZ)
We send our payers up for Tammy's husband Roe but especially for her daughter and son for God's peace and comfort. One day soon we all will see Jesus and be with there with Tammy Faye and we will no longer be sad at the earthly loss of someone dear. God bless you all! Tammy went to heaven because she confessed her sins and received Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Jesus is the ONLY WAY TO GOD AND HEAVEN and not just because we love Him. Thank God, He loves each of us.
(Seattle, WA)
Tammy Faye's Spirit. Present Tense. Always will be...
So many wonderful messages for Tammy Faye..To keep Tammy Faye's spirit of "never give up" ..ideas to keep her in the present tribute to her. I know she would love to see from above the ways she can stay here. She so wanted to stay longer. Even if the Lord had other plans..
Czar Baranowski
(Meriden, Connecticut)
I look forward to meeting you in "Heaven" one day...I just know that you are going to keep watch over your family, friends, & loved ones along with Jesus by your side!!!
Vera Parker
May God Continue to be with you, and send you to be a very special Angel to someone that really needs you and misses you.
Jan Hartless
(Denver, PA)
Tammy, when I saw you on Larry King Live, It broke my heart. I'd never seen someone who had been so strong, so alive, and then down at their lowest, struggling to speak. It hurt my heart, and I will sorely miss you, Tammy Faye
(Aspen, CO)
What joy and what talent you gave to the world. Thank You for sharing them with us. It's a short walk on this planet but you inspired so many along the way. Bless you, Angel!
(Cranberry Twp., PA)
To Tammy's husband, Roe, Tammy Sue and Her son James, When I first accepted The Lord as my Savior, over 21 years ago, it was Tammy's music and her minisrty that kept me inspired to continue to live for The Lord. I am now a pastor along with my husband. I am so thankful that I will finally get to meet Tammy in person, in Heaven, and thank her myself and tell her how much I owe to her for encouraging, inspiring and blessing me. What a beautiful woman of God!! Thank you all for sharing her with all of us. I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort and strengthen each one of you at this most difficult time. But oh, what peace you also must have, knowing you can see her again. all my love and prayers, June
(Hudson, NH)
Tammy you are gone but not forgotten. You have and will continue to be an inspiration to me. I know that you are sitting in heaven still praying for all of us. Thank you Tammy for just being you and for your faith it has gotten many of us through difficult times
You are truely a blessing
Sharon C
(Coral Springs, Florida)
Dearest Tammy,

You are without pain now...God Bless you and hold you tight.

Please say hi to my daughter and the baby...To my Dad too!

I will light a candle for you on my site, it is called Memories of Angels.

God Bless You Dear One.

You helped me to understand and keep my faith in God. I enjoyed many years at PTL as a child - thank you. We know you are in heaven with the Lord. God Bless your husband and family, as He will help them come to peace wtih your passing!
Tammy was a sincere,loving, Chrisian woman. She shared the love of Christ to others up until a few days before her passing;even Larry King...WOW!
Her testimony meant a lot to me! She lost everything concerning earthly possessions for a time, but God restored it in her life.(Romans 8:28)
She survived all of the judgement and criticism that others so easily put upon us ALL, but continued to keep her faith. She gave me the hope that I needed in my life.
I am very sad for the loss of Tammy Faye. She used her life to glorify God and wasn't willing to change-the unique person that God made her to be, to please others.I thank God for her.
I would also like to let her sweet husband and children know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. You were all blessed to have had in your lives. May God give you all peace, strength and comfort during this difficult time. I know that I will see Tammy Faye in heaven and I look forward to it. She was truly an example to us all.
Gordon Rouston
(Kenbridge, VA)
You were loved, you were different, an odd ball so to speak, the make-up, how outspoken you were, but you were the epitimy of forgiveness, love and Gods Grace. I pray more Christians get the message you lived, be who you are in Christ and have fun-enjoy life, live for Christ.
Karen Holland
(Prescott Az)
What a fun and wonderful lady Tammy was,My mother Linda was diagnoses with inflammatory breast cancer only a few months before I saw Death Defying following Tammy Faye thru her own treatment.She really encouraged so many of us who were dealing with cancer treatment in our own families. My mom passed away April 12 2007 after a very brave fight. I pray my mom has been able to meet Tammy Faye in heaven.I know thats where they are with Jesus. God Bless and comfort Tammy Fayes family and grandkids
(clovis ca)
you were a DIVINE BLESSING!!!!!!

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