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(Cumberland, MD)
I'm praying for you, Tammy. You truly are a remarkable lady, and your love for the Lord shines through.
(North Carolina)
I'm sorry that you have been ill. I hope that you are soon better. May God Bless you!
I wish you the best because in my teen years watching your show kept me from taking the wrong path. Best wishes and may you still grow in the Lord. Such a big heart should be able to take care of the rest of your body.
Be healed in Jesus's name Tammy. May you be a testimony for the world to see and hear. May you be well and be healed in His name. My heart goes out to you, my sister in Christ. -Kathy
Thomas O'Connell
Tammy i am only 16 so the frist time i saw you was on the surreal life show. I saw then that you were a great women a very strong loving,caring and strong person im a strong believer of god. I just know that if you stay strong and keep the faith you will overcome your such a great person. I know everything will come out fine stay strong tammy.
(Willoughby Hills, Ohio)
Dearest, darling Tammy Faye,
I've been watching you since the early 1980's. My mom had a pug puppy that was too much for her to handle so I took over at that time. The puppy's name was Prunella and every day when you sang "Praise The Lord" my little daughter would sing "Praise the Prunie"! I've always loved the honest way you have about you. Your innocence is so sweet that it makes me ache inside. I love you, tiny Tammy- the inspirational puppeteer, preacher, singer, friend, wife, mother, grandmother and Angel!
See you in Heaven, Doll!
Shelley Cavin
(Orange, TX)
Tammy, I am a big fan of yours. You are such a wonderful, kind person. I pray for your pain to go away. This world needs your wonderful spirit. Ilove you and wish you the best. Shelley
Tammy Faye, I love you and our Father loves you so much. It is just as He has promised " I will never leave you, nor forsake you".
(Bala, Pa)
I always have loved you Tammy. God smiled when you were born. Get Well.
Rosemarie Rinaldo
(Northridge, CA)
I have always loved you Tammy from way back. I want God to come into your body daily and heal you, I want you in this world to inspire people. Believe that truly in your mind. Have you tried hypnotherapy as well? It works, it's all about putting a thought that is positive into your subconscious and when you're conscious this thought will be with you. You an still believe in God, I do. Just under hypnosis you can put those positive thoughts there to heal your body. God Bless you Tammy Faye. I will pray for you daily to get better. Love/Rose from Northridge
sending love energy, the warmth enfold u from the top of ur head to the soles of ur feet
sending love to ALL ur organs
i love u
Guy D. Chism
(Cupertino, California)
You were referred to in my home as Aunt Tammy because you provided me in growing up a lot of guidance and assurances and properness that I could only get from my family and a few others. My mom is currently dying of cancer as well so my prayers are that as many people as possible are touched by God in this process. It doesnt matter how popular or well known we are we all die the same. Its a very personal process. I continue to pray and hold your children and grandchildren up for strength. I will have my dad to love and care for after mom is gone, Im just thankful to have someone so I am not alone. With much love!!
(Beaver Meadows, Penna.)
Father God I stand in agreement and pray for Tammy for healing. Guide her on the pathway of healing you have provided for her in your Holy Word. Guide her caretakers and all those around her. Give them your wisdom. Let the power of God flow through her, healing and restoring her to full health. I take authority and bind cancer, all pain and all infrimities from Tammys body. I speak to Tammy's body to line up with the word of God. By His Stripes Tammy is healed. I cover Tammy with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Put a Hedge of protection all around Tammy and her emotions. No weapon formed aganist Tammy shall prosper. Father fill Tammy with your peace and meet all her needs. I ask this all through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen and Amen Jesus, we thank you and give you all the praise, honor and glory. In Christ, Michele
Louis Hinton
(Acworth, GA)
Dear Tammy, I am here in Scottsdale, AZ and your son Jay was also here at our General Conference on a panel with Bishop Yvette Flunder and Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson of the Metropolitan Community Church fellowship. Oh Tammy you would have been so proud of him. What a loving, caring and forgiving young man he is. Bishop Carleton Pearceson, also in attendance spoke very highly of both you and your son. Of all the beautiful and meaningful things that you have done and given to the world, the gift of your son, Jay, is a living legacy and testimony into the real beauty, heart and soul of Tammy Faye. I love you and I pray for you the indwelling of God's Holy Presence always. For in the Presence of the Lord is healing, joy and life more abundant. And know that you have the prayers of the entire MCC Fellowship (nation and world-wide).
(ingersoll, canada)
Dear Tammy: I think of you often. I pray for your well being all the time. God will not let you down, keep believing. I hope you feel better.
Sherry Beatty
(Houston, Texas)
Thank you for the courage to believe and the will to fight. May God's peace continue to be with you and your family. Keep believing in God.
Mary Johnson
(Chaska, MN)
Daniel 10:12-13
Tammy, I have passed this on to many people, to many to count. YOU gave this to the viewers on your TV show with the message, "If you give up you may have missed God's answer to your prayer. Thank you Tammy. I'm praying for you and send my love. Your words, "Don't give up you're on the brink of a miracle" Thank you.
betty mclaughlin
(homer MI)
Tammy, we all love you and wish you a speedy recovery.
have you thought of alternatives to your disease, i have a friend who is cancer free, she did not do radiation or chemo. she did juices and herbs and is well, she is 67 i would like for you to talk to her. you can contact her and talk to her about her recovery. May God bless you.
One more thing i would like to say i have friend on that is looking for a PTL bible, i have one but will not part with it, thought you might like to know this. love betty
If you would like to email me here is my addy bye now and say hi to the children and roe.
Sandye Franklin
(Summerville, SC)
You are truly an inspiration to me. I had surgery, chemo, and radiation for breast cancer. Praying for you. God bless you always, Sandye
(Jonesville, MI)
I have Breast Cancer, and I will be like you! I'm fighting and putting my faith in Our Lord. This alone brings peace to me.
(Santa maria , cal)
My dearest sister in Christ : you do not know m e but i know you , and I know a man who can heal and restore . he restored and brought my son back when there was no hope . but we kept holding onto Gods promises and God brought him through, I think about so much and I say a prayer for u each God brings you to my mind I too, believe that God is going to do a mighty miricle in your body just hold on to your faith and trust him . we love you tammy . Love from santamaria ca.
Dear Tammy,

I didn't know until a few days ago that you have cancer. I will be praying for you that the Lord heals you. God bless you, dear one.
(Syracuse NY)
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time. May God bless you and your loved ones.
Tammy, I pray the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will give you long life till satisfied as His Word promises. "With long life will I satisfy thee and show thee My salvation. Oh God of Israel, Your Word is true and doesn't return void. Honor Your Word in Tammy's behalf that promises long life. Be Glorified in her healing. Let the whole world know that You and only You are the One True and Living God. The God of Abraham, Isaac an Jacob."
(Hopewell, Virginia)
I am believing for you to be healed. Have been going through some things and one the songs you used to sing keeps coming to mind whenever I'm feeling down. May God bless you.
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