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Teri Elliott - sassyrose23@sbcglobal,net
(Springfield,Missouri )
We are praying each day for you to be well again. I want to also let you know i ordered all your books. I take some quiet time several times a week to just sit and read your books. I started reading ( I Will Survive ) & its like you are talking right to me. I feel like we are girlfriends and your telling me your story,& the warm friendly feeling i get makes me feel "God's Love" so srong through your story that your telling. Its such a beautiful & awesome book that i am going to order another for my sisters.
I will forever cherish this Beautiful Book, I only wish you had been able to write more books before you became so ill. You truly make us all feel like part of your fmaily through these books. You also made them NOT so expensive which i for one really appreciate. Thank you tammy for you,
( Just Being You ).....
I wish there were more people like you in this world..
I am so fortunate & blessed to have been born when you were on this earth.
We will always love you so much & wish you & your loved ones peace and comfort during your time of illness.
God Bless,
Teri Wilkinson Elliott-
Springfield, Missouri
A sister in Christ
(NC native)
Dear Tammy, 7/12/07
For some reason out of the blue last night you came to my heart as I lay down for sleep. This was unusal to me because I would have had no reason other than I believe that Jesus brought you to my mind, so I began to pray as I felt led. I prayed to God to grant you your heart's desire and honor your faith for trusting him for your healing. I prayed and asked God to "let your "songbird" sing once again as your heart desires. I also prayed for your son and daughter, and other family members. I just sensed and saw a picture of you in the heart of God's loving Spirit and recalled to God the kindness and compassion I have heard you render to others who have been unkindly attacked by others cruel comments. For what ever reason, I do pray for your complete healing and for God to be glorified through your testimony. In Jesus love, your sister in Christ.
Tina Curran
(Burlington, MA)
Hi Tammy,

I've been with you from the early days. I am a 67 year old grandmother and have always enjoyed seeing you on TV. I loved your comments, cooking, new hairstyles and makeup, etc.

Every day, when I put on my eye makeup, I think of you and say a prayer for you. My prayers are joined with all the others that are going your way (and I know there are millions).

Keep thinking that you are in God's arms and that's most important. You have a wonderful attitude (it showed when you were on the Larry King show).

Thank you for all the years of entertainment. You are great!!

Tina Curran
sandra lee
(menomonee falls,wisconsin)
dear tammy, the holy spirit brings you to my mind,and i pray for you.Jesuis the way the truth and the Life,no one comes to the Father,except through Jesus. Peace and Love to you
(Glenwood,WV 25520)
You are an inspiration to me. You are very strong in your faith and it helps me in my faith. I feel for your pain that you suffer(my mother had colon cancer but in remission). I pray and know God will take care of you. By your sickness I feel it is helping someone else in their lives and it might make them realize they need Jesus. Tammy, be strong and lean on Jesus. He has you in his arms and he's carrying you. He loves you very much and I love you too.I watched your recently tv program. You will receive your voice back in due time.I am a christian too. You are in my prayers. Please have peace. Jesus is there with you. Jeannie
Brian B
(Houston, Texas USA)
You are in our thoughts and prayers here in Houston Tammy Faye.

We love you.

Your extended family of gay and lesbian Christian Americans
Hello Miss Tammy, I just felt the need to send you a "special hug" & let you know you that you are loved & in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You Always.
(Tucson, Arizona)
Dear Tammy,
I have just recently heard of you from reruns of the Surreal Life, and I must say Tammy I am very impressed. You are not afraid to be yourself and are not afraid of what people think of you or your belifs. I also found out recently that you have cancer and that you canceled your treatment. Baby I believe if you have the faith God will heal you and you will get better. Please know that I and my fiance are praying for you and others in your position. Take care and God bless you and your wonderful family.

(Sulphur, Oklahoma)
Dear Tammy, Your ability to love unconditionally and to live with joy makes you my hero ......... you are one dignified daring dame. Smiles, blessings & prayers are with you. cheri
(Urbana, IL)
I just want to pray a prayer of supernatural strength for you. God is bigger than any disease and I thank Him that it is by Jesus's stripes that you have been healed. You are an amazing woman whose faith and attitude of gratitude effects people worldwide. Keep those healing Scriptures tapes rolling and know that you are loved and prayed for by so many people, including myself. Stay strong in the Lord! He's our everything. Be blessed and keep on praising :)
(New York City)
Well done, faithful servant! Tammy, the Lord knows how well you have loved Him and all of us. Please continue to pray for us when you are in the arms of Jesus -- as I will pray for you.
(Gainesville Ga)
Tammy you are in my prayers and thoughts... I love you and love your singing... I seen you many years ago at PTL.... lINDA
(Stamford, Connecticut)
Dearest Tammy,

You are in my thoughts and my prayers. God bless you and your family.

