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(Sandy, Utah)
Tammy Faye, what wonderful faith you have in the Lord. When you went through your storms months in public during the PLT problems your unwavering faith keep you going. I use to watch you in the 1980s and always wanted to visit Heritage USA. You didn't care what people thought about your outward appearance. It made you happy to fix your hair, face and dress the way you wanted. You were being you! I even bought the Tammy Faye doll that was for sale during the 80s. It had your voice saying "Jesus Loves You". I know the Lord is enjoying your bubbly personality up in heaven. And he is enjoying you with a BIG SMILE!
Lynn Goetzke
(St Pete Florida)
I used to watch PTL even after I fell away from the church and Jesus. Recently, I became a believer again. I totally trust that Tammy is with our Lord. I'm a Catholic. After I heard the news of her death, I lit a candle in memory of her in front of a statue of Jesus at St. Mary's here in St. Pete. And I said some prayers. I believe that she did have great faith and she will be missed. I also think the way she died and her unshakable faith is an inspiration to all. I wish the best for all her family and friends and that they never loose faith in our Lord inspite of the trials that life throws us. I hope she is singing with the angels now.
Abel Cruz
(Hollywood, Fl.)
Tammy, I write to you because someone once told me that the ones that have passed can hear what you write. I hope this is true. I feel a great loss that you are gone. You wre such a wonderful person. You never judged anyone, nor had any ill thoughts about anyone. You loved wholeheartedly and believed with abandonement. I admire that. I will miss that from you. I know God must be happy to have you by his side. I know that you will make him laugh. That's another thing I want to tell you...Thank you for the laughs. You are one of a kind and the world is that much darker to have lost one of its brightest stars. Love Abel.
Blayne Bell
(Palm Springs, CA)
I wish I could go to your party in Palm Springs! You were such an honor to open in concert for in Florida several years ago! I knew Keith Chamberlain in Portland, Oregon area and he worked with you on the PTL! He spent more time around you and Roe then I did and I only got to know you once what an Honor it was. I read and kept up with everthing you did Tammy and you are always an inspiration. I cried today when I saw the Larry King video! Well honey enjoy that knew body in heaven cause IT'S CANCER FREE YAYAYAY! See you someday in Heaven and when you get a chance get to know my Grandfather Hollis Parker he was a good man and he is there!! Did you get your cheeseburger yet? HAHA

Love you dear and always will!

Blayne Bell
Palm Springs
You go girl. Love you.
(Grovetown, Ga)
I am so sorry for your loss.
(Dallas, Texas)
You my dear Tammy have been gone a while now...and my hurt is starting to subside...I will always miss you...for your LOVE of people and our Lord and Savior THE LORD JESUS CHRIST...God Bless Roe and Tammy Sue and Jamie..I can't wait to see you again..... yours in Christ, Nancy
Marie logan
(Nicholasville, KY)
This is for Tammy's daughter: I know what its like to lose a mother because I too have lost mine. When times are tough and they will be always remember with Gods help you will make it through. There are times it seems unbareable but I reach deep down inside and find the strength to pull me through the day. Please know that even when you think you are alone you never are because your mom will live inside each and every memory that you have inside your heart. My prayers and thoughts are with you. God bless you in each and every step you take.

(Little Rock, Arkansas)
Thank you, Lord, for blessing this Earth with Tammy Faye. What a wonderful creation you made in her !

Jay and Amanda...we love you, ODCC
Donald D'Haene
(London, Canada)
I loved Tammy Faye. I'm not religious but I admire faith, and she had that in spades. She was the only one on the Surreal Life that I liked in all the seasons. Thank god she had a great husband in the end. Author, Father's Touch (
(escondido , california)
I always admired Tammy Faye for all she went through in her life and now her departing from this earth. She is a real inspiration and a "SAINT" at that. She is (was) and should always be a model of what a "CHRISTIAN" is...someone who is Christ like and that she was. Never judging, loving and praying for us all...although I never met her, I felt I knew her. I know God has her in his hands. I thank her for her love and her prayers and now she has mine.
(Mechanicsburg, PA)
Tammy Faye you are no longer in pain and now you can enjoy the rewards of being a christian and spending the rest of your new journey in the presence of all of your loved ones that have crossed over before you. You were a great inspiration for many and will be greatly missed.
Michelle Herrera
(Annandale, VA)
I have always admired Tammy Faye's encouraging and positive attitude about the love of Jesus. The way she died, loving Jesus to the end, touches my heart deeply and I hope to one day have such a close relationship with the Lord that she did. I can still hear her singing words like "never give up" and "you can make it!" I was happy to hear that before she took her last breath, Jesus was with her! How awesome.
(Weatherford, Texas)
Two things I will remember and loved most about Tammy Faye was her faith in the Lord and her sense of humor. I admire her for both. She was a fighter when she had to be and such a hoot when she wanted to be. God bless her family, friends and fans, she will be missed. See you in heaven, Tammy Faye!
(Roswell, GA)
You defined Christianity - The ability to love those in need and to not hold resentment towards those who harm you.
There you are, Look who hands you are holding" I see you you there.With Him.How beautiful you are looking today,What Tell everyone you said Hello.An you are up here looking after them.Singing too.Oh your voice sounds great.Ok Tammie we love you and miss you very much ,Ok fly fly know you need to go.What you are still praying for all of us always you are in my heart & soul Ok Tammie thanks for stopping by Love you.
Tammy gave a wonderfull testamony of her Faith in Christ the last few Days before she went home with her Lord. My Prayer now is that many will be saved because of her testamony and her love for jesus.
(Parkton North Carolina)
Your are missed by so many, but the wonderful memories that you have left in our hearts will live on forever. May God hold you in his arms as you held us all in your heart. God bless you and your family.
(Virginia Beach, VA)
When I was a teenager Jim & Tammy held a revival at our church in Portsmouth, Virginia. They hadn't been married long and Tammy was so cute in her dresses with crinolines. She would sit and bang on that piano and sing "Take your harp down from off the willow" and then play the accordion. After the services all of us girls would sit around her while she would tell us how she and Jim met and how much fun it was to be married. She would just giggle and giggle. We adored her. I remember one day she did her laundry at the laundro-mat and somehow an ink cartridge got left in the dryer and all her clothes were ruined. She just cried. Our church took up a collection and she bought lots of material and our pastor's mother-in-law made her all these beautiful clothes. She was so excited. I have followed Tammy through the years and watched her on Larry King. Tammy was a true inspiration in her death and in her life.
Gay Christian
(Columbus, Ohio)
Tammy never judged only had open arms for all Godís children. She made me belive again. Wow if we all live that way
(Grand Rapids, MI)
God has ALWAYS blessed you with your child like faith in him, and with ALL that you have been through in your life, you have been an inspiration to many, including Larry King! Your family will miss you terribly but Gods love with continue to be with them until you are joined together again--we miss you!! Much love!
(Augusta GA)
Tammy Sue and Jamie, rise up and call her blessed! Tammy Faye was a VESSEL OF HONOR and a blessing to me. Roe, well done, good and faithful husband.
Patrick Capers
(New Orleans)
May God bless you and your family!!
Velia Calderon
(Los Angeles, Ca)
Go in peace, Ms. Tammy Faye. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.
Priss Hooper
(Petaluma, California)
I accepted the Lord into my life in 8th grade, but when I started watching you on the PTL Club, I really began to love the Lord. What a testimony of love and faith you showed to everyone. You have touched so many people, Tammy Faye. I will miss you and your bubbly personality. You were always a joy to watch on TV. I'm so sad for your children and your family. We all know you are in the hands of our loving Lord Jesus for eternity.
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