Bright Blessings....Gail
(P.F. Tn.)
You have been a light for so many.God bless you and hold you in his arm's and comfort you,jcole
joyce anne wagner
(burbank ca)
jesus and mary and joseph and god the father watching over you with faith hope love and wisdom you will recover call on your st padre pio god bless you tammy love joyce
Pat Bishop
(Ringgold, GA)
Dear Beautiful Tammy, Please dear God heal this wonderful woman that has touched so many lives,please Lord I'm asking for a Miracle. Love Pat
Connie Trotter
(Kingston Springs, Tenness)
Hi Tammy, I just wanted to add one more well wishes to your list. I know that there is power in prayer, and the more people that are praying, the better for you. I never knew very much about you, but I saw you on TBN one night and you really helped my faith. My sister-n-law passed away about a year ago. she was 39. had three young children and had Cancerous tumors in her whole body. I have never seen a person that wanted to live so bad. My faith really took a beating during that time, but seeing you talking about the blood of jesus and being so strong in your faith really helped me to see that that's all we have is our faith, and without it, God cannot heal us. We have to be like this story said that I read the other day. It tells of two farmers. both prayed for rain, but one prepared to recieve it and the other didn't. I guess you know which one's crops did the best. So many times we pray but we don't prepare to receive what we pray for. I use to do that alot, but I try to remind myself now not to do that, and to try and shake off the doubt that the devil tries to place in my mind. anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are a blessing to alot of people and I'm glad that God sent you along when I needed a little encouragement. I hope that He did the same in me for you. Love in Christ...
(Berkley, Michigan)
I pray for you often Tammy. I also have cancer and have a sick tummy. It is so miserable. Just to have one good day would be a miracle for both of us and for anyone that is suffering.

I go to your site often and read your letters. They comfort me as you are so strong Tammy. If only i had 1/2 the strength you have.

I know you will keep fighting Tammy and i pray God will heal you.

God Bless you and Tammy Sue for staying with you while Roe builds his Churches.

Hugs to you Tammy, Nancy
(Amherst, OH )
Tammy, I hope you keep up your strength and don't lose faith. I saw you on the Surreal Life a few years ago and you are such a sweetheart.
(San Diego, CA)
Tammy, I pray that your faith continues strong during this time when your body is weak. You are truely inspirational especially for those of us who's faith sometimes is not as strong as it should be. I pray for your continued strength and healing. Thank you for all you do and have done...especially with spreading the word. God Bless!
Valerie Duncan
(Sacramento, Ca)
Dear Tammy, I love you. I am still praying for you knowing that Jesus is our healer, our provider, our lover, our comfortor, our wisdom, our guide, and our highest good. I had a dream where the demons were chasing me, I escaped for awhile but then there was no way out. We were in a building with a glass roof. And under the glass roof were many spinning, sharp blades. So when I could escape no longer I took my two friends hands and I said "Trust". In the blink of an eye we were outside the building, having gone through the blades and the glass roof. There was no pain. We were whole, and I was laughing. There were a million stars, so beautiful. And god said, "you ain't seen nothing yet".
Agape, Valerie 7/11/07
Mary James
(Lanett, AL)
I watched you and Jim Bakker for years on TBN. Lost contact with you but a few years ago I saw more of you occasionally. Now I know you are sick and need a miracle. As long as there is breath, there is hope. You have been a strength to many and I too appreciate your continual faith in God amid the turmoil and criticism you have received over the years. God bless you!!!
Janice Lee
(Ft Lauderdale , FL)
Hello Tammy, I have not heard much about you lately. How are you? You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God Bless You and I hope you are not suffering and are not in pain. Love, Janice
Tammy, through you the Lord is seen. Your love, grace, strength and faith are a tremendous testament.
God Bless you dear sister ..............
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